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  1. Yup. In all honestly it looks like it'll get worse before it eases off throughout the night.
  2. I thought the convergence line was due to move south past Edinburgh throughout today? Still plenty of beefy showers lined up for Dundee.
  3. Got a good covering now here in Dunfermline. Roads, roofs, pavements, cars etc all white. Must have fallen in the past 45 minutes or so whilst I was in a meeting.
  4. Rarely post on here, mainly lurk. But looking forward to seeing what this event brings today. I'm just inside the Highway to the Amber Zone here in Dunfermline, at the top end though sitting at 133m asl.
  5. How far south are we reckoning this blob will get before fizzling out? Also, whats with the feature running down the country later on tonight? I see it on the BBC maps but no mention of it at all in the forecast.
  6. The stuff lying outside the now doesn't look like going anywhere as well with temps at or just above freezing for the next few days.
  7. -5 degrees? ice day maybe?

    1. Isolated Frost

      Isolated Frost

      Likely to get much milder this afternoon after the low passes...

    2. StewieEatWorld


      true. i'll rephrase that to, ice day during daylight hours?

  8. there is no way back from hell!

  9. dave grohl for president!

  10. started sticking icicles to the roof of the car... hehe

  11. Mmmmm, Blink 182 confirmed for titp! :D

  12. Lostprophets tonight!

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