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  1. Spring has arrived is Costa del Redcar up to the dizzy heights of 15 degrees and about time. Rest of the week looking gorgeous is our region.
  2. Crazy the difference in temperature although I've known it be 10+ degrees colder in Redcar in summer than Middlesbrough on many occasions
  3. Temp really struggling here only 8.6 according to my thermometer expected it to be warmer than that with the hazy sunshine.
  4. Another poor spring day here struggled up to 7.4. Longing for some proper warmth now or even some settled weather. Come on summer sun make it happen for us
  5. The thaw has taken place, looking forward to some decent spring weather I hope although the GFS seems to think it's still winter. Need our old enemy the azores high to get its act together. Then bugger off again mid November
  6. According to the total precipitation on netweather radar, Cleveland and parts of Teesside have had the joint must snow falling in the country.
  7. Good covering here hard to measure as it's drifting all over the place probably average a couple of inches. It's piling up a quarter of the way up my back door crazy and still coming down
  8. These showers are getting more and more intense wouldn't be surprised to here a thunder and lightning soon
  9. And many of the showers fell when the ground was still to warm earlier , starting to accumulate now though, drifting most be a major issue on any exposed roads
  10. We sure are, tremendous showers now some decent accumulations expected if this keeps up
  11. True our yellow warning is the south's red warning
  12. Why are we not in a amber warning but places further south with much less intence showers are. Seems a little odd
  13. We were, you are about to be batterd in Darlo loads heading your way
  14. Showers starting to clump together now so should give longer spells of snow, a decent covering now with more to come, what a winter this had been
  15. Blizzard like conditions here at the minute snow blowing all over the place