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  1. id go with that propper storm in gert lush land
  2. wind is deffo picking up ..gusting to 20/30mph ..wheely bins are starting to show some motion lol
  3. Hurricane Ophelia

    spooky stuff
  4. Hurricane Ophelia

    red sky at night barn is alight ..red sky in the morning barn still burning... red sky in the afternoon ARMAGEDDON
  5. Hurricane Ophelia

    blimey thats a huge move for protocol ... iv just been listening to the hf shipping bands and all fishing fleets have just been recalled back to port
  6. Hurricane Ophelia

  7. Hurricane Ophelia

    im in westbury 1 mile below the westbury white horse ...and yes could be fun parakite weather
  8. Hurricane Ophelia

  9. Hurricane Ophelia

    there is one very small silverlineing trumps golf corse is going to get thumped...
  10. Hurricane Ophelia

    has the storm turned west a little ...looking like it on sat 24
  11. Hurricane Ophelia

    is the bbc and meto micromanaging this event ...bbq sasuage anyone
  12. Hurricane Ophelia

    i just checked the ais shipping tracker and the sw uk is looking more like a festival carpark .. so id take it that the shipping companys are pulling their vessels in to shelter real quick ...
  13. Hurricane Ophelia

    just finished the last bbq of the year ..and the outside temps are barmy ..been in a teeshirt and shorts allday ..been keeping an eye on this thread and it looks like its going to be a red letter event ..please all in its path keep safe and check on those who are not able please........right anyone want a sasuage or bacon or a porkchop i have loads left lolol
  14. Hurricane Ophelia

    looking at ir sat24 it looks like to me that she has turned east ..... does the southwest uk have to worry now ?? oh red how did i do that