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  1. No not soar, just making a valid point, you're post was inaccurate & I don't see the need for your somewhat childish reply either. Edit : oh and maybe you missed the lol at the end of my reply as well, as I'm a little bit of tounge & cheek. Jeez I like snow as much as the next person who browses this thread but I ain't going to lose any sleep if I see snow or not, I have far more in life to worry about that but having you call me a bit soar kinda makes me think you in fact would be if you missed out on the white stuff.
  2. Just had very intense rainfall here in Weston, absolutely pelted it down!
  3. Could have done with the rain an hour or so ago, might of helped put out the fire quicker at the tropicana in town, gutted that's gone up in smoke, glad nobody was injured though
  4. Well this is the hunt for cold model thread isn't it so I don't see any problem with that in the slightest & I have no idea why you you feel the need to moan about posters who are using this thread correctly!?? Seriously, did you confuse this model thread with the main one or what?
  5. What you call a bore fest I call a great outlook, perfect autumn weather in that gfs run, I've had enough of the wet and windy weather for the time being
  6. Gorgeous day out there today, the sun is still plenty strong enough to feel very warm out there, bit cooler in the shade but I'm back to wearing shorts out, won't be doing that after tomorrow though by the looks of it.
  7. Not a fan at all of this windy weather, in fact I hate it so I hope the settled spell arriving early next week is still on, haven't had find to browse the mod thread yet today to see.
  8. Ended up looking out the window just after 11 just to see if the moon was visible and yeah sods law it was.
  9. So the weather decides to really take the mick by giving numerous clear patches around here since around 9pm but it remained cloudy to the south east, god damn it!
  10. So bloody frustrating, we had clear blue skies yesterday evening, right now we have a cloud sheet with no breaks in sight. We're going to have the longest blood moon ever seen this century and the good damn cloud is going to ruin it by the looks of it, unless it becomes more broken in the next hour or so. Sometimes I really hate the weather!
  11. Sods law the long run of cloudless skies had to end today with a total lunar eclipse occurring tonight which by all accounts is going to look spectacular, if you get to see it that is!
  12. Smartie

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    No doubt this post was tongue and cheek (enoji is a dead giveaway lol) but can't say I found it amusing, wasps are in serious decline already and if they disappear our ecosystem is in serious trouble, less insects to pollinate will impact food production etc among other impacts, it really wouldn't be a laughing matter if it ever happened for real!
  13. Smartie

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    Boohoo, there's just a few months out of the year where real heat is possible and I'd rather not waste those months on cool or average temps, we have all of autumn, winter and spring for cool, cold or average temps. Rain is needed for farmers and wildlife though so I hope we see some of that rare commodity falling from the sky but I also hope we haven't seen the last of the heat this summer. Heat and widespread thunderstorms would be good.