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  1. Happy New year to all, wishing everything a healthy and a happy weather 2020! Not many but here is a little mixture of images from 2019
  2. Merry Christmas to all, hope everyone is having a good one

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    2. Stormyking


      And to you mate, hope your keeping well bud

    3. lassie23


      not too bad thanks hope you are well too

    4. Dami


      hope you had a good one!

  3. Haha that is true, I have a habit of saying sorry Still some real heavy downpours at the minute, had another shower with Hail in about 15/20 minutes ago, things looking very interesting still as we head into this Evening and Tonight
  4. Okay apologise for another quick post, but I just had to share this, the back edge of the storm we just had. This Anvil looks amazing
  5. What a fun week this has been so far, especially yesterday and last night. Started with some real heavy downpours during yesterday Morning with some awesome cloud structures and rotation, looked as though a small funnel was trying to develop but never quite got there. The Afternoon became quiet for a time but still with some great looking cumulus which I could tell even at that point there was really strong shear, it wasn't long before the next wave of showers came in. This wave started around 5pm. I was watching this shower developing and getting stronger and stronger to my South approaching directly overhead. From where I was looking it went visible to no visibility as I could rain had turned torrential getting very close. This shower I got a couple of photos and footage of because it was such a beautiful shower despite no lightning at this point. The winds became very strong and was blowing from directions and I experienced some of the heaviest rain I've seen, including an incredible Rainbow right in front of my eyes. Im pretty confident it was a micro burst. After this it went quite for a few hours before yet another line of showers which some turned in storms edging closer and closer, North West of the island had a fair few decent strikes but was out of my view. It looked this lot wasn't gonna quite do it for my part, was about to go to bed until I heard a big crack of Thunder, went to look and seen another 3 close strikes 2 CG 1 CC with loud Thunder. EDIT: Crazy crazy showers here right we just had a proper decent little storm, 5/6 flashed with lots of loud rumbles! Just had some mad Hail too These photos and videos are from the Evening shower. ( Excuse the talking) video-1571330321.mp4 video-1571330335.mp4
  6. Do not want a repeat of last night what so ever. Food poisoning or Norovirus, was one them. Never felt so bad in my life! 😕 During this potentially last proper Heatwave too, gutting!

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    2. Zak M

      Zak M

      @Stormyking I caught norovirus at 3:30am on my trip and other people on the trip got it at a similar time too, so I would say it is more common to catch it at night.

    3. Stormyking


      @Nick L See I find Food poisioning very hard to tell sometimes, as I know there are so many different types, I know that some tend to affect more the lower part of the stomach as in the other way round 😅some others tend to be more sickness. Though I am with you with norovirus as I know it is really really quickly an violent when it comes and complete throws people off but it stops just as quick as it comes on, such a strange evil illness for anyone 😞 . So far no one else in our house hold hasn't had anything at all, so at the minute I think I had Poisoning and I still really tender today still

      @zmstorm Oh god yeah night time as well then, definitely does seem to a thing. I'm wandering if its something to do with the fact when people are relaxed and sleeping it allows for the body properly identify that there is problem inside that it fights an infection or bug easier. I might be all completely wrong haha

    4. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      I got the dreaded norovirus back on 29 January 2010.  But in my case it didn't come on suddenly and violently - for the first couple of days I was sick a couple of times overnight and otherwise felt okay, and thought it might have just been a bit of food poisoning.  Then from 1 February it really ramped up and I spent most of the following week in bed, as although the violent symptoms only lasted for three days, it took another few days after that to recover much of my energy.

      A scary thought is that I could have spread it around a fair bit on the first two days because I was mostly okay and thought I might just have food poisoning, and so went about my daily life as normal, including going sledging on 30 January (yes, I was in Norwich and it snowed from the northerly) - although I wash my hands often and I wasn't puking while out and about, so hopefully I might have avoided spreading it to many people.

