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  1. We just had some pretty potent showers with Hail move through and they had some incredible looking sky's and structures
  2. Ahhh yeah been keeping an eye on this and could see this turning into a mass of heavy rain instead ahaha. Oh well certainly not complaining, was glad to see the lightning and hear some thunder the last 24 hours ?, a decent start to the season! Early days peeps, plenty more opportunity to come over the months hopefully.
  3. So then so far I have been seeing plenty of Lightning to my SE, E, SSW and SW along with many channel boomers being heard! I have been watching the 2 areas though that gap has been on track for my part of the island. However new showers developing in that gap, which I got a feeling could pop out some!
  4. Thanks mate apprciate the comment ? I do feel quite lucky to live in a place is so many insane views across all directions, Culver Downs, Brading Downs and Ventnor Downs are our go too spots normally, it really helps being a photographer too. I got this Photo from last July of some crazy storms, this hugeee Posi strike made my eyes water haha ? Fingers crossed for some good action later, could be potential anywhere along South Coast Tonight!
  5. Afternoon all! I was gonna post a bit earlier but I got a bit distracted. It has been another pretty fun Morning and early Afternoon, a lot of rain has fallen which had been heavy-very heavy for most of the time along with the odd torrential bursts. There were reports of Thunder early this Morning about 7amish but I slept through it. However the very back edge of the rain band had a nice little storm develop just to our SE. I was keeping an eye on it as had a feeling it was going to get a bit closer and produce some more. I was hearing thunder more frequently and getting a little louder. Managed to get close enough to hear some proper rumbles and seen some CC's but it stayed out just to our East. Was fun to see and hear though, took my opportunity for my daily walk to grab a couple of snaps. There were some interesting scenes as there was also a bank of low cloud looking over Ventnor and Shanklin downs, the bit of lighter sky between the storm and the bank of low cloud looked pretty cool ?. Unfortunately I had no proper camera on me this time so had to get my phone out.
  6. And It popped! Just West of Newport, it was blatently a CG from the deep boom at the end from the thunder! I've noticed these showers seem produce Lightning when they come a bit more clustered and compact! I shall definitely be watching Tomorrow closely, good luck to everyone!
  7. Cheers bud! There is a real intense cell passing just to our west now, literally gone white on the radar! Its a bit out of my view but can just lean my head out the window far enough like a weirdo haha.
  8. A fun little night Tonight, we haven't had any direct hits but have been watching loads of lightning from the window. A mixture of CGS and IC, a bit annoying there are houses blocking a fair bit of the view though! Keeping an eye on this ling going through the island and to our South right now which could let one or 2 closer strikes out hopefully.
  9. Good Evening all Well the majority of the day had been lovely with unbroken sunshine and lighter winds, has been on the chilly side whenever there is the odd gust, though out of it felt really pleasant. As the Afternoon went a mix of Cumulus, Altocumulus and Stratocumulus started to develop and drift down. Now it is almost completely overcast but with fairly light wind still. I will add our Monthly data from March into this. Local Conditions at 18:20 Temperature: 10.0'c Dew Point: -1.7'c Wind Chill: 9.1'c Humidity: 44% Wind Speed (Avg) 5mph Wind Speed (Gust) 7mph Wind Direction: NE Beaufort F2: Light Breeze Pressure: 1020.8mb falling slowly at -0.4mb/hr Today's Highs and Lows High Temperature: 11.1'c at 15:57 Low Temperature: 1.1'c at 06:46 High Dew Point: 3.1'c Low Dew Point: -1.7'c Low Wind Chill: 1.1'c High Humidity: 88% Low Humidity: 43% High Wind Gust: 19mph at 16:27 Dominant Wind Direction: Easterly High Pressure: 1028.3mb Low Pressure: 1020.8mb Rainfall Today 0.0mm March 2020 Data High Temperature: 16.6'c at 15:59 30th March Low Temperature: 0.9'c at 07:04 on 6th March High Dew Point : 10.6'c on 3rd March Low Dew Point: -9.2'c on 29th March Low Wind Chill: -4.0'c on 29th March High Humidity: 92% on 4th March Low Humidity: 26% on 29th March High Wind Gust: 62mph at 23:23 on 11th March High Wind Speed Average: 39mph on 11th March High Pressure: 1038.9mb on 29th March Low Pressure: 982.9mb on 2nd March High Rain Rate: 10.8mm/hr on 5th March High Hourly Rainfall 18.0mm on 14th March Monthly Rainfall: 55.8mm
