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  1. Webcam in Mierlo-Hout near Helmond is starting to get lightning on it now!
  2. Heavy showers over Telford moving our way and bubbling Cb clouds in Macc still here. Maybe a midnight downpour!
  3. Looks like the formation of another trough next week and Dixie Alley could get another round. Looking forward to the days where it's not in the jungles! Nice Kansas stovepipe in long grassy fields please!
  4. Tornado Watch has been issued for TX/NM till 9pm local time now. Something was trying to develop near Silverton, TX but died off. Also a storm with lightning out in New Mexico at the moment.
  5. Also, sounding tomorrow night from HRRR at 9pm UK time, PDS TOR sounding around the Tulia, TX to Turkey, TX area.
  6. SLGT Risk remains tonight. HRRR shows a few decent storms up in the TX Panhandle between 10pm and 1am UK time. Tomorrow night looks amazing from 12z HRRR today.
  7. Looks like a few good chances this weekend. SLGT Risk Friday and Saturday, with 2% tornado risk across TX/OK Friday, gradually moving East this weekend. Wish I was there! Hopefully there will be streaming around.
  8. Moderate snow in Macclesfield now and already a couple of CM and wind making it drift and swirl around a lot.
  9. Continuously light flakes all day here in Macc. 0 accumulation, but just odd stops and starts of snowflakes on my morning run this morning, and still now even. As someone who can take or leave snow, but happily will have it if it does snow, I am surprised at how dry everything is, that wind is stripping the moisture out of everything, and my worry always when snow melts and re-freezes into sheets of ice, doesn't feel like its about to happen. Big fan of this cold dry air, would be lovely to get some snow going now!
  10. Looked like a fairly big one that, sad to hear of at least 1 death already. Tonight shows another MRGL Risk around NE Oklahoma, with a 2% tornado risk. At the moment not so much as a Severe Thunderstorm Warning. Fingers crossed for a less destructive night, than last week! Mike.
  11. Am assuming this is going to clear out later, for potentially more showers/weak storms later.
  12. Wanted to share these finally from the storm over Macclesfield about 1am Wednesday morning. I knew one bolt of lightning was close, but blimey, you can see the beading in the channel after. Guessing its about 700-800m away. Mike.
  13. Just got in after an hour and half watching lightning storms ramp up with crazy anvil crawler and spider lightning, before then dashing back home to close the windows and have all this roll over head in Macclesfield. Storm was elevated to a degree, with only I-C, C-C and A-C lightning. But all of a sudden over head it started firing out smooth and incredibly bright C-G lightning, that sounded like the earth was splitting. Still going on now, and the first lightning could be seen about 9.30pm, so coming up on 4 hours of thunderstorms. Pictures and video to follow but one of the C-G bolts below,
  14. Tower going up West of Macclesfield maybe 30 miles away. Chester away?
  15. Might be a gust front or a shelf cloud that. Doesn't look like a supercell, just a big thunderstorm.
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