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  1. its spooky when you see dawns early light hit the top of the clouds and its flashing well
  2. audible thunder strobe lightning no rain yet about 8 miles out from the front
  3. photocell lightning cell just went off ..that thing never works lol
  4. take a look at the infrared sat images :O ...gulp ..i want my mommy :O
  5. its a bit low and south but it could see someting http://www.heavens-above.com/passdetails.aspx?&satid=25544&mjd=57900.0919820235&type=V
  6. poor bank holiday camping trips ... thats going to nuke some peoples weekend ..:(
  7. i just disconnect my main home radio antennas and one of the things bite me ...plenty of energy up there ..cheers for the couple of thousand volts mother nature I'm not happy, in fact I'm quite sad lol
  8. pulling my antennas down ..chargeing up the cams ..was going to play radio tonight ..time for some klf and storm fun
  9. im sat on the salisbury plain in a dark sky area ...i can see faint reflections of flashes to my southwest ..its 23deg and sticky here
  10. humid dark still warm sultry is how i would say it is above me ... and also add dark ...
  11. looking very active up there ... temps got to 18deg light winds ..high uv. lovely day in all .. with some really good cloudscapes added
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