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  1. 2018 Arizona Monsoon Tour

    Same boat here. Cheapest I've seen is £1041 return. Driving sounds like fun though!
  2. BA Sale

    Return to DEN from MAN via LHR is £520.
  3. Tour 4 2018

    Hey guys, My 4th chase next year and decided on Tour 4 from Denver. Just wondering if there is a Base Hotel in Denver, like in DFW? Who else is on T4? Excited? Mike.
  4. Thank you

    Shame we missed each other this year. Thanks for everyone on T1 that made it such an unforgettable experience and an amazing adventure. See everyone on the plains next year!
  5. Stormchase 2017 - Chase day 26 TX & Colorado

    Stay safe guys!
  6. Tour 1 - General thread

    Hi everyone, Have just got home, and without a doubt the best tour yet. Everyone on the trip made this memories of a lifetime and I think all of us had a job at the airport not to cry etc. as we went our separate ways. Tour 1 has been amazing, and I really want to say a massive thanks to Paul, Tony, Arron and Nick, some of those core punches were mental. Really looking forward to next year as always, but meantime, hope Tour 2, 3 and 4 are as successful as Tour 1 has been, and stay safe! I'll upload some more photos in the coming days for the forum if thats OK, don't want to confuse it in with Tour 2 threads. Cheers, Mike.
  7. Reports & Pictures Chase Day 10 - High Risk

    Love Number 4 Mark!
  8. Reports & Pictures Chase Day 10 - High Risk

    Another day and another fantastic chase with everyone on Tour 1. Bagged our 7th and 8th tornadoes of the tour South of Waynoka, and ended in Enid, OK with the promise of possible elevated storms by 5am. Also a big one for me, my first EVER daytime still lightning shot. Some shots attached below:- Tornado South of Waynoka (note the debris field underneath the lowering) Daytime double C-G. Ended with this stunner! Also attached my video of the multi-vortex(the fun starts about 2:25):-
  9. Report & Pictures Chase Day 8

    Hi everyone, Fantastic day yesterday. As always, its never nice to hear that just down the road, at least 1 didn't make it. Photos below, ended up with two fantastic night-time lightning shows, and my first successful capture of anvil crawlers and spider lightning! Happy is an understatement. Well played to the drivers and forecasters yesterday who got us safely in place every single time. First tornado less than a mile away Second funnel as it moved away. Second tornado far middle centre in the distance. About 6 miles away. Pretty nice anvil crawler over the hotel last night at 2am... Cheers, Mike.
  10. Reports & Pictures Chase Days 6&7

    One of the Mammatus display from near Groom, TX yesterday.
  11. Reports & Pictures Chase Days 6&7

    A classic supercell today with nice striations, a hail core, some nice lightning and a mesocyclone near Stimmett, TX. This went on to drop 2 inch hail just down the road.
  12. Stormchase 2017 - Chase Day 3 Slight Risk

    One more. Pano of the last storm we were on yesterday.
  13. Stormchase 2017 - Chase Day 3 Slight Risk

    Some hail video of what sounded like explosions hitting the car!
  14. Stormchase 2017 - Chase Day 3 Slight Risk

    Day 3, again was awesome! Biggest hail I've ever seen! We got a brief funnel on a storm that organised for a while near Guthrie, OK, followed the storm got hailed on like hell, burst through and then watched a couple of elevated storms come over with some cool lightning. Moved back to Guthrie and were treated to the backside anvil of the storm before another line of storms slid past us to the North. Ended in Norman, OK. Funnel cloud here to the right...
  15. Stormchase 2017 - Chase Day 2 Enhanced Risk

    Got a video of that tornado too, but best not post till edited - there is a quite a lot of swearing at the surprise when the tornado appeared in the field next to us!