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  1. Don't think the far south will be in the game on this one, not with the charts I've seen posted in the mod thread, plus that lp shape is too rounded so it'll just pull up warmer uppers from the south. Happy to be proved wrong though.
  2. You talk as if those who want to chase cold and snow at this time of the year actually control the weather, they don't! So if you end up having to go out and interact with that freezing cold weather then how about morning at the reason why your out there, be it the outdoor work you voluntarily decided to take on or whatever else the reason is your out there, that ain't the fault of those who want cold weather all the time. If its gonna get cold for Easter then oh well, in that case I hope its cold enough for snow again as cold rain doesn't float my boat, I'd like nothing more then some spring warmth now but I don't look like getting any of that anytime soon going by the models.
  3. Right that's me done, can't stay awake any longer lol. Good luck to those further sw in Devon & Cornwall, think you've got plenty more to come yet.
  4. Oh and it's really belting it down now, I soo need to sleep, especially after last night's snow watch but I'm glued to the window!
  5. So cool zooming out this radar to see the main snow action is all in the far South and south west, just a little bit on far west coast of Wales and up in NI.
  6. Yep sane here, took an age for the heavy precipitation to arrive but it's been here for the last hour or so and still going with bright yellow echoes on the radar still to hit here. Any tyre tracks on the road are soon disappearing on the road outside
  7. A white Easter I hear could be on the cards, damn never thought I'd ever say this in a million years but I could end up being bored on snow if it keeps turning up with such regularity
  8. Everything is white again and still coming down although not as heavy.
  9. At last, heavy snow has arrived, small flakes but can't complain.
  10. Very jealous, zilch here so far from this band moving west although the heavy precipitation is so good damn close.
  11. Couldn't make it up could you, weather gods don't like Weston tonight although there is a large area of heavy precipitation directly easy of us, if that holds together then it can't miss.... Unless of breaks up and reforms as it goes past lol
  12. I'm just about to give up on this band delivering anything meaningful here.
  13. Tell me about it, I seem to be in a void free of precipitating, so far this band coming in from the east hasn't delivered diddly squat at the mo.
  14. Snap, people might start to mistake me for a zombie by monday morning when I'm walking around half asleep.