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  1. https://www.jersey.com/jersey-beach-cam nice show now, hopefully makes it across to us
  2. You could get lucky, looking at the radar and out the high tech window this first band is coming your way, it's east of me
  3. http://new.dawlishbeach.com/san-remo-lightning-display/ Link to a vid from Dawlish looking east up the Channel to the Weymouth storm at about 2:30am. This show made up for the first cell dying as it got here and then the Plymouth area storm blowing up into a mothership, which missed us but still made amazing strobe affects in the clouds above us.
  4. Just got back from a lok out to sea from the cliffs and the cell south of Sidmouth died in front of my eyes, bugger. Plymouth side is the place to be
  5. just ran outside to look and it's coming, looking south into the channel counted 20 flashes in a min but no thunder yet, hoping for a direct hit
  6. Snowing at sea level, yay. going higher to explore
  7. Great little storm here overhead, loads of flashes, better than the one in the summer. It was sat over us for ages and now slowly moving north up Exe estuary. Got scared and unplugged my new lcd tv, Just stopped raining now after torrential downpour, no hail though very slow moving
  8. http://youtu.be/ksJ2ojZxQ94 couldn't resist a quick chase, missed it really but got a few flashes, nothing compared to over poole way.
  9. This does look good for a bit of early excitement but must not count are chickens just yet, although it is hard when looking at the charts at the mo. here's hoping.
  10. Hello, 00hrs gfs is showing a low moving up the channel to about the isle of Wight and then heading back west to the Atlantic. Seams a strange track to me I'm thinking it is bouncing of off the high pressure which causes it to turn around, anybody think that this will actually happen? but it is along way off yet. Hopefully it will bring some interesting weather to us on the south coast hopefully some snow or at least some on the hills.
  11. temp is 15.3, it has risen a bit as your's did Sorry, reply to nesscottage
  12. 981mb on my station and getting a bit windy, trees are really moving now. 50kt gusts in Teignmouth.