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  1. You know the weather gods are laughing at us when thev -20hpa over the Northern hemisphere resembles the UK
  2. I did Steve thought I was seeing things that weren't there when no one else posted about it
  3. The Russian high beginning to show its hand slowing the westerlys down and disrupting the jet, with low pressure already over Europe could be our route to cold if the Canadian vortex won't bugger off
  4. How did it come to this, 3 days ago beast from the east and now bog standard winter fair, back to chasing Fl surely we can't keep getting this unlucky
  5. Don't panic everyone the CMA still going for it, seriously though this could go either way if the UKMO looked like the ECM they I'd be very pessimistic, massive 12zs later
  6. Right stop it GFS now it's getting to good to be true, I'm going to be a nervous wreck in the morning watching the ECM come out. I agree with northwestsnow I just hope it's not showing us what we could of had
  7. Well at least the 18z is sending us to bed happy what a bloody chart this is. Heavy and persistent snow showers coming in of the north sea
  8. GFS still going for it as others have said a stronger Arctic wedge of heights helps us a lot here. Let's just enjoy this run because anything could happen on the morning runs. But I will say this the ECM always has a wobble before a easterly let's hope this is it
  9. That is a amazing chart for us coast dwellers, showers tend to get stuck on the coast in that type of set up
  10. Todays favourite model is the CMA , to be fair it has been quite consistent
  11. Think people are jumping the gun here let's get the important time frame currently 120hrs to 164hrs down to 96hrs before we start worrying about precipitation. Get the cold in and the snow will come Edit just seen the GEM it's done a complete 180 from yesterday
  12. Great start to the day the UKMO improves and the rest start to align to the ECM, there's going to be variations but if we get the the Arctic and azores ridges to link we are there. Probably 12zs Saturday before we no for sure
  13. JMA goes for the daddy of sliders, the Atlantic meets our very own piece of the polar vortex