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  1. Skies have exploded here in the last hour plenty of lightning just to my south hopefully will push a little further north
  2. Lightning just to my North good start to the day although is doesn't feel remotely warm or humid
  3. Had plenty of Hail/snow showers today no rain or sleet as the BBC keep saying. I'm right on the coast to. Nothing has settled air temp just to high here but noticed when at work that the Cleveland hills were white over. Half a chance of a dusting tonight if showers are heavy enough.
  4. Had a decent snow shower here just now started to lay but soon melted,air temperature just to high here at the moment. Plenty more showers to come tonight and dewpoints dropping away as the night goes on you never know there could be a dusting in the morning
  5. Hail showers on and off here this morning with some snow mixed in hopefully better tomorrow
  6. Agree PersianPaladin I don't have a clue why the met office/BBC are forecasting rain/sleet at lower levels and near the coast. Dewpoints below freezing and 850 of -8 to -11 are easily enough surely for snow
  7. I know what you mean doctor32 the met office forecast is dry baring a couple of hours on Friday here, but already wrong been raining for a hour here nothing heavy but rain none the less, hopefully will start to turn more wintry soon
  8. Why I'm commenting on 144hrs, I'm not saying it can't develop into something better later on but we have lost the really cold uppers due to what transpires at 144hrs, like I said more runs needed
  9. ECM is not looking to good at 144hrs the low hasn't sent enough energy under the block and our arch nemesis the azores high has pounced cutting of our cold flow, more runs needed but a potential spanner in the works
  10. If anything I think the ECM at 96hrs is even further West with the pattern, cold air spilling out of Scandinavia into the north Sea by Monday, this is getting very interesting now, just need the low to disrupt against the block and it all fun and games from there.
  11. ECM are 240 hrs is simply stunning, with the Gfs and ukmo looking just as good. We are due some luck this winter that's for sure, deep deep cold is knocking on the door again for continental Europe can we tap into it properly for the first time this winter.
  12. Snowing heavy here settling on everything , wow white out now and a good covering
  13. Dusting here this morning, main band still to come will it be rain or snow to close to call
  14. Touch and go for early hours of the morning with the mild sector moving on every run. A few miles will make the difference I think it will start as snow turn the rain then back to snow on the coast, inland areas will fair a little better. It is baltic out there in the wind really looking forward to working all day in it