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  1. We got some weak scud and up draft going on from a cumulus developing right over head almost, looks close enough to produce a very light shower Temperature: 22.6'c Edit: We have a a couple of spots of rain coming down but its extremely light you can barely notice it.
  2. Good Afternoon Observations: Overnight became mostly cloudy, there were some really cool cloud structures though just before dark. Felt very humid earlier on in the night, but it became cooler than recent nights towards the end of the night. The Morning started on a mostly cloudy note, but more sunny spells developed as the Morning went on. Current: Feeling warm with some good sunny spells, there is a lot of Cumulus, Stratocumulus and Cirrus. Winds fairly light but with the odd moderate gust at times. Temperatures: 23.0'c Overnight Low: 13.8'c at 03:37am Today's High so far: 23.9'c at 11:23am Humidity: 58% High Humidity: 71% Low Humidity: 53% Wind: West South West 9mph: Gusting: 20mph . Highest Gust and average dirtection: 20mph: Average Direction: Westerly Rainfall: 0.0mm
  3. Yeah I remember they were pretty spectacular! 2014 was genuinely a very good year I thought, I'm pretty sure there were very good storm events in each of May, June, July, August and September that year, even October and November delivered loads of really awesome coastal storms as well that year Anyway its a lovely morning so far, though there is fair amount of cumulus around. I'm still liking the look of the charts for the next few days at least, still looking mostly sunny with just some cloud at times, along with a shower risk further North and East of the Country which wouldn't surprise if some of those showers were on the thundery side, especially Today
  4. It might have something to do with that, i'm not to knowledgeable on SSTs to be honest haha. I do remember the September 2014 ones though and know your area and the Bristol got hit nicely, I remember a good friend of mine living in Bristol showing me through Facetime. I still feel something will happen through some point during August or September this year still
  5. This Afternoon has remained sunny and warm with just some patchy cloud of small Cumulus and Alto-cumulus, but a strong wind did pick up during the Afternoon and its blowing a fair bit still. However there is bigger area of of cloud moving in from the West and can see a lot to my North now also. Temperature: 20.7'c Today's High: 23.2'c at 11:25am Humidity: 70% which is the current highest Today so far. Low Humidity reached 44% at 12:04pm Wind: West South West, 14mph: Gusting at 26mph. Highest Gust 29mph with the Average direction remaining West South West Rainfall: 0.0mm
  6. Yeah that's right I certainly remember it was night time, I know I was in the channel islands (Guernsey) at the time and remember we had some beasty Morning stuff (Elevated), but am sure it was either later that night or the night before some real nasty storms crossed in a fair few places across the country (Can't fully remember which way around it was). I also agree with your second part as well, I tend to find storms from plume set ups May-July tend to look a lot more cleaner and they tend to be more drier I find too. Where August-September I find they have a lot lot more rain with them and just genuinely a lot more moisture with them.
  7. Being right on the far South Coast I do feel quite lucky to be honest, we have had countless sunny and warm days. There has been the odd cloudier day at times but in general its been very pleasant. There has been 2 occasions where we have had a load of storms past way out to the East and one of them was good for visibility of the lightning. That's all there has been in terms of proper storm activity. I do feel for a lot of you that have suffered with the cloudier conditions As for the rest of the summer though, who knows where the rest could go. For storm and heat potential I feel that potential can still go right up until the end of September in some years, I've seen some of the best storms in September. I remember a couple, 2014 and 2008 stands out to me. I remember 2014 a fair few places had some quite awesome stuff. There is still so much to play for with only just in the 2nd week of July
  8. Good Morning Weather observations and data over the last 24 hours: So yesterday started on a fairly cloudy note during the Morning, most of it broke apart to leave the Afternoon under mostly sunny skies and feeling pleasantly warm. There was however the odd spell of mid level and high cloud at times though still. There was a bit of breeze at times during the day, but became very light or calm during the Evening and overnight. Today so far: Another glorious sunny Morning with light winds, though there has been more cloud developing in the last hour or so but so far its just some fair weather cumulus. Feeling very warm also. Data for the last 24 hours: Temperature: Current: 22.9'c. Overnight low: 16.6'c Yesterdays High: 22.7 Humidity: Current: 56%. Low Humidity: 42% High Humidity: 83% Wind: Current: South West 4mph, Current Gust is 8mph. Highest Gust and average Wind direction: 26mph, West South West average direction. Rainfall: 0.0mm
