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  1. mikeofmacc

    T4 Flights 2019

    Hmmm, ok, looks like alternatives instead of LHR are more than reasonably priced. What is the earliest time roughly that should you be looking at leaving DFW on departure day?
  2. mikeofmacc

    T4 Flights 2019

    Yeah DFW flights are around £830 today return. Who are you flying with Nick?
  3. mikeofmacc

    T4 Flights 2019

    Out of interest, how much is everyone paying this year? I've been looking since July, and the best deals to DFW from MAN or LHR without some 26 hour flight, are only £850 to £930. Usually, they get around £500-£600. Will eventually bite the bullet, but seems a lot more this year to fly to america. Dublin to Chicago to DFW/DEN seems a lot cheaper though, around £530. Any ideas if flights via Heathrow will drop?
  4. mikeofmacc

    Question about tornado sirens

    I remember that! Someone sounded them in the middle of the night by writing some code to hack the system or something. Amazing, that not even this is safe anymore
  5. mikeofmacc

    Question about tornado sirens

    Yeah, there are different rules based on where you are as Paul said. On the Dodge City tornado day, a good 10 to 15 minutes before the tornado physically formed, the radar picked up strengthening rotation as the meso developed, and they issued a tornado warning. Anyone inside the tornado warning box had sirens go off as precaution. So this little town that we were in had sirens go off for a storm that was to their North and moving away, but limitations of the system I guess and better to be safe than sorry. And if you never heard one before, they are really cool, but very spooky when they go off!
  6. mikeofmacc

    2020 Tornado Alley Tours

    Tour 2 booked! Woop!
  7. mikeofmacc

    Arizona Monsoon 2018

    Fantastic shots Nick, I've booked for next year to go to Arizona! Are you joining again?
  8. mikeofmacc

    Storm Chase - 19 June 2018

    Some more photos from yesterday! Tomorrow and Friday now also looking good!
  9. mikeofmacc

    Storm Chase - 19 June 2018

    And tornado sirens...
  10. mikeofmacc

    Storm Chase - 19 June 2018

    Picture of the tornado from today
  11. mikeofmacc

    Storm Chase - 19 June 2018

    Hey guys, Wanted to post some stuff I caught today, so started the thread. Headed from Columbus, NE down the I-80 towards Denver, and got on a tornado warned storm near Hoyt, CO, which put down a beautiful tornado near Hoyt, CO. Will upload more pictures later! Celebratory steak in Burlington, CO. Mike.
  12. Here is my footage from the same event - see what you think, but that was a pretty rough ride, so I am convinced of a weak tornado. WARNING: Unedited, may contain swearing.
  13. mikeofmacc

    Stormchaser Chicken George 12 June Kansas/Colorado

    A small storm rolled over the hotel at 4am and thanks to the warning from Paul, a couple of us dashed out into the layby in the dark next door and got some decent shots. Mine below. The last one sent us running hence the massive overexposure. That made one hell of a bang, gunshot thunder that hit us like a shockwave. Bit of rain and gusty winds and soon after it started getting light! Enjoy! Mike.
  14. mikeofmacc

    Stormchaser Chicken George 12 June Kansas/Colorado

    Watched that storm from initiation just outside of Denver, CO, through to maturity where it was pinging out big C-G's and to it's last bolt from Burlington, CO with a lovely sunset. Some pictures below.
  15. mikeofmacc

    Stormchaser Chicken George 12 June Kansas/Colorado

    Oh George, it will be good to see you again! Safe trip to Denver, we are all partying in the hotel!