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  1. Nice sunny day here wall to wall sunshine in London, not a cloud in the sky all day long, so what happened to all that cloud that was forecast just today, we just had a beautiful sunset here ,so no sign yet of any cloud. The temperature is falling after peaking at 6, now at 17.16 is 4c. Gender Male Location Battersea London.
  2. Really! Have you ever done physical sports in South East Asia? OH, how lucky we are to have such nice a climate in the UK. Location Battersea. London Gender Male.
  3. The ECM has been very persistent with the northerly in F1 that's 4 or 5 runs now, of course still a long way away this does not mean it will be right, but those who are warm/hot weather fans should be hoping the evolution is dropped in the next 2 or 3 days. The evolution of low pressure to the west moving over the UK and transferring east to allow, cold north winds south. Location Battersea, London. Gender Male.
  4. I am sure some parts of the world are baking, look at North West Russia, Moscow up to 35, the other day and still experiencing a heatwave at 30 today,, but so far this June it is just not happening here, pay back time for the record warmth in February,the fine warm weather during March and April, and the mild winter with the lack of blocking to the North and East ,now we have blocking galore at these places, As the saying goes, " Nothing good last for ever". Location Battersea London. Gender Male.
  5. The temperature this morning at 8am was 12 , it is now 10, very wet today cold, I felt cold on the bike, just like a normal winters day. Certainly June 2019 is no flaming June , more like cooling June. Location Battersea London. Gender Male.
  6. Well, not the start to June some people on here were imagining a few weeks ago, words like flaming June were commonly used on this forum, is more like cooling June. looking at the models for the next few days. The main problem northern blocking anticyclones that some people were dreaming of seeing in the Winter months, (dreams come true lol) have now arrived with vengeance since May. In fact, there has been a lack of anticyclonic development to our North for a while,. unfortunately experience shows that once this pattern persist it is very hard to change, lets hope we get out of this pattern by mid July, otherwise baring a few warm /hot days, the summer of 2019 might only be a success for potato growers, or umbrella sellers. Gender Male. Location Battersea London.
  7. 4.2C 50MM precipitation. Mild start but especially after mid month a greater chance of colder weather coming from the East. Gender Male Location Battersea, London.
  8. Yesterday the tendency for the models was to show a more north to northeasterly flow, how this has changed in the models to a more east and south east flow come Thursday and Friday, with high pressure to the north much stronger, than of yesterday, I think the Ecm would be different from yesterdays 12z, with a tendency to build stronger highs to the North, Gender Male Location, Battersea London.
  9. A Big contrast in temperature today and weather type at such a short distance. Whist today at 14.00 hours the maximum temperature was around 30 Celsius in some parts of Paris , some places in London were just 14c. Not very often you see such big a difference, in just over 200 miles. (Gender: Male location Battersea, London)
  10. Excellent runs for those who like cold weather, GFS, UKMO,ICON,GEM,NAVGEM, and ECM, all on board for a period of very cod weather affecting much of Europe starting on Sunday through to the middle of next week, of course things can go wrong so,I will wait until, Thursday for confirmation before getting too excited. The ECM has even got upper of -28 in Russia,now I cant remember the last time when I saw uppers so cold in Europe, amazing if it happens of course, so late in the season. Gender Male, Location: Battersea, London.
  11. That is an extremely cold air mass coming out of Greenland, uppers of -32 to be moderated as it crosses 2000 miles of sea, imagine how cold the temperature uppers would be, if there was an area of land mass between the UK and Greenland.! Gender Male, Location Battersea, ,London.
  12. Heavy snow at Battersea, London, it started about 30 minutes ago,The snow is settling on the roofs and grass, the temperature is 1c and falling, much lower than the 6c and rain forecast here today, the highest temperature today so far was 1.4c,
  13. You are certainly not kidding, with maximum daytime temperature of-13 to -15, and night time temperature falling below -20, with you sharing(Edmonton, Canada) the same latitude has Liverpool, it is nice to know, how the strong mid March sun is having little effect in raising the day time temperature, as the saying goes, if the uppers are cold in enough it will be cold in March, despite the sun`s strength. Location, Battersea, London, Gender Male.
  14. -1.2 now, is was around-3.8 around 07.30 this morning. it just goes to show that compared with the rest of the Country, how we are lucky to live in the South East and draw, the continental air from Europe, the same applies in Summer, for those who like heat. Gender Male, Location Battersea, London..
  15. -2.3 at 22.17, already at Battersea, London. This morning at 0730 it was -2.8, that was the coldest temperature this winter, and provided there is no cloud moving in,this morning is well under way to being the coldest, this winter. Gender Male, Location Battersea, London.
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