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  1. Do not want a repeat of last night what so ever. Food poisoning or Norovirus, was one them. Never felt so bad in my life! 😕 During this potentially last proper Heatwave too, gutting!

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    2. Zak M

      Zak M

      @Stormyking I caught norovirus at 3:30am on my trip and other people on the trip got it at a similar time too, so I would say it is more common to catch it at night.

    3. Stormyking


      @Nick L See I find Food poisioning very hard to tell sometimes, as I know there are so many different types, I know that some tend to affect more the lower part of the stomach as in the other way round 😅some others tend to be more sickness. Though I am with you with norovirus as I know it is really really quickly an violent when it comes and complete throws people off but it stops just as quick as it comes on, such a strange evil illness for anyone 😞 . So far no one else in our house hold hasn't had anything at all, so at the minute I think I had Poisoning and I still really tender today still

      @zmstorm Oh god yeah night time as well then, definitely does seem to a thing. I'm wandering if its something to do with the fact when people are relaxed and sleeping it allows for the body properly identify that there is problem inside that it fights an infection or bug easier. I might be all completely wrong haha

    4. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      I got the dreaded norovirus back on 29 January 2010.  But in my case it didn't come on suddenly and violently - for the first couple of days I was sick a couple of times overnight and otherwise felt okay, and thought it might have just been a bit of food poisoning.  Then from 1 February it really ramped up and I spent most of the following week in bed, as although the violent symptoms only lasted for three days, it took another few days after that to recover much of my energy.

      A scary thought is that I could have spread it around a fair bit on the first two days because I was mostly okay and thought I might just have food poisoning, and so went about my daily life as normal, including going sledging on 30 January (yes, I was in Norwich and it snowed from the northerly) - although I wash my hands often and I wasn't puking while out and about, so hopefully I might have avoided spreading it to many people.

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