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Status Updates posted by Stormyking

  1. Woohoo off to guernsey in 4 days to see my gf, Eeee :D

  2. So buzzin for storm season!

    1. Aaron


      Definitely. Can't be worse then last year!

  3. What an absolute gorgeous day, got upto 17c nice and warm pure blue sky and sunshine I love it!

  4. Hmm been snowing all morning

  5. YNWA! Get in there Liverpool!

    1. Jan


      Great that we beat Man U, wiped the smile off Fergies face lol!

  6. Wembley here we come! Get in there Liverpool! YNWA!

  7. :D :D :D this is the happiest i have ever felt
    1. PersianPaladin


      enjoy it while it lasts...:p

    2. Stormyking


      xD thanks mate

  8. :D :D :D this is the happiest i have ever felt
  9. Sorry for my depressing message last night guys, just had a really bad night :/

  10. hate life i really do :( fed with all the crap

    1. PersianPaladin


      We're all in the same boat at one stage or another. Some advice: Find a friend if you can...and spend some quality time with them.

    2. Jan


      don't hate life, it's too precious

  11. What a fight back by city, Come on!!!

    1. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      all over 2-3 but what a fight back from city

  12. Refs a blatent Man U fan

  13. Really really want summer storms back I miss them more than snow, but I still want at least some snow before winter is over :D

  14. Oww my head kills today for some reason, feel really ill

    1. Eugene


      Must be all the mild weather

    2. Stormyking


      Nah I dont mind mild weather, I like all weather :)

  15. Definatly an Interesting start to 2012, lots of gales, rain and decent amounts of sunshine so far, not bad not bad

  16. Hmm the model thread confuses me but I find it amusing at times :L, suprised at quickly moods change just over 1 run haha. PATIENCEEEE! :p

  17. Really need to post on here more, needa get my self righ tback into weather again! Just had so much on so I havent had chance too :(

  18. Love you Liverpool, another great win away to chelski, 4 times in a row now. What a performence by Craig bellamy as well!! YNWA!

  19. Yehyehyeh goooo Liverpool :D Glen Johnson you hero, YNWA!!!

  20. Come on Liverpool, you can beat chelsea today!!!!!

    1. Mark Neal.

      Mark Neal.

      ... and they did. Don't think they are title challengers though. mufc

  21. Well looks like I have started my smally weather forecasts up on facebook again haha

  22. Drake ft Rhianna - Take care

  23. Drake ft Nicki Minaj - Make me Proud

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