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  1. Was a bit hasty this morning saying everything had thawed still covering on grass and patchy cover elsewhere. Wind has died down so thaw has slowed and the hills look white over. Great pictures glad to see others faired better
  2. All the snow that fell In the night has rapidly thawed, the wind came in off the sea that's what killed it for me, still the snow around 2ish was very heavy and was worth waking up for. I bet places just a couple of miles inland like Guisborough has at least a few inchs
  3. Started as rain here but has now turned to snow setting on all surfaces not much depth but I'm right on the coast
  4. Just in from work catching up with the thread, can barely contain my excitement, I'm doing the Mrs head in she knows fine well I will be lamppost watching all night. I see Geordiesnow has popped in and had a mini ramp for the north east which gives me confidence. Somewhere in our region is going to get hammered tonight
  5. Light snow here now can't see it lasting long but setting easily
  6. Showers getting further and further East didn't expect them to even get as far as they are doing
  7. Our best chance in the east of the region looks overnight when a trough pushes though should enhance the shower risk, also a weak weather front is shown on the fax charts so wouldn't give up hope. Them greedy pennines
  8. ECM going for a big push from the azores high possibly turning into a Scandi high with the low already into mainland Europe, very interesting cold air already in place this time so if it gets going will be much more difficult to displace At 192 we have a easterly unbelievable
  9. Snow showers forecast in North East England and Scotland nothing to get excited about but the chance none the less. Really has been a strange few days of model watching don't think we seen the last of the swings yet but deep cold remains out of reach for the time being IMO
  10. Premier League Discussion

    Sure is Crewecold the lack of urgency is something your rarely see at old Trafford. Players confidence looks shot, eversince we parked the bus at Liverpool we haven't looked the same side. Anyway Everton next then Derby hopefully put on a better performance as I will be there
  11. Not looking bad for us if the band does not fragment to much, Dew point still at -2, North York moors should do well from this,not expecting anything special here a temporary covering will do for me.
  12. Boom snowing lightly but really big flakes, no wind whatsoever is really helping us right on the coast
  13. First test coming up to see what will fall from the sky uppers at -6 but hopefully the surface cold will help out, Dew point still well below freezing, heavy shower heading in my direction
  14. Still -3.9 here at midday very impressive for this part of the world. Met office must be expecting a big temp rise for there to be a wintry mix from any showers. Dew point still -5 What a useless met office warning ice already formed it's like a ice skating ring out there
  15. Decent little snow shower here has left a dusting, it's crazy how easy it is setting with only light snow