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  1. It's been a sucky few days (more so considering it's a long holiday weekend, everyone's confined to indoors). St Johns escaped any snow but it has basically been a raw 2/3 degrees (colder with the windchill and cold drizzle hitting your face) Sat/Sun/Mon with constant gloom, drizzle and fog. Single digit highs under a foggy NE flow is not uncommon here even can occur in spells in June (though be looking a little warmer than 3 degrees) so it's not a huge surprise to see a snap like this. Gander however which is about a 4 hour drive into central Newfoundland really got hit with some ludicrou
  2. Newfoundland is in the midst of a burst of winter Freezing here with the windchill, some parts of the island are being forecast 20 to 35cm of snow! Cant believe the amounts being forecast for the time of year! Down here in st johns its just lots of cold rain with some mixing forecast, fog and biting north easterly wind. Most people off camping too with the long weekend on what is traditionally seen as the start of the summer camping season. Often hear jokes about being snow on the may 24 long weekend, no joke this year for some areas about to be walloped!
  3. No chance of that here even in mid summer but we did break 20 degrees yesterday for the first time this year and I think almost repeated the fete today, setting 2 new daily records in the process, yesterday hit 21.5c beating the old record by a degree or so, just about as warm as you are ever likely to see here in mid May. It comes with high winds though gusting to 50/60kmh so not exactly that pleasant trying to sit on the deck with a beer. Looks a short lived burst of warmth turning cool over the long weekend, probably end up with flurries lol
  4. Winter is hanging on here though it's all very transient snowfall by now, few cm's overnight that melts by afternoon or flurries all day that just melts on impact. Still seeking our first double digit temperature day in March/April (we did actually hit 10 degrees on Jan 31st in a brief warm up with a burst of some rainy moist gulf air), chance it might start to warm up a little bit in the final third of April. Much different to last April though with it's regular days over 15 degrees and even a couple over 20 degrees, last year everything was green and growing by now, this year the grass is br
  5. We had a sunny Spring weekend though snow is back this morning, shouldn't be anymore than 10cm. Spring has been making plenty of appearances here in March, pretty much snow free now all the lying snow had melted, although looks on the back burner this week with frequent flurries and small amounts I doubt it will stick around very long as doesn't look very cold in general (or very warm kind of stuck around freezing to 2 degrees)
  6. Interesting Roger, is a bit like here the snow can come and go and a foot (or more) is always possible in any month from November to April. Overall though we get a lot more snow than Toronto and all of Southern Ontario I suspect. This year February was very good in St Johns for deepish lying snow being present for most of the month, January was actually colder and had a bit more snow (though alot of it came from the 2 foot blizzard which thawed immediately and melted in the following few days) than Feb but had too many rain/mild days that wiped out the snowpack. March well it's almost like sp
  7. Last weekend we had about 100mm of rain over 5 days (most of it (60mm) fell in 12 hours on the 4th March) from the 28th Feb to 4th of March, 72 hours of "pea soup" fog was also recorded in that period along with 30 hours of freezing precip. Was a grim few days! Feels like spring here now though!
  8. I suppose though in general I think they have done well for snow from reports I've read. Toronto last month had something like it's biggest single storm since 1999 and a couple of other decent falls which is better than the pretty much no snow they have got in recent years, I suppose that part of Ontario is not really known for lots of snow.
  9. Does seem the East boar the brunt, I know Ontario did well for snow, snowiest winter since 2007/08. And alot more storms this year effecting NE America this year. Not sure how much more snow this season (had a 100mm of rain the past weekend), the pattern is very blocked for the foreseeable keeping any storms well South of us for a week or so. March and April can produce big storms, the biggest snow storm on record here occurred in April though the long range forecast is for a mild Spring so maybe wont see it this year.
  10. How much did you get in the end? Winter here this year has been more snowy and cold than last year at least in January and February where we recorded over a metre of snow in each month and still alot of snow hanging around now, temperatures hovering around freezing this week. December though was pretty mild and not much snow about, winter overall I suppose will go down as around the historic average, perhaps slightly above for snowfall. It doesn't want to seem to go away without a fight although no real snowfall for almost 2 weeks and none really in the forecast this week so that's a sign it's
  11. The Weathernetwork just relay the Enviro Canada warnings. I find the warnings are pretty good for here, a couple of times I've seen a warning go up almost after it's all happened (to be fair some systems are very hard to predict) but this is rare 95% of the time they do a good job....maybe it varies from province to province. We had another big storm here in Atlantic Canada yesterday and overnight, escaped the worst here right on the East of the island was mainly rain but further West on the island and into Nova Scotia and New Brunswick boar the brunt. Probably didn't get as much attention as
  12. The system named 'Nemo' is finally departing Newfoundland after effecting us here for a couple of days. Gander in central Newfoundland look to have hit the sweet spot for snowfall with 55cm, not a patch on places in America but a very impressive amount from a weakening system by the time it got to these parts, here in St Johns more of a regular type of winter storm with 22cm and a couple of cm's of freezing rain on top. Looks like were in line for 10cm tomorrow to top everything up and not too hard to clean up.
  13. Might never get back, run to the library and burn some books..
  14. I swear only 4 or 5 years ago New York was hit with a bigger blizzard than they're forecast here, or is my mind playing tricks on me?
  15. We had 50-60cm here on Jan 11th last month, there was some hype/talk on TV before hand that 100cm were possible though I think the media likes to go OTT so lets see what totals this storm does actually deliver down there. To be fair though a few spots bit a little further West on Newfoundland hit 70-90cm so they weren't far off with the hype. I must say the city dealt with it really well here, 90% of the roads were passable with care (once you had dug your car out of the 4/5/6/10 foot drifts!) almost immediately after the storm has stopped, even during the storm the plows kept things pretty cl
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