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  1. Heavy drizzle here, sea fog yesterday. Really has been the complete opposite to what most of the country has been experiencing. On the plus side we have only had one warm night that I can recall this year
  2. Yeah it’s been a case of what heatwave up here although there have been some pleasant days so not all bad. All the Cape around the country today and look at what is forecast here
  3. Not everywhere in the north we have had nothing here not really been hot either, struggling to break 20c with all the cloud around over the next few days
  4. Remarkable differences in temperature also. 14 degrees forecast in my back yard and 35 on the south coast. Crazy
  5. Some torrential rain here with hail mixed in . Had thunder and lightning earlier also
  6. This charts has the potential to be very thundery , pressure dropping and heat pumping up from the south.
  7. Here comes the heat on the ECM we really are overdue a heatwave in August
  8. To much energy to sustain the southerly flow in the Atlantic but time for that to change.
  9. Wow that is some serious heat heading our way on the ECM
  10. Well after my whinge yesterday it’s turned into a cracking day here, kids bugging me for the paddling pool out always a good sign. Also it’s my day off work
  11. Bring back spring this summer is getting worse . The 6z Gfs is dire things can only get better
  12. Nice thunderstorm here plenty of lightning and thunder rain was very heavy for a few minutes
  13. Humidity has shot up here ,looking good for the north east in the next few hours could be some fireworks
  14. Hasn’t cleared at all here for a week, bring on a change in wind direction
  15. Are you kidding me we couldn’t manage this in blooming winter, should be some big showers ,hail and dare I say it for high ground...... no I don’t
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