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  1. Roses are red, Violets are green ,you have been fooled into helping the corporate machine

  2. For Hire:

    Experienced bodyguard available for immediate start.

  3. whitney houston wont be danceing with nobody rip big hair :/

  4. date update close call averted ..online dateing is a tricky thing ..wow that was scarey

  5. warp factor oh crap on the nervous scale :O

  6. The Bank of England has announced another round of 'quantitative easing', this time printing £50 billion of money.

    Keep it up lads; at this rate soon we'll all be billionaires, just like everyone in Zimbabwe.

    1. Aaron


      France could only dream of having control over its own monetary system. ;-)

  7. brrrrrrrr its cold today ..

  8. had got a date saturday :)

    1. gottolovethisweather


      I ate a few last night, mine were pitted.

  9. oi you lot stop posting things that are makeing me laugh..if the condems catch on the Lettucetards will tax it lololz

  10. -15 bloody -15 , if anyone wants me i will be camping in my fridge ..

  11. we have 1 inch of snow and thay lot have this Reed Timmer: Meteorologist and Extreme Storm Chaser

    Just saw a snow report of 13.5 inches in Lancaster Co, NE. Still decent snowfall rates in the deformation band in southeast NE/western IA, right under what looks to be a synoptic scale tornado rope out. ......uksnow sucks :p

  12. its a funny ole world

  13. how bloody cold brrrrrr

  14. today is a day of kraftwerk and cleaning .. because its to bloody cold to do anyting else I'm not happy, in fact I'm quite sad :)

  15. If A = B and B = C, then A = C, except where void or prohibited by law.

  16. ello everyyyyy boooodyyyy its dr nick :p

  17. doors open and kettle is on...andys cafe is open..

  18. Evening All :) bloody hell is cold out tonight ...

  19. its chilly and dank ..looks like winter is here for a while but on the good side every day we are a little closer to spring :) the days are slowly getting longer .....but its been wierd having snapdragons and stocks all year around..

  20. funny how the bbc sky or itv did not cover this ..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GvfRjimMT8&feature=g-all-u&context=G21ecdf8FAAAAAAAAJAA

  21. Who the Lettuce needs nuclear power stations?

    I get my electricity from the socket.

  22. snow snow go away .. i know you look like dandruff at the moment but no more pleaseeeee lol >:)

  23. its a bit quiet tonight

    1. wimblettben


      It isn't in the model thread mate! Some really good outputs showing in terms of cold weather.

  24. right thats xmas done roll on spring :)

  25. thank god for latenight family guy and cheese and pickled onion sarnies with a large spliff :)

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