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  1. mikeofmacc

    Announcement 14th February

    Excited for this! Loving that pic too haha!
  2. Heavy snow in Macclesfield, turning back to rain now.
  3. mikeofmacc

    Tour 2 2019

    Think mine is 4pm as I go on to Los Angeles from DFW. Looking forward to meeting everyone. If anyone wants to split a room at the Best Western on the 14th-15th, let me know, I could only get a double king, so happy to split costs, if anyone is arriving a day in advance.
  4. Come storm chasing with the Netweather guys, you'll get your fix then! Can't wait!
  5. Still a good coating in Macclesfield. Absolute blizzard just after 7am this morning, probably an inch in the town centre now.
  6. Heavy snow once again in Macclesfield, and things turning white again. Sticking very nicely now. Roads are slushy, could be horrificly slippery tomorrow.
  7. Same here. It was huge 50p flakes at lunch, but very wet snow. Now its moderate dry snow falling, things turning whiter! 😄
  8. Same here, definitely lighter snowflakes instead of large snowflakes and light rain.
  9. Heavy snow in Macclesfield now. Sticking too, roads turning slushy in places.
  10. Turning to snow here from heavy rain. Heavy sleet now as a best description.
  11. Very odd here in the town centre. A minute of snow, followed by a flip back to a moment of rain, all sorts.
  12. Heavy rain in Macclesfield now. Washed away the dusting from last night.
  13. Sleet in Macclesfield now, quickly turning to light snow.
  14. Snow showers in Macclesfield all day, but nothing stuck bar the tops of the hills. Maybe something more later round here?
  15. mikeofmacc

    Tour 2 2019

    Yep, staying at the good old Best Western Irving. Arrive into DFW at 1855 on 14th May. For anyone who is on Tour 2 and arriving a day early, I've booked a hotel room, that has two beds. If anyone wants to split costs for the additional first night, just let me know. Will be around £30.