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  1. I won my Bowls 100up singles final and won a nice trophie, but was a stupidly close game :D

  2. Got a bowls 100up singles final at 10am which is basically first too a 100. I have seen the trophies for the winners and runners up and the winners one looks nice, so hopefully it will be mine hehe lol.

  3. 1-0 Liverpool, should of been 2 or 3 but still a win :), Thought poulsens goal should of counted

    1. sunny scunny

      sunny scunny

      yep nothing wrong with poulsens goal.Poor pen by joe cole though.

    2. Stormyking


      Yeh was a poor penalty, but he will get his goal soon :)

  4. Well not now i'm not I thought the 00z run looked pretty decent for storms for sunday but it has changed now lol :)

  5. Sunday looking good for Storms, but out of all the days it has to be this one when Im away in my bowls finals grrrrrr.

  6. Sunday 22nd this month, the only day I dont want thunderstorms due away bowling in U-25 National all england 2 fours for bowls and down to the last 4 in England to play at worthin :D

    1. Mesoscale


      since u said that mate guess what... your going to get a storm on the 22nd lol

    2. Stormyking


      haha, I noticed the risk on sunday but hopefully I vcould get back before 9pm at least incase there is one lol

  7. College open day tomorrow I really need to find a coarse after being told I didnt get into Level 2 of my coarse :(

  8. I think we are in for another cold winter as well, hope we get a Beasterly :D.

  9. Sup mate, its a very bad year for storms, we would of normally seen about 8 or 9 storms by now, but only 2 since march. Ah well bring on winter and snowfall :D. Anyway im good thanks mate you?

  10. Whos got an xbox with xbox live and Modern warfare 2 ??

  11. Joe cole at Liverpool :p

  12. Suddenly got bad cold coming down and extremely saw throat and head :(

    1. andy_leics22


      A saw throat? Sounds dangerous =D

    2. Stormyking


      lol, sore or how ever you spell it :D

  13. We had bits of AC this morning but now there is just a load of cirrus and is nice and warm :D

  14. Liverpool Game called off :( grr, was looking forward for Roy Hodgson's first game

  15. :(, last nigths chase was pretty lame, only saw 2 distant strikes but the wind was fun i haev to admit was easily over 50mph gusts
  16. Looking forward to today, hope every gets a storm and going on a mini Isle of wight stormchaser tonight with me friend woop woop ;P

    1. dogs32


      goodluck mate

    2. Stormyking


      Was kinda lame actually :(, 2 distant strikes but the wind was fun was easily gusting to over 50mph :D

  17. Badly hurt my shoulder, not good for bowls/fishing :(

  18. I think it will be interesting to see the atlantic awaken as hasnt been active for very long time :)

  19. Hey Joggs, wow thanks for sharing that dude im glad you had a storm :) well done . Me well im still waiting for my first storm since march hehe but hey my fingers are crossed.

  20. Well done to whoever got storms last night :)

  21. your comments are hear HAHAHAlol

  22. Hey Mark its me Ryan (Lightningboy)

  23. Hi Tom, talking on 2 thing sat once how weird are we lol

  24. No Problem Mate, Hope you get what you are after as well for the summer and any other stuff you do or hope for. Will be looking forward to part 2 of your story on Thunderstorm Stories thres :p

  25. Heya, lol yeh Ive always been storm mad since age of 6. Thanks for accepting me as a friend as well :D

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