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  1. Thinking this run might be better again slight with heights to the North by 192/198 look slight further West over Iceland and slightly closer to Greenland. Also liking the look of the undercutting
  2. Good Morning Net Weather, a beautiful crisp clear sunny Morning to start Today along with light winds too! Was quite a cold Morning with a ground frost in some parts of the Island but not all parts. Temperatures... Overnight Low: 1.8'c Current 8.2'c Other Island Temperature lows Shanklin: 2.8'c Godshill: 0.9'c Newport: -0.8'c (Slight Air frost) Would make sense, centre of the island in between lots of high ground Cowes: 2.1'c
  3. Was going to say as well it looks a bit more amplified already on this 6z run, quite liking the run so far Can tell quite clear at 132
  4. Very interesting charts again this Morning, ECM sticking with its idea, UKMO looks like it would be very decent if there were any runs after 144 and the GFS also looking very nice for the cold and Scandi high potential! Hopefully the 6z can continue
  5. Lovely lovely dreamy charts from Tonight's GFS, currently the best run i've seen so far on this roller coaster, still a way out but its nice to see the models trying to come on board with one another
  6. Some showers this morning and early this Afternoon, but they were light-moderate, fairly gusty too! Some more brighter spells later on with winds easing High today 14.4'c Currently 10.1'c which is the lowest so far today. Rainfall 0.4mm
  7. This is why I love winter Model watching, the chopping and changing, everything is still a mystery. GFS is a poor run to say the least, but at this stage i'm certainly for one not gonna worry about things until we get to within the 5 day time frame. Yesterday ECM wasn't having any of it, but today its like actually yeah I want some of that, now UKMO looks like it wants some of it on the latest. Now GFS has decided it doesn't want any of it,. Again it goes to show nothing is no where set in stone. We have the GFS and ICON latest with more energy going over the the high with the cold not quite making it UKMO and GEM looking really good, which I agree with a lot of others about the UKMO, have always thought they have been solid. So with this reason gives me a little confidence, not to say it won't change on the next run. We now await the ECM and the Paralelle to update. In the closer time frame i'm quite looking forward to the some of the stormy weather the charts are showing for the weekend, looks nasty for the North, though reckon there could well be some wintry showers as its moved through too, maybe some thundery showers further South along the coasts.
  8. Time to get on board the roller coast season

  9. Im not wanting it to End yet, been after a summer like this forever! Now its here im making the most of it before summer is out! Would love a good torrential downpour at the minute it would be so fresh and amazing, but I am still loving every moment of what this year has brought!
  10. Hmm I'm normally okay when it comes too sleep and temperatures, but for me if its anything 18+ it starts to become harder to get comfy, if it's 20+ then I don't sleep well at all!
  11. So after a long long long spell away from Weather up and until this year, I thought id make a return, but right back in the deep end of things, quite rusty still but want to re learn it all properly. Latest GFS again is absolutely insane, barring one small little blip showing towards the end of this week away from the South East, it still looks exceptionally dry and even if temperatures showing mid 20's in just that small blip will still most likely be nearer high 20's nearer the South East as has been mentioned. The week after is definitely worth keeping an eye big time, with so many runs showing mid 30's even high 30's, with how dry the continent is as well, I wouldnt be surprised if a couple 40's to be recorded in parts of the country if of coarse it still showing the trend nearer the time. This 6z run though is a beast once again, far out still but with these trends keep on showing, we could definitely be on to something.
  12. So After 2-3 years of hell and now just getting life back to normal and finally starting a new, its now also time for me get my weather passion back, and what a year so far it has been in terms of weather,, this Summer is insane!

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  13. Man that wasa fun storm, Lightning was very frequent including one close Posi strike which sounded like a 100 cannons go off at once! Rain was torrential and the Lightning continued. 2nd storm passed just to my North which had some mad cloud to cloud Lightning and a beaut of a multistrike! They both passed through pretty quick but im confident we could definitely see a 2nd wave in the next few hours :)
  14. March 2018 my friend has well an truly delivered, amazing snow here again this evening, I can safely say that im Satisfied, last night aswell was amazing, the snow was so heavy, especially in the early hours of this morning!
  15. Good Evening all, was a beautiful sunny start to our day, but we did fine get some fun little snow flurries from around about 2:30pm onwards, though dry and freezing out there now! Interesting few days coming up me thinks
  16. The different scenarios that keep showing shows we definitely need more runs to be get a more accurate reading, but overall it still looks very very good and cold! Staying positive!
  17. Sure has been an incredibly interesting past few days of Model watching, i'm not too worried about the ECM at the minute but still worth keeping an eye on just in case it doesn't become a little bit of a trend, even though its still very very cold on there too. Aside from that another amazing GFS run, GEM and UKMO Doesn't look too shabby at 144. I'm also keeping a little eye on Thursday/Friday, I wouldn't be surprised of a risk of some light flurries Got everything crossed ECM 12z incoming
  18. Been a while since ive been on here :O but thought it would be time to return. Sure is looking cold over the next week, wouldnt be surprised if there was a few little streamers about Tomorrow Afternoon. Positive thinking!
  19. Just had some really really Torrential Rain, which was pretty mad! Haven't seen Rain that Heavy in ages. Even more so than Tuesday Night.
  20. Its been a while since I have been on here and on social media in general, but I thought it would be rude not to share a couple of Snaps of Tuesday night crazyiness, which was easily some of the best Storms I have ever experienced, Just the sheer amount of Lightning about was pretty special, and it came with the whole bunch, Anvil Crawlers, Spider Lightning, CG'S some beautiful Cloud to Cloud Lightning. These 2 I got from from St Catherine's overlooking the Lighthouse
  21. I do indeed, its not great quality, as its off my camera phone, i shall doing proper photos tomorrow morning for the scenes with my proper Camera
  22. Snow is proper coming down and its setting!, even on the ground! woooooo
  23. Its officially turned to Snow here on the South East Coast of the Island!
  24. Its turning to snow here! Woooooo, didnt expect it to start turning this early!
  25. I should of really thought about this, if it snows and settles here, all of my shoes have holes in and i have to wait till the end of January to get a new pair of shoes! So im screwed basically. However I wouldnt really care, as i just want to see some snow! Its been too long, so fingers crossed tonight delivers!
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