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  1. Probably. I can see cumulus clouds building to my east, probably over the Pennines. Apparently the convergence is strongest up here around 6-9pm.
  2. Today could see quite a strong convergence zone lining up on the Pennines, with them drifting slowly westwards, this won’t happen until late afternoon/evening if it does so.
  3. You’ve got more intense showers near you again according to the radar?
  4. 2017 into 2018 has been so close yet so far for here. I hope the storm season will be better, and this is a one off ?
  5. Nope! Convective weather removed us from the moderate risk. Surprised metoffice haven’t cancelled the warning yet and applied one to the south coast.
  6. Meh cant believe the SE looks to get it again, when it wasn’t really forecast at all!
  7. Really needs to get going up here. Met office have been blind to the storms in the south. If they get to the midlands, then Estofex had the best forecast!
  8. Still heavy showers going up west of the region too so I think we still have a good few hours.
  9. He was the most pessimistic yesterday too - haha. At least someone is getting something anyway.
  10. I guess if it’s still west, we still have a chance further east still, even if it’s later. ots still 19.6c here, and the humidity has gone from 50% to 61%
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