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  1. Makes interesting viewing watching that main bands trajectory. Looks way East of where it was predicted? Seems to swinging North West somewhat as indicated by your helpful arrow. Some of us could be in luck if the precipitation does not die out.
  2. Temperature 0.2 °C Dew Point -1.6 °C Windchill 0.2 °C Humidity 88% Heat Index 0.2 °C Apparent Temperature -2.9 °C Solar Radiation 0 W/m² Evapotranspiration Today 0.006 in THSW Index -2.2 °C Temp change last hour -0.6 °C UV Index 0.0 Cloudbase 717 ft Rainfall Rainfall Today 0.32 in Rainfall Rate 0.00 in/hr Rainfall This Month 0.52 in Rainfall This Year 24.02 in Rainfall Last Hour 0.00 in Last rainfall 2017-12-11 16:11 Rainfall Since Midnight 0.32 in Rainfall Last 24 Hours 0.32 in Wind Wind Speed (gust) 10.0 mph Wind Speed (avg) 2.7 mph Wind Bearing 313° NW Beaufort F1 Light air Wind Variation (last 10 minutes) From 303° To 344° Pressure Pressure (sl) 991.91 mb Rising quickly 1.39 mb/hr
  3. Precipitation has just intensified unexpectedly near this area. Nice to see greens on the radar suddenly appear out of nowhere.
  4. I think I am right in saying that these temps are for the city centres, which due the urban heat shield are usually 1-3 degress warmer than the surrounding countryside.
  5. Temp is currently 5.3 degrees here, which is several degrees higher than forecast(believe it was 3 degrees). Dew point is currently 1.6 degrees. So unless we get a sudden drop in both, I would suggest that anything falling out of the sky is likely to be A sleet/rain mix. The showers seem to be dying out before they reach inland as well.....Looks like we will have to be patient in this area, for these expected showers in the afternoon. Hopefully the temp/dew point would have dropped by then!
  6. Looks like the second cold front has just passed through was very very gusty here, driving rain. At 11:10 the Temp was 9.3 degrees. Dew Point: 7.2 degrees Wind Chill: 9.1 degrees. 10 minutes later at 11:20, Temp is now showing as 7.8 degrees, Dew Point: 5.4 degrees, Wind Chill:5.4 degrees... Quite a drop in 10mins!
  7. Probably the simplest explanation. Water may sublimed to the surface, gathered in a crater and frozen. A very interesting feature nonetheless.
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