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  1. Hi, Ok, here goes with my 10 competition entries! Enjoy! This was a flipping hard pick! Day 1 - North of Fort Stockton, TX on the I-20 Day 2 - Just South of Amarillo, TX Day 3 - Palo Duro Canyon, Amarillo, Texas Day 4 - Leoti, KS Supercell Day 5 - Perryton, TX Tornado Day 6 - Lightning near Canadian, TX Day 7 - Dodge City, KS Tornado Outbreak Day 8 - Chapman, KS EF4 Wedge Tornado Day 9 - Hail Near Wichita, KS Day 10 - LP Supercell near Orlando, OK Enjoy! Choosing these was hard! Cheers, Mike.
  2. Thank you to everyone who made Tour 2 possible. For those who don't have me on Facebook, this is what I posted, and I think it sums it up nicely: The staff and guests alike make it more than just the pleasure chasing storms, its more like a road trip and fast becoming what feels like a second family, and I love it, I wouldn't change it and I wouldn't have it any other way. Netweather Storm Chase is just the best! Does anyone object to me sharing some photos and videos in the coming weeks from Day 11 - 20 Storm Chases? Mike.
  3. My one from Chase Day 6! I've got one from Chase Day 5 too, but it's in the depths of my computer somewhere! Some epic structure around on Day 6!
  4. What a brilliant day! Never seen structure like yesterday, and my first real clear cut tornado forming in front of my eyes. 600 pictures and an hour of video to go through but caught the birth of the tornado on film!! Let's go again!
  5. Ok, I'll start with one for Chase Day 4 near Leoti, KS. I presume Panoramas are allowed?
  6. Tour 1 booked next year! Can't wait!
  7. The first of us have arrived in Dallas! It's 27C and humid/cloudy. Standard trip to Walmart for supplies and going for top notch food in Aspen Creek! See you later!
  8. I'm not massively in the know about the forecasting here, but I've been watching the MLCAPE map for the last week or so. So am I right in thinking the first few days generally look to be best South and West of DFW, and the around 21st there seems to be massive CAPE from North to South, indicating this high moisture?
  9. Crashlanding, yes I will be. 1200 BA193 flight?
  10. See you out there Robin1306!
  11. looking forward to finishing work on May 13th for #TornadoChase2016

    1. Nick L

      Nick L

      Booked my hotel last night for my first night out there, it's edging closer :D 

  12. 1800 BA flight to Heathrow, direct. Didn't realise there were too flights.
  13. Hey guys, Am on Tour 2. I went last year and had literally the best 10 days of my life, new camera this year and I cant wait to go back. I'm flying the day before on Monday 16th at 1150 from Heathrow, 1550 into Dallas, and back on 28th May at 1800 from Dallas to Heathrow. Looking forward to seeing everyone again, and bagging some more tornadoes! Mike.
  14. sent you a message re. Tour 2 Storm chase.

  15. Hi, I went out to America with Netweather this year for the Storm Chase on Tour 1 and got some amazing shots. I found the camera I had (Fuji S2950) with me, a bit difficult to use for the type of photography. It doesn't have much offering for long exposure, and it was very much a guessing game as to whether I caught lightning on it. As well, photography under the storms where its quite dark, didn't really come out brilliantly. I wasn't able to catch the colours that I was actually seeing, in the pictures. I have a budget for a new camera before I go out to America next May, and am asking for suggestions for a new camera, that is really geared towards photography of storms and landscapes. I guess these are my most important requirements:- Camera that has good feedback for learning to capture lightning withGenerally good at capturing colours in storms well in darker surroundings (under storms)Long exposure (longer the better)Panoramic photography would be beneficial.My current camera is a bridge camera, and I am open towards suggestions of bridge cameras again or cameras with separate lenses. Budget is upto £500-£600 if the camera is a good one. Any suggestions for cameras that are currently used for similar activities would be massively appreciated. Cheers, Mike.