  9. So the rest of Yesterday remained lovely with good amounts of Sunshine, but more cloud did develop as we moved towards the Evening. Most of it was Mid level Stratocumulus and Alto cumulus. Yesterdays high was 19.8'c So Today: Started off on a bright note with some good sunny skies, cloud has thickened up more though with a lot of Stratocumulus. Feeling warm though however.. Temperatures: Currently 21.5'c Overnight low: 16.8'c
  10. Good Afternoon, a very different story here Today compared to Yesterday! All Morning practically had completely blue sky with very light winds. Its still lovely and sunny now, but there is a lot more high cloud developing ( Cirrus ) there is the odd patchy cumulus passing by too, Winds are still very light too. Temperature: 19.4'c which is the current high but is still rising. Overnight Low: 17.9'c so quite a warm night. Rainfall: 0.0mm Wind: South West 7mph. Gusting: 11mph
  11. Not the greatest of days here today, it started off wet with light to moderate rain, this lasted until around late Morning. The Afternoon remained cloudy but became dry, though there were a few occasions with the odd brighter spell. It certainly had a much fresher feel to today, especially where I live on the East Coast of the Island due to an offshore breeze too. Currently now we have a lot of fairly high cloud with the odd patch of blue sky. Though I can see a lot of thicker cloud to my West and North moving its way in. Winds are mainly light, though there is still a breeze blowing in off the sea. Temperature: 16.6'c High: 18.1'c Low: 15.5'c Rainfall Today: 1.5mm Wind: SW 5mph, Gust Strength: 10mph Max Gust: 16mph
  12. Looking great in the South East, sadly just a bit too far East for here this time round. Though we got a very good view of the lightning and can still see a lot of lightning way out East. Looks pretty cool, especially some of the CGS and Multi strikes.
  13. An interesting Morning this Morning, some real heavy showery rain at times. A few Lightning strikes and some rumbles, I did miss the majority of it as slept through my alarm though it wasn't very frequent at all. Will be keeping an eye on this Evening and Tonight for sure
  14. Well then all I can say is what a couple of days it has been! Will start off with Thursday. So the day had started off on dry and relatively bright note, cloud moved in around midday which it stayed like that for quite a few hours. The first wave of precipitation arrived late Afternoon around 4pmish, it started as rain and sleet across the whole Island which was like that for a good 45 minutes to an hour. Reports started coming in of the rain and sleet and started turning to snow across Central and Western parts of the island! By around 6pm, the reports coming in were that many places was snowing, but at this point, only the far East coast of the Island was under sleet (Which happens to be my area). Set off for a bowls game in Ryde, when we got there, the rain was rapidly turning to snow, with big flakes getting thrown in by now. The game started, the sound of our bowls club tin roof went silent and at this point I had a huge adrenaline rush, knowing that there was heavy precipitation falling and our roof being silent, it had turned to heavy snow! I snuck off the green for a cheeky look as I couldn't help myself, and it really was heavy snow coming down! The opposing team conceded the game early with our team so far ahead, they wanted to get back early in case the snow got too bad. I quickly ran off the green, shouted in excitement ( DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMANNN) << the look I got given . Anyway left the club, and there was a good inch fallen outside at this stage with yet more heavy snow falling. It was a treacherous ride home. Got to Sandown and amazingly there was hardly any snow on the ground, it had only just turned to snow in this area at the time I got back. Half hour later my good old storm and snow chasing buddy came and picked me up in his 4 by 4 and we headed out to central and western parts where it was really really awesome! Was really a magical night, we went to Newport town square, heavy snow with very light winds was just amazing. We then went into the middle of Parkhurst forest at mid night, got the body the board, using this ledge and snow made ramps! There was a good 6-7cms in this area. We then went to our final destination out towards Freshwater which had even more with snow accumulating to about 10cms. What I found amazing was, there was no precipitation showing over the island on the radar at this point, but we just had continuous moderate-heavy snow falling non stop for hours! Then all the stars came out on the way back home and it was still snowing moderate to heavy! Sandown and Shanklin finally had a coating when I got back, but these were the only 2 places where it didn't do quite so well. Just this one photo from Newport, but have got a couple of video clips which I will upload Last one, we had another period of Moderate to Heavy snow falling yesterday Afternoon for a good hour and a half which gave another new coating
  15. Snowing now in my part of the island in Sandown! Temperature down to 1.7'c! Dewpoint: -1.1'c
  16. Big flakes now rapidly getting thrown in, other places on the island is already falling as snow! Temperature 2.2 Dewpoint: -0.1!
