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    Jesmond, Newcastle Upon Tyne; 60m asl; and Beadnell, Northumberland 4m asl.

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  1. Very wet and very windy at Beadnell - no snow though !
  2. Some beefy showers and very gusty winds up at Beadnell this evening.
  3. Took until 2:30 to clear properly today at Beadnell, 5 miles up road at Bamburgh cloud had cleared by 11:30
  4. It's right, come to Beadnell today if you like it cool and cloudy. Sun trying to get out now though.
  5. Day of contrasts. Left Beadnell at 1:45 sunny but only 13.5 degrees, wind was onshore from south east, drove one mile inland car showing 21 degrees and then 25 degrees when I arrived back in Newcastle.
  6. Matthew Bank, Newcastle in last shower
  7. Managed 10 holes at Bamburgh GC today, very surprised as had 3" in Newcastle when I left. Snow all the way up spine road and as far as Embleton, but none at Beadnell, Seahouses and Bamburgh right on coast. Quite a marked difference between the lower and higher parts of the course in terms of snow cover. Eventually had to give up when big snow shower came through, but fantastic place to be in heavy snow. Holy Island and area behind Ross Sands looked snow free. All looked great when the sun came out. Lunch on the way home at Warkworth. Top day out !
  8. Measured 3" on top of car this morning in Newcastle - couple of moderate showers in last hour
  9. Heavy here in Newcastle - Matthew Bank covered
  10. Viewing storm just off east coast of Scotland from Beadnell, Northumberland - continuous fork lightning for last twenty minutes- still going - never seen anything like it before
  11. After very early sunshine, cloud rolled in but did not break at Beadnell until about 2.30; Unbroken sunshine since then. Cool on shore breeze, but with shelter feels warm.
  12. Cloudy this morning at Embleton, but cloud started to break about 11.30, than continuous sunshine from about 2pm. Cool in shade but bit with bit of shelter and in sun felt fine. Still sunny now. No sign of cloud rolling in yet. Much better than yesterday when cloud did not break at all.