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  1. A Big contrast in temperature today and weather type at such a short distance. Whist today at 14.00 hours the maximum temperature was around 30 Celsius in some parts of Paris , some places in London were just 14c. Not very often you see such big a difference, in just over 200 miles. (Gender: Male location Battersea, London)
  2. Excellent runs for those who like cold weather, GFS, UKMO,ICON,GEM,NAVGEM, and ECM, all on board for a period of very cod weather affecting much of Europe starting on Sunday through to the middle of next week, of course things can go wrong so,I will wait until, Thursday for confirmation before getting too excited. The ECM has even got upper of -28 in Russia,now I cant remember the last time when I saw uppers so cold in Europe, amazing if it happens of course, so late in the season. Gender Male, Location: Battersea, London.
  3. Nigerian Prince

    Model output discussion - mid-winter

    That is an extremely cold air mass coming out of Greenland, uppers of -32 to be moderated as it crosses 2000 miles of sea, imagine how cold the temperature uppers would be, if there was an area of land mass between the UK and Greenland.! Gender Male, Location Battersea, ,London.
  4. Heavy snow at Battersea, London, it started about 30 minutes ago,The snow is settling on the roofs and grass, the temperature is 1c and falling, much lower than the 6c and rain forecast here today, the highest temperature today so far was 1.4c,
  5. You are certainly not kidding, with maximum daytime temperature of-13 to -15, and night time temperature falling below -20, with you sharing(Edmonton, Canada) the same latitude has Liverpool, it is nice to know, how the strong mid March sun is having little effect in raising the day time temperature, as the saying goes, if the uppers are cold in enough it will be cold in March, despite the sun`s strength. Location, Battersea, London, Gender Male.
  6. -1.2 now, is was around-3.8 around 07.30 this morning. it just goes to show that compared with the rest of the Country, how we are lucky to live in the South East and draw, the continental air from Europe, the same applies in Summer, for those who like heat. Gender Male, Location Battersea, London..
  7. -2.3 at 22.17, already at Battersea, London. This morning at 0730 it was -2.8, that was the coldest temperature this winter, and provided there is no cloud moving in,this morning is well under way to being the coldest, this winter. Gender Male, Location Battersea, London.
  8. Nigerian Prince

    SE England and EA Regional Weather Discussion

    Sunshine mist and fog is what we had today the temp max around 5, here at Battersea. On my ride to Crystal Palace, I noticed that there was fog at the bottom of the high rise tower, the shard(this could be seen from the top of the hill), but at the top of the shard, it was clear and sunny, so the fog level today was probably about 100 metres. Nice beautiful sunset this afternoon, the temperature is falling fast, it is now 0.7here at Battersea, I have a feeling we will see more widespread foggy conditions tonight. Geder Male, location ,Battersea, London.
  9. Nigerian Prince


    In September 1962, when my late dad came to the England, from the relative tropics of Nigeria, for what was just a few years, he could not have chosen a better time to arrive. lol.. Little did he know that he was about to experience one of the coldest winters in history. The winter of 1962/63, just like the Summer of 1976, has been the benchmark to compare past and present weather. As far as 1976 is concerned from time to time, we get a Summer that tries to challenge it only to be put in the shade, Whether it`s the Summers of 1996, 1997,2003 and 2006, or going back in time top Summers of 1911 or 1947,all these Summers have been put in the shade by 76,has it shines it`s beam, from the top, being the best Summer months(June, July. August).the number 1 since records began. So why was the Summer of 1976 so good, well it was more about the length of continuous sunny days and hot weather, that lasted throughout the Summer months. On this exact day(23Jjune1976)),40 years ago, a hot spell of weather began, the temperature hit 32c for 15 consecutive days somewhere in England. On the 28th of June, Southampton recorded a temperature of 35 degrees, and on the 3 of July, Cheltenham recorded a temperature of 36degrees(35.9, both record highs at that time) The fine hot weather continued until the last week of August. The only thing I remember of the Summer of 1976, was dad saying that it was so such a great summer, incredible that, he had never experienced anything like it.( neither have we since RIP) I was 8 at the time. How time flies so fast. Fast forward 40 years later, what an occasion for the Summer of 2016 to challenge 76, how is it doing so far, well, well, just imagine the Summer of 1976 was human, 76 Summer must be laughing big time at 2016 rather weak attempt to challenge it. Flaming June has become raining June, and with maximum temperatures of 11, and 12 degrees at the begging of this month(June) in Southern England, unfortunately Summer 2016 has already been put well into the shade, I do not need to tell you, that it`s in good company with so many failed challenges, As matter of fact it could well be the case that in 40 year time, despite climate change,1976 could still be beaming it`s light at number1, It wont surprise me at all, but by then most likely I would be 6 foot under. If you have any views about the Summer of 1976, please feel free to express them below. Gender Male Location Battersea, London.
  10. Nigerian Prince

