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  1. Snow here and temp crashed from 5 to 1 in a few minutes but no thunder
  2. Football on Saturday should be fine, Sunday morning is netball, they still play in the wind which impresses me, standing water just makes it to slippery and falling on tarmac is not as forgiving as grass in football. Either way it is us parents who get cold and wet
  3. What is the perceived wisdom on cutting the grass in early spring when there might still be sharp frosts to come?
  4. BBC weather graphics (I know) showed a fair bit of falling back edge snow for the n and e of our region tomorrow just now.
  5. Is the main area over the M4 gradually back building towards Bucks/Herts?
  6. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-018-04086-4 My bold but I was wondering how a reduction in heat energy transfer from the tropical Atlantic and Gulf to the higher latitudes might impact on the climate. Specifically has the 'easterly' dominance of the UK weather since February been a result of this? Are we likely to see a highly active hurricane season due to increased energy being retained at lower latitudes? Are things likely to get worse or is there a natural equilibrium, as the energy builds will the current reinvigorate?
  7. I am willing to bet that standing outside on Saturday morning watching my daughter playing football it is going to be a case of 'Man's not hot' Any Sunday evening snow depth forecasts out for laughs at this range?
  8. The stuff coming up through Sussex now - are we expecting freezing rain again later on tonight leaving an icerink in the morning?
  9. 2 days ago next week was predicted easterly, max 5, possible snow showers etc but massive downgrades across the board. I'm calling it winter is over Melt down on the model thread Toys thrown out of the pram Clock is ticking Fat lady has cleared her throat See you all next December Any other
  10. Bbc forecast - will certainly get cold but severity and snow depend on whether main cold diverts to the south....we have all seen that one before, snow on the beaches in spain whilst we just get dry with chilly easterly breeze and a few grains.
  11. Apologies for continuing off piste but it seems hypocritical to selfishly wish for a cold spell that will cause suffering to the homeless and those in fuel poverty whilst simultaneously extolling the virtues of JC on the basis he will do more for the have-nots....
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