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  1. That’s a narrow streamer and a half formed!
  2. Hail and sleet this evening. BBC weather seemed to think chance of snow to lower levels tonight and tomorrow.
  3. Wind was awful last night, woke me up around 3am. Quite a streamer through the Mersey estuary and through the Cheshire Gap this morning.
  4. I’m in newton le willows and can see the ice in the rain.
  5. I actually don’t know. I’m surprised it’s sleeting as the air temp is 3.2c. I thought the milder uppers are here until morning, but Chris said earlier that as the wind isn’t off the Irish Sea yet, the uppers won’t matter as much. it started as pure rain, but can see the ice on the conservatory roof. It’s bouncing down too.
  6. Big bits of sleet coming down here
  7. Thanks, I was just intruiged.
  8. Haha same! 3c-8/9c then down to 3c again all in 8 hours!
  9. Sorry, as to why the 850’s won’t matter as much?
  10. Why is that Chris? I’m curious
  11. 1c drop in last hour or so. The -5c isotherm doesn’t seem to be coming back over us until 6am?
  12. it’s about to hit us and it’s 5.7c. No way it’ll be snow
  13. Don’t even understand how there is even a sniff of a risk of snow for most places in NW England except the very tops, it’s 6c here, way too mild for frontal snowfall. We aren’t even in the ‘mild sector’ yet are we?
  14. This wintry spell was no where near the let down that was last month’s, but still a little disappointing. Looks like tonight will be rain away from hills too, and even the strongest winds will be south of the region.
  15. Just been reading on the Ireland forum that showers in the NW of the region are starting to turn to sleet and rain.