    June 2016 C.E.T. Forecasts

    No 76 by the looks of things, lol, if only we had a time machine to take us 40 years back, yes we can dream on, I will go for 14.5C Gender Male, location, Battersea, London.
  11. Nigerian Prince

    March 2016 C.E.T. forecasts

    I will go for 4.8c, a cold month with episodes of snow, very frosty, dry and sunny in general, that's my guess. Location Battersea, Gender Male.
  12. Nigerian Prince

    Model Output Discussions 18z 31/01/2016

    The very fact that poster are not getting excited, over the current output that the models are showing is a good sign, it shows that most posters are getting more wiser to the fact that in these block set ups, Fi begins at 72 hours, and we cannot fully trust the output beyond, unless we get full agreement at 48 hours. Location, Battersea, London Gender, Male.
  13. Nigerian Prince

    Model Output Discussion - 05/01/2016 18z onwards

    That chart is for next Saturday(16) not this Saturday (9), so what are the chances of it verifying. Gender male, location Battersea, London.
  14. Nigerian Prince

    C.E.T. forecasts for January, 2016

    My guess of all guesses will be 4.3c around average, not much of a guessing risk. Location Battersea, London, Gender male.
  15. Nigerian Prince

    The Seasonal Forecast Thread

    December 2015 A mostly mild and dry to start the month, west to southwest winds dominating, but, around Christmas we could have a cold spell, dry sunny spells with light North winds and frosts, turning milder around the New year Guess Cet 2.5 Janauary2016 A mild start, wet, winds mainly from the SW, then around the 10th my guess is that North to northeast winds becoming established given heavy snow showers and severe frost to the North and West of uk, later on to the East and south will be affected by this wintery weather, has the month goes on the cold will moderate but it will still be dry and sunny and cold Guess cet -2.5 February2016 A dry cold start, but it wont last before mid month there will be a sudden change to mild and increasingly wet and windy weather as several deep depression make their way across western Europe Guess cet 3.5 Reason for my guess forecast For 2 years now the jet stream has been very strong over western Europe. This summer we did not have a break from the jet stream, my guess is that this will come around January, when we are likely to have a colder spell of weather, cold spells in December are becoming less common now, obviously 2010 was an exception, I think given recent history they are less likely to occur in February, but we can take comfort from 2012 another 200 miles east and we would have had a very colder spell of weather, cold spells of weather in February maybe less common but they are not impossible. What are the professional organisations forecasting. Meteo France are forecasting for a ( l hiver standard,) average winter with mild southwest winds dominating throughout, they do not rule out a 3 or 4 day cold spell with snow during this period. This is similar to what most long range forecast are forecasting, net weather`s forecast is interesting, just like mine, they are expecting a cold spell of weather in January and only time will tell if we are right, but I think forecasting record breaking warmth for February is risky, despite climate change record breaking weather in an given month is not as common as we think. Gender Male, location Battersea London.