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  1. I do indeed, its not great quality, as its off my camera phone, i shall doing proper photos tomorrow morning for the scenes with my proper Camera
  2. Snow is proper coming down and its setting!, even on the ground! woooooo
  3. Its officially turned to Snow here on the South East Coast of the Island!
  4. Its turning to snow here! Woooooo, didnt expect it to start turning this early!
  5. I should of really thought about this, if it snows and settles here, all of my shoes have holes in and i have to wait till the end of January to get a new pair of shoes! So im screwed basically. However I wouldnt really care, as i just want to see some snow! Its been too long, so fingers crossed tonight delivers!
  6. Raining steadily here, though can actually start to feel the temperature drop a touch, fingers crossed for this Evening, i too would love to just see some snow falling im that desperate!
  7. Come on then Snoww, lets have ya then mateeeeee

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    2. Dami


      perhaps they were snow proof

    3. lassie23


      lol is it snowing IYBY

    4. Dami
  8. Liverpool 4-1 Hull, 23 goals in 8 games in all competitions :O but still cant keep a clean sheet! Spurs looking decent again too
  9. Can't get to the temperature yet but it is a lovely warm morning here though fairl breezy with a fair amount of high cloud, feels like August again
  10. Ahh nice to be back posting again ready for the winter fun. Today was a beautiful day and also quite warm too, there was a bit of a sea breezre but that was quite nice too. Temperature around this area hit exactly 22.0'c Current now is 14.5 and we had a low last night of 11.3'c I dont know if any of you went to the Isle of Wight Bestival a couple of weeks ago but I thought id share this firework photo I had captured just for the fun
  11. So ive been off posting for a while now, dealing with a few mental issues, but I am back and ready join in for the winter fun :) hope everyone is well

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    2. Stormyking


      Lass I reckon October will be nice. 

      CS: Thankyou!


      Crewe: Creweeee ;)

    3. Dami


      hey stormy welcome back :)


    4. Stormyking
  12. Playing bowls in this heat this evening will be interesting

  13. Every year without fail i get sun burn, i have a bad one now

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    2. Stormyking


      I always geti on my back and neck, and sometimes my upper arms

    3. Dami


      I must smell like a fruit salad atm, but hate getting burnt. hubs burns so easy as does bubs. five mins the other day just walking from the pool to the car and both were red.

    4. Daniel*


      Nope British as you can be he just has a darker skin tone my mum is like a white sheet  

  14. One of todays storms produced a funnel which actually touched the ground for a while and became an official tornado! This was looking NNW from Brading down, my friend has aloud to me to kindly share these with you This was looking tto the North Coast, don't if anyone can see close on the water underneath it, you can see the disturbance,