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  1. Considering how much rain we've had since way back at the start of autumn I'd snap up that chart with open arms because it'll be dry!!
  2. Agree 100%, some just seem to like being pessimistic, the glass half empty attitude but as you say, where's the fun in that & chasing those cold charts is all part of the fun, for me anyway but thank god for the ignore list on here hat's all I can say & I'm certainly making use of it lol
  3. With that kind of negative attitude why do you even bother looking at what the models are showing, genuine question??
  4. Being an animal lover I find your comment utterly disgusting to be honest, having seen many news reports on koala's being found with horrendous burns, crying out in pain in one video i saw while a caring person was trying to treat the burns with cold water that reduced me to tears, sadly it had to be put to sleep as the burns were too severe to heal. It's an absolute tragedy what's unfolding over there with 10k being said to have perished in the fires, that's not a situation to be making fun of is it by talking of koala's being microwaved, these poor animals are suffering terribly & I don't find that funny in the slightest
  5. With all the rain many parts of the uk have had since early autumn & with the ground absolutely saturated I doubt many want what you do, I certainly don't, this dry weather can keep on going, we seriously need to dry out! Not to mention I'm seriously sick & tired of constant rain lol.
  6. Just had one hell of a thundery shower pass through here with the largest hailstones I've ever seen came down at the end of the shower, I had to run back in the house from the garden as they were painful striking you!
  7. Yep Dec 81 delivered big time here with about a foot of level snow (got some old photos lying around somewhere which showed how deep the snow cover was) & I'm at sea level just a few miles from the Bristol channel coast, the upper air temps were only around - 3/-4
  8. https://youtu.be/hSsMIyTS13k Terrible Bush fires unfolding over there, for both people & animals, watching that video was very hard, especially hearing the poor thing screeching in pain. Not all angels have wings & the lady who saved that poor koala certainly is one!
  9. Was certainly sleeting when I parked up to go into the dentists, some very large ish wet flakes falling, came out the dentist half an hour later and back to plain old rain with the occasional sleety bit hitting my windscreen on the way home.
  10. Good ol rain down here at sea level as expected, good to see so many people seeing snow though when it's not even winter yet!
  11. Just a heads up but for people like myself browsing this forum on a phone, the mobile layout doesn't display any location info below your profile pic.
  12. I do hope someone checked for hedgehogs hiding under all that before it was set alight!
  13. Well for the last two winters I haven't needed to! Although I'm sure anyone out there who likes seeing snowy scenes would be more than happy to drive up to higher ground to see it if it was rain down at sea level.
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