  7. Good Afternoon Weather observations since yesterdays report: Some Sunny spells for a time during yesterday Afternoon, but cloud soon came back in and was thick enough to give the odd light shower at times during late Afternoon and early Evening. As we moved in dark, most of the cloud broke up to allow some clearer skies for a time. This didn't last as more thicker cloud moved in with a front, this gave some more showery rain at times by the early hours. This Morning started mostly cloudy with the odd shower still but this quick cleared and some sunny spells developed again. By mid Morning it was quite nice which lasted through the Afternoonn, though has been quite a blustery day too. Went to Priory Bay which is near Bembridge on the far East Coast of the Island, it was absolutely lush round there, with a big wall of trees and woodland behind the Beach blocked the wind. Current: Back home in Sandown now and its sunny with some patch high cloud and cumulus at times, still quite blustery though here. Temperature's: Currently 19.8'c Yesterday's High: 24.1'c Today's High: 20.6'c Overnight Low: 16.8'c Humidity: 66% High Humidity: 96% Low Humidity: 60% Rainfall: 0.51mm Winds: WSW 17mph Gusting at: 27mph Highest Gust: 32mph Dominant Direction: WSW A couple of Images from Bembridge and Priory, mainly for waves
  8. Good Afternoon Weather Observations since my last report: Well I can't remember what it did the night before last as I fell asleep . Anyway, woke up yesterday to mostly cloud skies with the odd brighter interval. As the day went on the cloud became thicker, though it did feel warm and humid! By mid to late Afternoon the cloud became thick enough to give a few showers as a line moved up from the South West the spots were very big as well. To be honest I was very surprised we even got any precipitation yesterday as it really wasn't expected for our area! There were some cool looking structures as the line of showers approached with some cool Alto-cumulus which I have a photo of. The cloud bases were very high and most of the rain evaporated before it even reached the ground. This cleared through to the leave a dry and fairly warm Evening with very light winds. Skies became clearer for a time before the cloud thickened up and moved back in during the Night. Today and Current: A very cloudy start to the day but quite a humid feel again, a little clear slot I could see moving in on sat24 has just come over us so we have a brief spell of some blue sky and sunshine, there is some mid level convection though. Weather data: Temperature: Current: 23.3'c Yesterday's High: 21.2'c Overnight Low Last night: 15.5'c Humidity: 64% Yesterday's High Humidity: 93% Yesterday's Low Humidity: 70% Rainfall since my last report: 0.02mm Wind: WSW 7.4mph Gusting at 12.8mph Highest Gust Yesterday: 12.8mph Dominant direction: SE First photo is from yesterday Afternoon as the showers were arriving, other 2 are current, apologies for the angle on the the last one.
  9. Would love to have just one Morning or day where my stomach doesn't give me some form of pain! -.-

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    2. Dami


       if folk don't suffer they don;t understand how hard stomach issues can ruin your day or make even simple things impossible. I maybe have 1/2 good-ish days every few months.

    3. Stormyking


      I completely agree with everything you say, especially I find when it has a big impact on appetite and not being able to eat properly with that added bonus of low energy too, like you want to eat but the stomach doesn't want to know! That sounds exactly the same as me, stomach issues are just horrible in every way

