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  1. Looks like its gonna be Caroline Panthers vs Denver Broncos!  for the superbowl! Cant wait

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    2. Stormyking


      That was a close game the Broncos, from what I saw yesterday I think its going to be Panthers year, they breezed through against Arizona, 49 is the most points scored in any NFC Championship game ever :O

    3. Dami


      I think Panthers have it, i think 1 game lost in the whole season, they are storming. 

      However Denver have the best defence so it will interesting how it all pans out, doesn't take much to swing games.

    4. Stormyking


      Definitly your right, this is why I think this superbowl game is gonna be great, I reckon it will be close but im backing panthers still! :D

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