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  1. can see lighting from the cell to my east now ..under 5 miles away ..2 for the price of one ?
  2. it reminds me of the storms we used to have around here in the early 80's
  3. hay guys ..whats the chance of that nasty looking front hitting worthy farm aka glastonbury festival ..looking at radar and sat images ..id say its got a pretty good chance ... your thoughts ..stuck in a tent worthy farm
  4. guy ropes and tent pegs all check and sorted ..we have light rain on site at the moment 20degc 83% humidity ..gonna be one of those dew point pillow nights ..yukk
  5. please gont hit the site please dont hit the festivalsite .....its gonna hit it :(western edge of the main cell is gaining energy and rain ..
  6. lol just seen that you have been promoted/demoted lol well done mr pantz ..
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