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  1. Breif heavy shower in Macclesfield with big convective rain drops about 15 minutes ago.
  2. Seems to be 2 or 3 squall line type features seemlingly setup at the moment across England.
  3. Nice 5% tornado risk in far North Western North Dakota tonight, with 15% hatch hail risk. Wonder if you'll get a tornadic supercell straddling the International Border like the Estevan day in 2018???
  4. One crack of thunder about 5.00pm in Macclesfield from a moderate shower as it passed up over the hills. Some really torrential showers here today, more so than that one, that didn't produce thunder. Strange!
  5. Absolutely oppressive here in Macclesfield now. Big heavy clouds bubbling up as they go over, feels like it might not be long before it cracks now.
  6. Did not expect the stuff South of me over the Welsh border to explode like that at 9am in the morning?! Crazy.
  7. Sure I've just heard a very distant rumble of thunder from the South East here in Macclesfield.
  8. Looking good. Potentially heading out in an hour or so if it holds together, somewhere onto the Cheshire Plains.
  9. Decent storm over between Macclesfield and Buxton just before. One cracking bolt of lightning that made the sheep scatter while I was on top. Might have been a positive bolt.
  10. Light shower here, which I will take until I've been for my run, but rain drops the size of 50p pieces falling. Huge splats as they fall!
  11. heading out after work and a quick run. I'm not expecting to be as lucky as yesterday, but concerns with 3 hours before I can go as to whether it will have all moved out. Hoping more develop later around Stoke Macc way and move out to the NW as its flat out over the plains for me!
  12. Here is the video finally on Youtube of the funnel cloud I saw in Winsford, Cheshire this evening. All 4 minutes or so, including it roping out. It had rising motion about 5 minutes before this from the other side of the cell, and it also appeared to show some form of brief mesocyclone before rapid rising motion and this funnel appearing. Enjoy! Mike.
  13. Can see lightning in Macclesfield too from the Stoke cell every minute or so.
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