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  1. mikeofmacc

    Tour 1 2018

    Fantastic pictures those. Glad to see everyone had a great time! Not always about the storms, even slower weather days can be absolutely memorable!
  2. mikeofmacc

    Tour 4 2018

    See you at the crown rivers in T5 then!
  3. mikeofmacc

    Tour 4 2018

    Yep, are you both on 11th June 1440 LHR to DEN flight?
  4. mikeofmacc

    Stormchase 2018 - Chase Day 6 - Colorado

    Top notch stream on Facebook. Really clear. Go get em guys!
  5. mikeofmacc

    Stormchase 2018 - Chase Day 3 - WY/CO/NE

    Have fun and stay safe! Caught up with some of the highlights, looks like your nailing every opportunity! Can't wait to get out there!
  6. mikeofmacc

    ESTA Details

    Did you get this sorted? If not, message me, might be able to help.
  7. mikeofmacc

    StormChase 2018 - Chase Day 1 - KS

    Good luck guys!
  8. mikeofmacc

    2018 Stormchasing season all platforms

    Tony Laubach's stream right now is stunning if anyone is around - https://livestormchasing.com/map
  9. mikeofmacc

    2018 Stormchasing season all platforms

    Why is this not happening on a Friday night. 0800 start tomorrow, so hope to see the first few hours tonight before getting some kip! Second MODERATE Risk back to back. Wonder when that last happened?
  10. mikeofmacc

    2018 Stormchasing season all platforms

    So, I feel asleep when the magic happened, woke up this morning and saw Twitter lighting up with videos from near Tescott, KS, Culver, KS and some near Bennington, KS. One looked scarily like that wedge that happened near Chapman, KS on 25th May 2016. Good to see no reports of any injuries too! #LoveKansas
  11. mikeofmacc

    2018 Stormchasing season all platforms

    1.75inch now, to the North of Hays.
  12. mikeofmacc

    2018 Stormchasing season all platforms

    Hail of 1.50inch was recently reported just West of Hays, KS.
  13. mikeofmacc

    2018 Stormchasing season all platforms

    MODERATE Risk issued both days now. 45% hatched tomorrow too now!
  14. mikeofmacc

    2018 Q&A For Tornado Season

    Personally, I always tend to use a DSLR camera, worth spending some money on a decent one with interchangeable lenses if photography is your thing. I used my phone for fast moving shots, say if you just get 30 seconds at a location before the storms catch up. Agree with Mark, that a decent tripod for a digital camera is a must, think mine was £35, and it's pretty nice, my first one was $10 from Walmart in Fort Stockton, and it lasted a couple of years of light use, but fell apart during a massive lightning storm - gutted! Also, make sure your good are covered by insurance, I now use Protect My Bubble and for sub £8 a month, my camera and lenses are protected - which includes damage while away from home and on holidays! Well worth the money! Mike.
  15. mikeofmacc

    Tour 4 2018

    Yep, can't wait to sink that first beer stateside!