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  1. the reason i say marlows as my uncle owns the campsite down there and i had many a fun time camping in 50mph winds useing pinic benches to deflect the wind
  2. i would goto marlows or st davids prembs will be stunning in this event
  3. antennas down .garden cleared ...looked at latest models omfg what happend :O i thought it was loseing energy not gaining it ...im just glad that storm is not going up the irish sea ..
  4. for me the lighting was visable from 230 onwards it was not till about 3am ish it started kicking off ..shotgun thunder and creepers glore..got some lovely footage from my weather cam just need to edit it ..
  5. oh man i got a lot of footage to edit ...diy raspberry pi weather cam did a damm good job ....loving the cooler temps at the moment
  6. https://www.facebook.com/devonlivenews/?hc_ref=ARTs4PmqBq_N4gFfL_jFG0UKJbAk0pCO_IjOkgxQcQ-DVEJc2RDehJluN2e5TfYQmKI has a cool feed running devon live
  7. i am very aware of the same feeling emotions and swearing lol ....caleed excitement mixed with passion and maybe some fear
  8. only problem i see in this kind of weather watching ... is the bloody boil in the bag weather ...i swear i just heard my old humidity gauge creek and groan
  9. meh i wanted to play low power digital modes on hf tonight... just had to turn the radio off and walk away :(:( i still love you thunderstorms ...sometimes
  10. milky hot humid and ready to rumble .. my diy weather cam will be streaming as soon as anyting kicks off
  11. things are looking very milky out ..temps are at 25.7 at the moment light wind and humid to hekk
  12. rain front has not hit me yet ...and deep low rumbles of thunder ...nothing to go oh crap yet
  13. dont forget the heat island effect ..plus it allways slows down over the plains
  14. its spooky when you see dawns early light hit the top of the clouds and its flashing well
  15. audible thunder strobe lightning no rain yet about 8 miles out from the front
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