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  1. Wheeyyy!! Finally can report a covering on the ground in my part of my the Island since 2018! Southern parts of the Island are getting the best of as I was thinking Tonight. I'm just happy to see a covering at this point, in fact I was that confident of seeing something I planned an all nighter 🤣
  2. Its been snowing here on and off for the last hour or so now, its more snizzly than anything though we are getting the odd heavier burst which has coated some surfaces. Its very fine dry snow so its blowing around very easy and swirling around the roads, including the carpark outside my house.
  3. Not to much to report since our Morning spell apart from the odd flurry, but now we have gone back to light persistent snow (Dandruff)
  4. There won't much during the day Today just the odd flurry here and there, but I'm fairly confident we may get a bit more much later this Evening and into the night which will likely give an extra dusting :). The far South of the Island will be mostly affected though I reckon.
  5. Pretty much stopped here now but there is still the odd flake coming down. Feeling a bit better after that, seeing as we been very unlucky here on the Island so far this year. Here's 2 from my house, nice little icing sugar dusting 🙂
  6. Hi Everyone, been snowing here for the last couple of hours now finally and has been falling at a nice steady pace too, so there is even a nice little coating outside 😄
  7. Afternoon all, nice to see some of you getting snow 🙂 Anyway after a mostly cloudy start things brightened up for a time with some good sunny spells and broken cloud in a cold Northerly wind. Cloud amounts are now increasing again with some sunshine just holding on. Temperature: 4.7'c Overnight Low -0.4'c Dew Point: -0.5'c Wind Gust: 8mph Average Wind speed: 3mph Wind Direction: N Pressure: 1016.0mb Photo taken from Sandown Bay this Afternoon
  8. Hi everyone, happy new yeah to you all and hope everyone has good one this year! Anyway on to the Today's weather! Observations: The first day of the new year was cold one, the Morning started very ICY with freezing fog covering much of the island. Some areas were so white it looked like snow with the rime coating everything. This fog lifted into a lot of general cloud with just a few limited bright spells with lingering mist and low cloud over high ground. Some areas even kept onto ICE throughout the whole day too. Into the Evening some patchy rain, drizzle and even sleet affected parts of
  9. Merry Christmas to you all!

  10. Hi everyone, I was meant to share our report yesterday from yesterdays crazy showers and winds from our IWMETSERVICE page, but didn't get a chance too. We have put the top 3 for the highest wind gusts around the island, our own local station and also a time lapses video from 3 of our own webcams. We have 4 of our very own webcams and 2 shared cams. Yesterday saw a large amount of rainfall along with some extremely strong gusts of wind at times giving over-topping waves at many beaches. During yesterday afternoons showers we saw a mixture of torrential rain, hail and even the odd r
  11. If Today was June or July I would be getting excited by now, heavy showers moving through and they are all Elevated and some of the structure's look really cool and classic. Here is one of our own local webcams facing North from Lake Lake North View Cam WWW.IWMETSERVICE.CO.UK Lake North View Cam
  12. Well then it well and truly did chucked it down, along with some really really gusty winds, roads became a bit of a torrent along with some car alarms being set off.
  13. Indeed, I got more interest in that 2nd one, me and my friend were looking at a potential 2nd squall line yesterday for this Evening, with us putting a yellow warning out for our local weather site. I personally think that will have a better chance for lightning potential, especially the further East it goes. The atmosphere becomes drier and colder for a time after the first squall line passes through, so with that 2nd squall line and any potential showers behind it would have more organisation and a sharper look to it and I always find they have better lightning potential 🙂
  14. Have a had a few showers the last hour or so, small but heavy with a really cool looking shower looking out Sandown bay about half hour ago. Certainly got my interest towards this Evening and some of tomorrow's showers, closely watching that band and those squall lines as it strengthens the further East it goes, there is some really gusty winds picking up now, especially along the seafront itself. I'm actually feeling fairly confident on the Lightning potential over the next 24 hours as well. 🙂
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