  17. Temperature dropping a little faster now and the dewpoints are also falling as the NW winds are starting to kick in. Still raining for now though! Temperature: 4.0'C Dewpoint: 1.8'c Actually as im typing this its turning to sleet!
  18. Rain has just arrived here, temperature starting to drop a little more. Temperature 5.4 Dew point 3.4'c Im not expecting it to turn to snow till after 7pm, fingers are crossed
  19. So the charts are on a bit of a downer this morning, though I don't think its anything worth worrying about at this stage, if it can turn like that just over night, then it can still easily change back the next 24 hours. I'm concentrating between now and Tuesday in the meantime, with cold and potential snow in the shorter time frame. Its a good start compared to anything we have seen really this winter so far I am keeping the faith for now still
  20. So again I haven't posted in a few weeks again due to Anxiety issues and other problems, am trying to get back into the swing of things. I am well behind on a lot on here, but do follow as much as I can. Certainly a lot of interest going on in the models of late, the quick changes in the shorter term proves why things should never get written off and yet its still all changing on each run. Though our first cold shot does look like its on the cards with the models agreeing on this first short Northerly, with the high pressure ridge going up and then into Scandi, giving us a cold North Easterly-Easterly, which sinks way South. A fair few models going for more attempts of more cold potential, but at that point there will be still a lot of changes. I love these roller coaster rides during these winter model watching months.
  21. Unfortunately I wasn't around to see the Liverpool teams of the 70's and 80's, though I do know about all the stories
  22. Not just so much the Goal Keeper but Van Dijk has been the key in my personnel opinion, he is an absolute monster! I also think he is better than what Sami Hypia was! Along way way to go, but following Liverpool my whole life, this the best Liverpool team i've ever seen so far!
  23. Merry Christmas to every single fellow Net weather member! From a cloudy and murky Isle of Wight

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      Cheers guys, hope you are both having a great day! And yes Lass and even sweeter xmas for that reason. Though the only team to be top at xmas and not win the league on 2 occasions were Liverpool -.-

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      damn, not a good record to have lol

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      hope you had a great day!

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  24. I definitely am not worrying about anything as yet, not until what ever is showing within the 5 day timeframe GFS P looking pretty decent again currently, be interesting to see what the ECM brings after showing some good consistence the last few runs. GFS normal showing something different like it normally does on most runs. UKMO didn't look too bad either to me on its latest 12z. Icon looked much better as well, compared to yesterday and this Morning I do enjoy these wars between the models, makes everything feel more intense and interesting as a weather perspective in general
  25. I for one definitely don't think the UKMO is all doom and gloom, it is still trying and isn't a million million miles off. Icon isn't great again, but I have seen worse before, i'm not too knowledgeable on the Icon so I don't want to discard it just from previous experience with other scenarios with other models. GFS another really really good run with potential snow showing in the South whilst the GEM tries but doesn't quite make it. As others have said all the uncertainty and just from previous experience I think it will take another few days to see what really happens. If I remember back in March this year, March 2013, December 2010 on quite a few occasions where the models would look really really good, then they back off and then a couple of days later they all jump on board again, these are just a handful of scenarios. Doesn't mean it will happen this time round but its just a reason why I never give up because of a couple of non favourable runs. The season has just begun, and seeing these sort of charts already is great to see whatever happens Currently GFS P and next ECM, wander whats it will bring
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