    4. Snowflake Queen
  10. Been slacking with the old reports due to a lot of work. Anyways im back to it. Weather Observations Today: A very warm day with plenty of sunshine though there was some cloud at times. Winds have also been very light today which helped with the temperatures. Winds picked up a touch as we got towards the Evening but it still felt really pleasant. Current: Mostly clear with the odd patchy cloud every now and then. Light breeze and feeling on the warm side still. Temperature: 18.3'c Today's High: 25.5'c Overnight Low: 16.3'c Humidity: 75% High: 91% Low: 53% Rainfall: 0.0mm Wind: 4mph Highest Gust: 15mph
  11. Well I didn't expect that, a cell just moved through but it produced a CG just to our South before it arrived, and a pretty nice deep basey boom shortly after. Apart from that nothing else. It Was cool though!
  12. It was down a place called Steephill Cove, We were trying to use the boats as a composition, I exposing each round for about 20 seconds Iso was on 1800 I think. It didnt sink in I had captured it and remembered wait a minute I WAS EXPOSING! Hahaha
  13. A few showers about, a lot of AcCas and Cumulus, still would'nt be surprised if we got the odd thundery shower later this Afternoon. Apologise for this late photo from Tuesday Nights storms, was meant to sort it last night but didnt finish work till really late. This is my first ever Positvie CG capture This was just the first wave of storms were moving in.
  14. Wowww yess I have well and truly had my storm fix! And so many others too! We set out around 9:45ish, drove down to Steep hill cove which is in Ventnor just South of the Island. Got on to the beach and could already see the distant Lightning from the developing storms South of the Channel. Most of it was intra cloud and also the odd Positive CG was starting to pop as they were getting nearer. By the time the cells were about 40/50 miles South of the Island, new areas of cells were blowing up quick. We then drove right back through to Brading Downs, to get a view across Sandown bay and towards Ventnor. By this point the Lightning was getting very close and very frequent and from that point the Lightning was dancing around all over the place. The first wave of storms were very dry and barely any rain fell, but then the 2nd wave we drove to Ryde Pier Head North East of the Island to get a view of the back edge of the 1st wave but also keeping an eye on the 2nd wave behind us. At this time, the Lightning was looking so cool, so make out more CGS which most were Positive, extremely bright! Also Anvil Crawlers, spidery looking Lightning. Then the 2nd wave arrived which had a lot more rain with it along with very frequent Lightning as well! We then started to drive towards Culver down and drove through some incredibly torrential Rain along with some Hail mixed in!! Once we arrived to Culver the 2nd wave cleared through and then that was it for us, but we enjoyed the Lightning show as it moved further away to the North!
  15. Okay then here we go we finally have some interesting skies going, plenty of friends about (AcCas) and can just about see some cumulus starting to show. This has all developed very quickly.
  16. Thanks mate Sorry to hear that, I can understand that is a tricky one especially when you have to up early anyway Still not a cloud in the sky here, definitely has warmed up even more though, still very early times!
  17. I understand that one, the early hour scenarios can be a drag but as soon I see any distant lightning or hear any decent thunder I generally can never rest properly even if they are miles away and won't arrive till another couple of hours or something haha. I would then just stay up all night but that's just me
  18. Hmm a little unsure for this area at the minute, got a feeling we are just a little to far East. Looks awesome further West, looks like you guys are in for fun night hopefully. Right At the moment there is not a single cloud in the sky, its completely blue. Anyway who knows, plumes can be very unpredictable as we all know
  19. Certainly have a lot of interest going on Tuesday, managed to book it off work so will probably mean it wont happen now as thats just my luck Anyways on a serious note, Elevated showers or storms I reckon would start firing early Evening South of the Channel and then further more to develop Mid channel giving a good chance anywhere along the South and West. Then the risk moving further East as the Night goes on, that's the vibe i'm getting with these current charts. Fingers crossed
  20. Apologise for the lack of posts have been extremely busy with work. Anyway fun little evening, we have finally had a storm! Not the most impressing but Ill take it, Most of did just miss us to our East but heard some pretty cool loudish rumbles
  21. Good Morning Observations since my last report Yesterday Evening: The rest of the Evening actually became completely clear, this only lasted up until after Midnight as cloud developed rather quickly and by the end of the Night it was full cloud cover. This Morning continued cloudy and it has a cooler feel as well. Current: It is still cloudy out there, definitely the cloudiest start I have seen for quite a while now, there is a little hint of brightness though starting. Temperatures: 16.2'c Overnight Low: 13.7'c at 02:55am Yesterdays High: 22.5'c at 17:55pm Humidity: 68% Overall High: 91% at 03:32am Overall Low: 59% at 17:55pm Winds: Easterly 6mph Gusting: 11mph Highest Gust: 16mph at 11:56am Average Direction: Easterly Rainfall: 0.0mm
  22. Evening all Observations since this Mornings report: Most of this Mornings cloud mostly cleared to allow another lovely afternoon with some warm sunshine but a touch cooler than recent days. There has been periods of cloud still in the form of Cumulus, Stratocumulus and Altocumulus. Towards the latter part of the Afternoon the wind picked up a touch along with some more cumulus trying to develop. Current: Mostly sunny with some cloud at times still, I can see some cool looking cumulus to my North but looks like it will flatten out again in to stratocumulus. Temperatures: 21.6'c Today's High: 22.5'c at 17:55pm Humidity: 62% Today's High: 75% at 10:00am Today's Low: 59% at 17:55pm Winds: East South East 2mph Gusting: 4mph Today's highest Gust: 16mph at 11:56am Rainfall: 0.0mm
  23. Good Morning Observations since my last report: The rest of yesterday remained sunny with just some patchy cloud at times, it did feel rather warm again as well especially with there not being as much wind compared to recent Afternoons. Into the Evening and Overnight it remained fine and dry, though more cloud developed through the night and by the end it was mostly cloudy with some patchy clear skies. Current: Well the cloud broke up for a time but its clouded over mostly again, mostly Cumulus, Altocumulus and some Stratus. Looking to my North and North North West the cumulus look almost deep enough to produce a light shower but nothing as yet. It certainly feels a bit fresher than recent Mornings but still feels pleasant. Temperatures: 20.0'c Overnight Low: 15.4'c at 04:13am Yesterdays High: 25.4'c at 17:21pm Humidity: 70% Low Humidity: 42% at 17:21pm High Humidity: 91% at 04:21am Wind: South East 7mph, Gusting: 12mph. Yesterdays High Gust: 14mph at 10:04am. Average Direction: North North East Rainfall: 0.0mm
  24. Good Morning Observations since my last report: Rest of yesterday Afternoon remained dry with good sunny spells and some patchy cloud, it did turn very warm as well towards the end of the Afternoon and early Evening. Overnight remained dry with a mix of clear spells but some cloudier periods at times. Today: Started off fine and bright with some high and middle level cloud, in the form of Cirrus and some Altocumulus. Now it's sunny and feeling warm along with Cirrus and Cumulus. Winds are also light making it feel more warmer in general. Weather recordings/Data starts from 10am on each day and starts again 10am the following day Temperature: 22.1'c Overnight Low: 14.5'c at 05:17am Yesterdays high: 25.7'c at 16:41pm Humidity: 53% Yesterdays high Humidity: 84% at 05:17am Yesterdays High Humidity: 42% at 18:18pm Winds: North North East 5mph, Gusting at 10mph. Yesterdays Maximum Gust: 27mph at 14:30pm. Average Direction: Westerly Rainfall: 0.0mm
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