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  1. Looking forward to the thaw this weekend so I can get about as usual again.

  2. Why would anyone want another cold spell? Looking forward to the mild this weekend. We've already been spoiled by the best (or worst) cold snap in years!

  3. Loads of snow in Buxton. Who wants some?

    1. Nick L

      Nick L

      Me, I'll pay for postage.

    2. Somerset Squall
    3. vortex_liam


      :) me oh its snowind :D
  4. Too right! How dreadful. I just wonder what the temperature in our house in Buxton would sink to if we had feet of snow and -20°C. Probably would get below freezing inside. Imagine the heating bill. In fact, the heating would probably fail in our house. And, not being able to get to work, the general inconvenience and hassle as well as the dangers, given how ill equipped he UK is for such conditions. But worst of all, the sheer physical pain of the absence of heat energy (which is all the cold is, of course) would really, seriously see me fly abroad on what little savings I have, even if it sinks my credit rating! Just so long as the snow has not shut all the airports down. Brrrr. Nothing worse. How anyone could want this, I will never understand.
  5. All those numbers seem positively warm compared to a typical year in Buxton Derbyshire.
  6. Nice overcast day here again...

  7. is thinking... odd experience to have a largely sunny afternoon with such cold temperatures.. I thought it was February.

    1. staplehurst


      agree with you there - but makes a nice change :)

  8. No thunderstorm and annoying showers.

  9. Another overcast day. 8th in a row this month.

  10. The summer is the fourth failure in a row over here.

  11. Another winter's day. 15C and overcast. Crap.

  12. Bring it OOOOON


  14. England playing as "well" as usual then!

  15. Portugal showed the England kids how to play soccer.

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