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  1. Got sleet here,. Could be good later when the temps drop even more.
  2. Good forecast on points west, very high chance of showers being of snow overnight and not just on high ground either, just need the showers now lol
  3. So what's the bet I'll be able to replicate this image using my car with all the snow that's gonna fall during this week then. Place your bets (I'm guessing I have a 0.01% chance, that's better than none at all in my book lol)
  4. We've had sleet and snow showers from a w/nw wind before (I can remember driving round chasing the showers that were streaming in off the bristol channel) it all depends on where that westerly originates from and next week it' coming from a very cold source and despite the sea track over the Atlantic the models are still showing some very low upper air temps over the uk (for a w/nw wind!).
  5. Would have thought the M4 was the leat of our worries, the welsh mountains will be I expect but it wouldn't surprise me if all the parameters are right for snow, upper air temps, dew points, low thicknesses etc at times during next week, the question is will there be any precipitation around at the same time.
  6. What a depressing miserable bunch we have in here tonight lol. Even Ian f mentioned on the forecast that the north westerly is going to very cold for a wind from the nw (as in more colder than usual for a nw pm flow, can't remember exactly his words but it was something along those lines) The models, especially the gfs is showing some unusually cold uppers coming in from the nw, this doesn't look like your typical pm flow from a north westerly.
  7. Wouldn't surprise me if the S word gets mentioned, after all that does look to be some very unusually cold upper air coming in on a North westerly, very strong winds too which will push showers well inland.
  8. Oh really, post the video up on YouTube as proof? I've been out a few times today and it feels god damn cold out there, especially in the wind. Short weather it ain't!
  9. How about you back up your predictions with some chart analysis as to why any easterly will fail before months end as without them as far as I'm concerned you could be looking at tea leafs to come to the conclusion you have!
  10. Yeah, powdery snow, the sort that gets blown about in the wind and doesn't melt on impact, has been years since I've seen that here.
  11. Ah, that explains why we haven't seen that member from Greece on here, anyone remember him, he used to 'like' every single post that talked about mild weather for the uk lol.
  12. And some people act like the south west is the worse place to be for snowfall, in some battleground scenarios it can in fact be the best place to be!
  13. That's why I was determined to stay awake and watch it falling last night.
  14. Been sleety here for a while now but was nice to see the heavy snow earlier, easily the heaviest snowfall I'd seen since 2010.