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    Landscape photography, Nature, Bowls,Football, NFL, Music and Fishing
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Yo im Ryan

Been a member for quite a long time, just haven't posted properly for a while. Anyways Im 25 years of age, I have been been extremely passionate about weather since a very early age. Thunderstorms are probably the main thing I have studied more than others but Snow is also very close up there. I do take general interest in other types of weather and the way works and changes every day.  I also a lot of Island based forecasts locally and have also been on a channel 4 documentary with a very good friend of mine back in 2014 called Britain's Wildest Weather 2014 covering the topic Thunder and Lightning! 

I work in 2 kitchens, after battling hard against severe Anxiety (One reason why I hadn't been around much)

Other Interests include Landscape Photography, Nature, Football (Liverpool Supporter), NFL and Music. I do also play Lawn Bowls as a professional sport and have done since the age of 9 years old playing against internationals and in big finals across the UK.

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