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  1. Is it poor for the UK? I can see his point re the US though.
  2. Well if you liked that update the correct one for today is even better as that is yesterdays update still. Here is the correct one. UK Outlook for Wednesday 2 Jan 2019 to Wednesday 16 Jan 2019: Through the first half of January, there is an increasing likelihood that colder weather may begin to dominate with a greater chance of seeing east or northeasterly winds. Should this occur, then wintry conditions are possible in eastern, southern and central areas with western parts of the UK staying relatively drier. Though should any Atlantic frontal systems try to make inroads western areas could also see some snow. Although signals suggest that a cold spell is the most likely scenario in early January, the extent and longevity of the cold weather is uncertain. Wet, windy and mild weather may still be possible at times. Updated: 01:26 on Tue 18 Dec 2018 GMT
  3. UK Outlook for Wednesday 24 Jan 2018 to Wednesday 7 Feb 2018: Through this period the unsettled weather will most likely continue, with rain, showers and spells of strong winds for most. While confidence in detail is relatively low at this stage, it looks as though northwestern areas are likely to see the strongest winds and most frequent spells of rain, with southern and eastern parts perhaps seeing somewhat drier conditions. However, there may be some more settled weather in between weather systems too, bringing an increased risk of overnight frost and fog. On the whole, temperatures are likely to be close to or a little below normal, however as is often the case spells of rain will bring milder temperatures, followed by colder interludes. Hi Gavin, I think this is the most up to date forecast from the Met Office.
  4. I am not sure that they would be commenting on something in these updates that is yet to happen and would they comment on the results of this thing that has not occurred yet at this stage anyway as they don't know what the results of this possible event are yet.I don't think the dice have been picked up yet.
  5. Could well be but nothing excuses some of the posts. It was similar to a few weeks ago when the likes of Tamara and others were also subjected to similar odd comments. I guess as you say some members just find it hard to hear news that does not fit with their expectations, it really is odd.
  6. Lets try and keep them all, now if some of those who started posting such rubbish this afternoon feel the need to leave well then that's another matter. They may be Trolls, bored or even over tired after staying up late last night, I am not sure what the problem is but it is all a little odd!
  7. Really, the big hitters as you call them add much to this community and help us learn. Far better than having to read this kind of post. Some of the comments this afternoon have been odd to say the least. Surely everyone's views are welcome, we all breath the same air after all. I for one hope Ian does continue to post and anyone else offended by the stupid comments this afternoon that do not represent the views of the majoirty of members.
  8. If you click the link Dances with wings provided the forecast is now available. Provides an interesting comparison to the other long range forecasts seen so far.
  9. Not wanting to prolong this but he does have a point Shedhead, your original post shows the same 1st Feb chart for the GFS and ECM as the Meto and GEM chart that he is using as an alternative to your own view. They are not T+ 192 charts that you posted.
  10. Not aimed at this one post but to most of those that have appeared in the last 10 minutes or so. As someone who is still learning I wonder how so many can be so sure the GFS has now predicted our weather for the next 15 days correctly. With this model due to be replaced shortly I would think caution is required. Am I missing something here, is the replacement model an upgrade of an already effective computer model, or a replacement for one that now struggles, the reasons for which are beyond my understanding. I think it is the latter.
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