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  1. Some very worrying reports here on the IOW, houses destroyed, sever floods, tain track about 10 foot under water, one of the scariest storms ive experienced tbh

  2. unbelievable thunder and lightning this morning, defining!

    1. Jane Louise

      Jane Louise

      Oh wow, hope it comes this way Lol

  3. Wow 9 goals in 2 games for Liverpool, great responce after the Hull defeat, back up to 2nd, come on you reds!

  4. Packing, to move out my house, girlfriend moves over in less than 48 hours, im excited but nervous as anything :/

    1. Geordiesnow


      No wonder your nervous mate, she'll be expecting ya to do all the hoovering, dishes and making the tea! :D But hope all goes well though!

    2. Stormyking


      Haha oh Paul you never fail to make me laugh, ya never change :) ! Cheers anyway mate, and dont worry triple i will, especially with Liverpool v Arsenal this weekend

  5. Wow we had our first frosts on the Island this morning :O, some places fell down to 2c, but the dewpoint was below freezing in thos same areas too

  6. Just to let you all know, my girlfriend is moving over with me in a months time, and am moving out of home, so after that it may be a while before i can post :) Im excited but nervous aswell

    1. Captain Shortwave

      Captain Shortwave

      Best of luck, lets see if the two of you can stand living together :p

    2. Geordiesnow


      An onion ring? either way good luck with it all Ryan. :)

    3. Stormyking
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  7. great, got my first proper cold of the seaons, right on cue before i go to guernsey tomorrow to see my girlfriend -.-

  8. So much cloud about these past 2 days, but it feels muggy and warm

    1. Andy Bown

      Andy Bown

      We went to Swanage today, was odd to have misty cliffs an sea but it be warm/calm enough for shorts/t-shirt at this time of year!

  9. Wow jsut had amazing news, right me and my mate does weather forecasting for the Isle of Wight, an dhave just been told that our local radio are going to be using our forecasts for the winter :O we must be doing something right

    1. DTHFCJ


      well done and good luck mate

    2. Styx


      So...you're on the move ?! Make sure they acknowledge you what ever you do. Maybe get a business type name to promote yourselves?. That way, you may get chased for comment by your local paper too :)

  10. GTA is officialy mine!!! :p LOVE LIFE

  11. Quote of the Night on Monday Night Football: No One wants to grow up like a Gary Neville (Basically a RB) Crease up :L

  12. Come on Liverpool lets keep the 100% record!

    1. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      was it a bug u got or something you had to eat?

    2. Stormyking


      Urm it was part of my stomach problems and i think i caught something because a few people complained of the same i was around, but was just stomach cramps and nausia but no vomiting or the other half. I get affected alot with my stomach because i have acid reflux and boardalined stomach ulser and have done for years. I have also got some damaged stomach lining too. But the other day was a mixture of a bug and my acid reflux too

    3. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      at least its cleared away now hoping for a Liverpool win tonight

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  13. Really am in the wars this week, first ligament strains and now an upset stomach, feeling extrmely sick with bad stomach cramps very painful. Dont whether ive caught a bug or not but only started today

    1. Tony27


      I've had a dodgy stomach bug for a week, but i do eat a lot of onions food

    2. Stormyking


      Not that I remember, I have stomach problems anyway as im boardalined stomach ulser and get bad acid reflux, but this definatly feels different :/. There is a bug going around so i think i might of caught it, its still feels really meh now but still havent been sick thankfully.

    3. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      Easiest way to tell if you have a bug is others you know will have had it or others in your house will get it as norovirus spreads like wildfire if they don't get it then I'd say its dodgy food only way to tell for certain is to get a blood sample sent to the lab

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  14. Brilliant, looks like no work or bowls for me the next week or 2, damaged and strained all my ligaments in my right hand and arm -.-

  15. Daniel Sturrige you absolute tank! Great result and nice knowing this next 2 week break we are on top of the league :) Early days i know but there does seem to be some promising signs :)

    1. Gaz1985


      Well we have to blame some one haha

    2. Karl83


      1 man team lol

    3. AderynCoch


      How was the referee a big help to Liverpool? Remember Mark Halsey's performance in the same fixture last season? Now that was shocking!

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  16. Wow, Not everyday you serve Stuart Pearce twice at the Cafe I work at, :O Got and autograph and had a chat with him too, Qualityyy

    1. Jo Farrow

      Jo Farrow

      Nice one, I'm from Nottm so big fan of Psycho Pearce's work, my sister had a cardboard cutout of him for years

    2. Steve C

      Steve C

      Just don't mention the U21's... Also try playing punk rock in your cafe if he turns up. I've heard he's a big fan!

  17. Get in Liverpool, stepped off it a bit in the seond half but got the win. Also what a goal by sturridge!

  18. Interview at Lidl seemed to go well, now just keeping everything crossed I get the Job! its also very good pay there too!

    1. Milhouse


      Good Luck!

    2. CreweCold


      You'll probably be on more than me....someone with 2 degrees. Sobering thought....

    3. Eugene


      lol yeah like the one above

  19. Speaking of Job Interviews, I got a Job a Interview at Lidl tomorrow :D

    2. Karl83


      Good luck!! See if you can get a discount card? :-0

    3. DiagonalRedLine


      Best of luck with the interview. :)

  20. Alot more Cloud about today but the sun is still out :D

  21. I am back posting on this site for good! I apologise for not being for a very long time, ive had so much on with work, going to guernsey alot to see my girlfriend and lots of bowls! But now im back properly!

  22. Get in there Liverpool!

  23. pathetic Liverpool, this is going to be a fun week -.-

  24. Got a Job interview! Nervous as anything though!

    1. D.V.R


      Try and do a few mock interviews, rehearse what you want to ask or tell them and you'll feel much more relaxed.

  25. Sweeet Iphone 4s tomorrow xD

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