  10. Evening all Observations: A mostly fine day Today with more sunshine but also some cloudy periods at times, these are in the form of Stratocumulus but also some Cumulus from dying showers from the North East, which we managed to get a very very very light shower but was way too light to tell what it was trying to fall and it didn't accumulate. The wind Today however certainly feels cold and is quite strong too. Some nice sunshine at the moment, though some Cumulus and Stratocumulus still drifting over at times, still feeling really quite chilly with a continuous Fresh-Strong North East wind mostly. Current Local conditions at 18:06pm .Today's High's and Low's Temperature: 8.6'c .High Temp: 10.0'c (16:04pm) Low Temp: 4.7'c (06:41am) Dew Point: -5.6'c .High DP: 0.8'c Low DP: -6.3'c Wind Chill: 5.1'c .High Humidity: 70% (16:07pm) Low Humidity: 34% (11:03am) Humidity: 36% .Average Wind Speed: 22mph Wind Speed: 16mph .High Wind Gust: 39mph (14:11pm) Wind Gust: 35mph .Dominant Wind Direction: ENE Wind Direction: NE .High Pressure: 1036.8mb Low Pressure: 1033.0mb Pressure: 1036.6mb .Today's Rainfall: 0.0mm
  11. Afternoon all, couldn't do my daily post yesterday as had some issues with the internet. Anyway we recorded our warmest day yesterday with a Max of 15.0'c at 16:12pm, was a lovely yesterday though with wall to wall sunshine and lighter winds. Today, a lot more cloud around, especially this Morning and up until about midday. The sun has come out more though during the Afternoon, though still with a lot of cloud at times, mainly in the form of Stratocumulus. The Wind has also picked up a little more this Afternoon too. Current local conditions at 16:23pm Today's Highs and Low's Yesterday's Highs and Lows, Only for Temps Temperature: 11.2'c High Temp 13.6'c (15:35pm) Low Temp 5.3'c (05:13am) and Wind Gust Dew Point: 3.0'c High Dew Point 3.6'c Low Dew Point -0.6'c High Temp: 15.0'c Low Temp: 2.9'c Windchill: 8.7'c High Wind Gust 31mph (15:59pm) Average Direction North High Gust: 21mph Latest Wind Gust and Direction: 23mph, Easterly High Humidity 70% (04:37am) Low Humidity 38% (38%) Humidity: 57% High Pressure 1027.9mb Low Pressure 1023.2mb Pressure: 1027.6mb Today's Rainfall 0.0mm
  12. It is actually pretty crazy, we just had Humidity peak down to 22%! I think that the lowest or one of the lowest I have seen it! It is back up to 33% now. The air just feels so clean and the sky look so clean too
  13. Afternoon all, It has been another lovely day here and also feeling slightly warmer Today due to a lighter wind, still feels a tad on the chilly side on the very far East coast when exposed to the light to moderate wind. A line of cirrus has moved in the last hour and a half though, sun still shining! We were just 0.1'c from equalling our warmest day of the year, with it peaking at 12.7 so far and our highest is 12.8 which was on the 8th February. Temperatures rising a little though again the last 10 minutes, back up to 12.5'c. Actually no as I type this we have just hit 12.9 now it is the warmest day wheeyyy!! What is noticeable, the Dew points are excessively low! Local conditions at 16:29pm Today's Highs and Lows Temperature: 12.9 High Temperature: 12.9'c ( 6:29pm) Low Temperature 1.7'c (05:44am) Dew Point: -6.1 ? High Dewpoint: 3.9'c Low Dewpoint -6.1'c Windchill: 11.4 High Humidity: 74% Low Humidity 26% Humidity: 26%! Highest Wind Gust and Average Direction: 21mph (11:24am) East Wind speed and Direction: 17mph From ENE High Pressure: 1022.3mb Low Pressure 1020.3mb Pressure: 1020.4 Rainfall Today: 0.0mm Couple of shots to go with Today's Weather, just as the cirrus was moving in. Oh and make that 13.1'c just reached, Temperature has shot up a bit, but Dew points have fallen dramatically
  14. Hi all, haven't posted for a while due to personal issues, ongoing bad mental issues and constant struggling with my stomach. Anyway feel in a bit a of better place recently, so thought it would be a good time to stay around and post more. Anyway onto the weather, Today's observations: A glorious day with unbroken sunshine through out, which has been the case for the last few days. On the chilly side down here though due to a constant pretty raw feeling ESE Wind coming in right off the sea, it does vary from SE at times though. I haven't seen a single cloud Today at all. Current conditions 15:22 Today's Highs and Lows Temperature: 10.1 .Temperatures: High 10.8'c (01:17am) Low: 7.6'c (5:47am) Dew Point: 0.7 .Dew Point: High 6.6 Low -1.4 Wind Chill: 8.7 .Highest Wind Gust: 21mph (10:35am) Average Direction ESE Wind Speed and Direction: 12mph from ESE .High Humidity 76% Low Humidity 46% Humidity: 52% .High Pressure: 1024.2mb Low Pressure: 1022.4mb Barometric Pressure: 1022.7mb .Today's Rainfall 0.0mm Rainfall: 0.0mm On the last day of each month I will do a Monthly overall High and Low section Sandown Bay, on my lonely daily walk ?
  15. Happy New year to all, wishing everything a healthy and a happy weather 2020! Not many but here is a little mixture of images from 2019 ?
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