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  1. A new trend imergeing a stronger cut off Icelandic high??. We will see
  2. UKMO looking like cutting of the high around Iceland just need that Scandinavian low to get a move on then it's game on
  3. I see overnight runs have resolved nothing very tricky set up for the models that why verification stats are dropping for the Northern hemisphere. In these cases often not always the UKMO is the one to follow. Anyone got the verification stats for the new GFSp it's like a dog with a bone with bringing the cold west
  4. The GFS looks strange,wouldn't surprise me if the ECM flipped the other way tonight those heights drain away to quickly on the GFS in my opinion. If it did end up panning out like the 12z GFS shows it would be desperately unlucky
  5. The 18z is very close to being spectacular here. There can't be many times the Atlantic has looked like this in November. The Atlantic looks like it has given up
  6. Raw is the word I would choose to describe the east coast next week. Looks like the pub run is going to deliver again here deeper cold coming into Scandinavia and destination Greenland with the high I think
  7. Don't worry matt it's having another go at a Greenland High at the end of the run. This could be a repeating patten over the next few weeks
  8. The pub run is going to deliver a monster north-easterly here. The cold coming into Scandinavia is something to behold
  9. Maybe all irrelevant if that low phases like on the ECM but that cold pool coming West looks better on this run -8hpa much more widespread. Blocking looks a certainty but doesn't guarantee the UK anything as CreweCold says small things will have big impacts from here on in.Great watch none the less
  10. Dusting of hail here this morning not melted from the overnight shower. Nice to see and wets the appetite for what's I think will be a memorable winter
  11. Amazing pictures there cloud 10 especially given the time of year
  12. Heavy hail shower here at the moment mixed with rain. Feels raw outside
  13. seabreeze86

    Report Climate change ipcc

    The fact that man thinks they can control temperature astounds me. Way to many variables and as weirpig says more questions than answers.