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  1. Exactly don't get how it's being allowed to be released to the public it clearly states in the achieves that it's just about in the top 5. Still a a great summer just not record breaking
  2. Hottest summer on record I'm sorry but Summer ended here about 6 weeks ago. 1995 was far warmer here. Record from may to July I could believe but August has been average at best.
  3. 12c here feels like November by far the worst day of summer. This summer after a tremendous start has fallen of a cliff in the last couple of weeks here. Hopefully we will get a settled September
  4. seabreeze86

    Premier League Discussion

    City not even out of first gear a non contest, meanwhile a proper football match taking place at Burnley, poor choices of live matches this week by sky in my opinion and just realised they lost la liga not impressed with that
  5. December 2010 by a mile for me,thunder snow and the most amazing frosts I have ever seen. Remember clearing snow of my car with a sweeping brush on many mornings.
  6. Short sharp heavy shower hear now, been a humid day not overly warm did well to dodge the rain this morning places further north look like they got a soaking
  7. seabreeze86

    Spain weather

    So the European record is safe for another day it looks, the Spanish and Portuguese records if I'm not mistaken have not been broken
  8. Me to feels like October today bring back the heat and the lovely sunny summer
  9. Still raining here could be some big totals by tomorrow,lightning has eased right off wouldn't rule out more storms though
  10. Wow wow wow never seen anything like this for years constant folk lighting torrential rain and hail Amazing stuff
  11. Huge storm heading my way can here the thunder already need it to stay heading north looks a beast on the radar
  12. Raining heavily again now here looks like a convergence line setting up
  13. Some decent storms this morning nothing to severe but plenty of thunder and lighting and plenty of rain, convection getting going again now, could be some fireworks this afternoon
  14. First really warm day here today 27 degrees here felt so humid but pouring with rain again now. Been glorious here but never to hot, but the sun amounts have been tremendous can't remember a summer as sunny as this one