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  1. the sun will be up in 4 hours ..thats gonna put some fuel in the ole tank ..
  2. why does this post make me grin like a mad man a memory of a lifetime ..
  3. no worrys its a cool vid .. just want him to get the nod if it happens it was a block of flats that got hit btw
  4. Can i have a name or some kind of credit i can give to the owner of this vid ..its gone nuts on fb
  5. look at the southwest of that cell and how its trying to push a little west
  6. looking at the latest sat image .. it seams the main cell is starting to build westwards ..look at the western flank under IR
  7. so many random sfercs it could happen anywhere ..tonight is so very far from over for us in the southwest
  8. lol AM radio ..sorry me pantz its a software defined radio all freqs up to 2ghz all modes its the tool i use to get my wefax and noaa metop images
  9. turns his radio kitt off and disconnects antennas and grounds the shack .... what your seeing here is lightning discharges on the low hf band ...
  10. it deffo a wierd one this year ...apart from the pick rain last week .. this summer is a non starter so far .. lets see if we can get some elevated lights shows with clear light of sight over the clouds ..im wanting red sprites this year
  11. those storms south of jersey fired up real quick ...lets see if thay make it across..
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