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  1. Happy St Paddy's day!
  2. Last day of winter today. I blinked and I missed it!
  3. Only cold rain here. Nothing wintery about it at all
  4. Storm damage quite widespread down here in the east coast.
  5. I'm a regular visitor to Wicklow especially in snow starved winters. It's 40 minutes away from me thanks to the M50!
  6. Svalbard!
  7. Snowed a bit earlier, but soon turned to sleet, then hail and finally rain. Absolutely baltic in that wind too. Love this time of year, shame that I had no lying snow for the 7th year in a row though! I need to move house... Now, just to tell the wife and kids...
  8. So why post it then ?? :-) Tomorrow was always going to be the day that we could see some action. It's bitterly cold out, I enjoy that as it is, and for a bloke who hasn't had lying snow since 2010, I'll take snizzle all day long!
  9. Snizzle all morning here, nothing sticking or lying anywhere. I'd say Wicklow may get a nice covering out of this!
  10. Pretty normal winter weather over the last 15 years, 09 and 10 excluded. Maybe I'm just too flippant. Sleet falling here now, very lightly!
  11. RTE radio earlier mentioned hail and rain for low areas of the east from Friday onwards through to Sunday. It surprised me somewhat, as I hadn't looked at charts for thje last couple of days... Then I saw the hires... The cold just isn't avected westward enough, despite a decent pattern. Fear not though, there's moves afoot to bring a HP cell over Greenland! 9'Clock news weather on RTE said wintery showers on the east coast, especially on high ground on Saturday... Hedging bets there!
  12. As you say, hard to judge, but align that with ECM and we potentially have quite a robust wee cell develop there. With the jet and Atlantic all very quiet, it's very plausible. Also, with the PV relocating to our north east, this has a lot of that dreaded "P" word... Potential!
  13. Strictly not model related, as I am not quoting any particular NWP or any particular run, but overall, this has the feeling of a rather special term of weather from a cold lover's perspective, and I feel that we are on the cusp and precipice of something remarkable. My reasoning? I've seen the various models display predictions like this before and with supportive shows by the MJO too... It's all just too good. It just has too strong of a likelihood. I'm beginning to switch my attention to lamp post watching at the weekend.... I'll enjoy this for what it is... The beginning of a cold spell! Have fun all. Hope you squirreled your nuts away!
  14. Wild wild day. Love a bit of exciting weather! Personally, I'm really looking forward to the end of the week. As I said loads of times, no lying snow here since 2010 and this will be my best chance. Streamers should at least see some snow. And who knows, any disturbances closer to the time could bring more widespread precip! Fingers crossed!
  15. Nail on the head as usual Nick. I think the rattler throwing may come from a bit of 'my back garden' weather, and the vagaries of each 6 or 12 hourly run... The posting of GFS precip charts from T-96 or 120 is one of my favourite chuckle moments..."Look, it's dry now, 6 hours ago it was showing a dump of snow"! It will come with time and experience to all, meanwhile encouragement and explanation will help the less experienced!