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  1. Hey all Nice to see the hunt for potential cold underway! I'm just hoping that when I go to London next week it isn't to wet and horrible - been a fairly decent summer by Scottish standards here, but has turned a bit wet during October... here's hoping I get a good fix of the white stuff this year, as I reckon I'm overdue Tim
  2. Hey all Not expecting anything here... by my reckoning this is one of the worst winters for snow in the past 10 or so years... I can remember one year without a single day of lying snow, but I'm only at 5 this winter so far, and 3 of those were blink and you miss em dustings! Oh well Fingers crossed there is some white stuff for some! Tim
  3. Hi all! Well... flakes falling here... a little surprised to see them but not going to complain! However, I've got to be standing out in the cold for four hours tonight as I'm helping out at the Comic-Con winter event on the riverside. Wrapped up very warm as it's going to be a little chilly. Fingers crossed the snow does come in heavier... it would be very nice to see! Tim
  4. I so hope you're right, edo Could really do with one!! Tim
  5. Hey all! Flakes to report here too! Fairly light and not really settling, but they are the genuine article, so can't be disappointed Tim
  6. Hi all Nice to see a bit of the white stuff around. This winter here has been amazingly disappointing so far (literally one day of lying / falling snow so far!), so fingers crossed everyone will see more soon! Nothing here at all yet, but I've not given up for now! Tim
  7. Hey all, just back from a trip out to enjoy the snow here. Very very wet and slushy in town, but go up to Broxden and it was really rather heavy with the buses having a hard time getting through. Just as a warning though, if any of this freezes overnight then the pavements and roads are going to absolutely lethal in the morning, so be careful if you're out and about first thing! Tim
  8. Hi all Looking forward to some potential white stuff tomorrow. I'll only ever believe it when I see it here however Fingers crossed we get something on the ground which would be rather nice. Good luck to everyone in your snow chase! Tim
  9. Hi all, haven't posted in a while since I'm normally absent outside snow season :) Hope everyone is well! However, the fence outside my property was beginning to 'show signs of distress' yesterday afternoon and when I woke up this morning several sections of it were lying flat in the garden! What's very interesting is that I'm in a pretty sheltered location wind wise (centre of town, surrounded by lots of buildings) and in the couple of years I've been here I've never seen any significant storm damage before, even from the 'big' storms we've experienced before. Anyway, hope all are well and that everything gets all cleaned up again... hopefully in time for the snow eventually... if I'm lucky! Cheers Tim
  10. Good Morning all. Well... yet another snowy surprise when waking up this morning! Just a dusting here in town, but a few cms up on the hill. I 'think' this might be the latest I've seen snow lying here... I can certainly remember it lying at the end of March in the past few years (for a few hours!) and I reckon this will probably be gone later. Echoing what Edo said, I'm not exactly 'tired' of it by now, but it's starting to lose its novelty somewhat. However, am off for the Easter holidays this week, so don't really mind it Tim
  11. Good evening all Spent the day on the railway in Aviemore, where it had snowed a bit (and settled) before I got there. A few flakes now and again during the day, but mainly dry. Back home now and sleety with the odd flake mixed in. Trying really hard but I would very surprised if we get anything lying here. Good luck to everyone... hope some of us see a last snow of the winter! Tim
  12. Good morning all Very surprised to open the curtains this morning and see a couple of cms or so... its also absolutely chucking it down... actually the heaviest I've actually seen it falling all winter! I don't think it will last long, but very nice to see and I'll certainly not say no Tim
  13. Hello all Interesting to see the prospect of another potentially snowy spell on the horizon. As always with these things however, 'I'll believe it when I see it', especially here I was really nervous about the spell just passed, purely because snow here (especially deep snow) is not to be taken for granted given its rarity. However, NL makes a good point about how nature would be affected by unseasonable weather. I also volunteer on the Strathspey Railway at Aviemore, and I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate snow just as they are ready to open for the season. Tim
  14. Hi all Must also add my thanks to everyone! At times this week I was sitting here for hours at a time, just reading the thread and struggling to keep up. I might have spent more time in here than out in the snow! Seems like things are winding down here snow wise with a dusting today taking us to about 17cm overall, though some of that has already started to melt. An amazing experience, certainly the second best snow event of my lifetime and up there with (and in some aspects surpassing 2010). I will be reading the thread throughout the year, even if I don't post much, but will always remember and appreciated the last few days. Cheers Tim
  15. Morning All Just taken another measurement and up to 15cms now, which is an extra 5 overnight! It does look pretty amazing and the roads here are appalling, though seems to be a lot more traffic on them today. Still no buses though, which is incredible as even in 2010 they kept them running throughout. An extremely memorable period that is now (for me at least) living up to the hype. Still no 2010, but what is? Tim
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