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  1. Top work, STILLLL sorting my images...
  2. Seen one news report suggesting winds measured at 111mph, I believe that would make it an EF2.
  3. Elevated thunderstorm passed through Macclesfield arouond 6am, several I-C flashes, torrential rain, very little thunder. I'm sure it's just what the people setting up Macclesfield Half Marathon for 10am wanted! Mike.
  4. The last day of an amazing tour yesterday, and we started from Lordsburg, NM and spent the day around Wilcox, AZ with more than 10 monsoon style storms from as early as 12 noon, until about 4pm, when Westerly stable airflow killed off the storms. Ended with a lovely meal together in the Big Tex BBQ in Wilcox, AZ, before an amazing sunset and back to the 108F of Phoenix at 10pm at night! Till next year...
  5. Started the day in Phoenix, AZ, ahead of temperatures reaching a screaming 114F. We headed out to Globe, Safford and ended our day in Lordsburg, NM, where monsoon type storms were forecasted. Ended with a few distant thunderstorms giving lightning off underneath the Milky Way around 10pm. In a great position for Day 10!
  6. No storms on Day 8 of our chase within about 500 miles, so a lazy day around the "pool" and a trip up South Mountain Phoenix for sunset, and then Milky Way. And as I have an unhealthy obsession with cacti, some pictures below of the Saguaro cactus, and the famous jumping cactus!
  7. The storms systems that gave us rounds of supercells, tornadoes and stunning lightning has finally shunted East over Ohio and points East and is just too far for us. Chase Day 6 started from Burlington, CO and headed down past Limon, CO and through the mountains to Aztec, NM via stunning mountain passes and high plains. No storms today, but the scenery was stunning! The hotel in Aztec, NM, The Step Back Inn was an absolute stunner of a hotel with victorian decorated rooms and amazing cinammon rolls for breakfast! Chase Day 7 saw us head from Aztec, NM to the Four Corners monument at the meeting point of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona, before an amazing TexMex lunch at Mexican Hat, UT and then Monument Valley. No storms today, but a great sunset, intensified by wildfire smoke from a fire over near Lake Havasu City, AZ. After dinner we found a pitch black area near to Camp Verde, AZ and did some astrophotography (pictures to follow!). As we decended down the I-17 to Phoenix, it was still 100°F at 11pm at night.
  8. Looks like heading East along I-70 across Kansas, as another chance for severe weather kicks off later today! Stay tuned!
  9. Ignore the above post, will re-post in Day 3. Yesterday was another hugely successful day with us catching another 2 tornadoes in Eastern Kansas not far from Alta Vista, KS. We sat and watched, and timelapsed the meso on a classic supercell spin right at us and plant a tornado in the field in front of us! We moved back to get the structure of this amazing storm, and started doing long exposure of the amazing C-G bolts from the anvil of the storm. While doing this, we suddenly noticed a second large cone tornado about 15 miles away in the storm behind, being backlit by the frequent lightning. This was down for maybe 5 minutes or so that we could see before a third storm came towards us and meant we had to off-road and move back South. Ended the day with yet more C-G's and nighttime lightning structure.
  10. Finally got some pictures of my Nikon below. Timelapses out when I've merged the 2500 photos together!
  11. Morning guys, We stopped at Limon, CO after an AMAZING chase yesterday. Heading East towards Hays/Topeka, KS area for the ENHANCED Risk and another 5% tornado risk! Mike.
  12. What an amazing day yesterday! We started from Burlington, CO with a famous Maccies brekky and then headed North for lunch in Sterling, CO. After 2 or 3 hours of timelapsing turkey towers going up and down North of Sterling, CO, it became apparent, the cap would beat the storms up there. A storm popped up near Wray, CO and started turning South and we bolted South to catch it, and as we approached from the West, it became the most Westerly looking supercell, I think I've ever seen. We pushed towards Yuma, CO and came in on the back of it, but the area of rotation was shielded by large hail. We stopped back from the hail shaft, such was the size of the hail, and we stopped to find hail of 3 inches on the road South near Idalia, CO - the scene of the tornado just 2 days earlier. We blasted South to Burlington, CO and then South again to Cheyenne Wells, CO and were treated to the best classic supercell I have ever seen, and I believe Paul said it was in his top 5. We will all try and upload pictures, but patchy internet at the moment as on the move again!
  13. Morning guys, Overnighted in Burlington, CO after the storm system yesterday bowed out and raced off to the South East. A couple of overnight storms have led to a lovely fresh morning. Still nothing much showing until the weekend down in Arizona, so we are chasing the SLIGHT Risk and 5% tornado risk in NE Colorado today, hoping for structure and lightning, and outside chance of a landspout tornado. Targetting Sterling, CO for lunch. Stay tuned! Mike.
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