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  1. Better team won. England will never have a easier chance to win a major tournament
  2. Yes I’ve noticed that I don’t recall the trees in our local park being this bare this late into spring
  3. Unreal isn’t it , melting fast as you would expect now but probably one of the best falls in spring ever here
  4. Unbelievable here we have measurable snow here. A few CM on cars and a covering on every surface. To the wood we go
  5. Heavy snow falling down to sea level and settling on April the 11th absolutely bonkers
  6. Some decent snow showers here in the last hour or so not settling as you would expect at 3pm In early April
  7. WTF last April I had the paddling pool out. Will been some brilliant skies if this where to come off convection galore
  8. Felt tropical outside today compared to what we been used to. Took the kids for a ice cream probably only 10 degrees but felt 20
  9. A bit , it’s the biggest crossbar I’ve seen in a long time Snow still falling lightly here
  10. Yeah it’s so close if it had come a couple of hours earlier would of been a direct hit
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