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  1. Wow constant lightning out at sea the most constant I've seen in this country for years giving a amazing display
  2. The second trigger getting going now for eastern and North East England hopefully as active as the last and doesn't miss me by 10 miles
  3. That cell heading towards Catterick has exploded would love to be under that right now some crazy rainfall rates showing up
  4. Nice thunderstorm just passed though frequent lightning and torrential rain first direct hit in ages. Some great folk lighting and loudest thunder I've heard in a while
  5. Skies are looking very convective here towers going up and big rain drops randomly falling. Cape is over 700 so anything that goes up could go thundery
  6. Still no rain here the hills are thirsty tonight nicking all Redcars storms again
  7. Hopefully, they seem to die away quickly over the Cleveland hills
  8. Bone dry here so far somehow hopefully the next cell won't die before it gets here
  9. A couple of lightning strikes here and loud thunder. About bloody time
  10. Got to be a new record here temperature hasn't dropped below 22c here overnight, astonishing
  11. Yeah me to almost constant must be a hell of a storm that, more forming to the south of it Northumberland looking the place to be at the moment. Hexham about to take a direct hit
  12. Yeah I saw that but they have changed now and to be honest this is a now cast situation, think we will be very unlucky not to see anything
  13. From what I've read on various forecasts the parameters for the storms to break out haven't arrived here yet so no panic YET
  14. Carlisle looks like it will be hammered in about a hour. As for us further east everything In place it's just a waiting game at the moment.
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