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  1. A few pockets of snow left here, on the trampoline, and in shaded areas. Loved last night. Good luck to you all tonight, while you're lamppost watching, I'll be watching the trampoline take off down the road!!!
  2. Mostly melted here! Kids were upset... secretly I don’t care, I got my fix! 😂
  3. Ah lads, I’m over the frickin moon! First lying snow in 8 years. Couldn’t wait to bring the doggy out and he was bewildered by it all! It’s a wonderful feeling. I’m having a can of cider waiting for my wife to come home after her fix!!! Love it! Happy snow folks! Hopefully it will last until the kids wake tomorrow! That’s my only gripe, would love to play with them in it! But I’m over the moon tonight!!! YEEEEHAAAAAWWWWW!
  4. It snowed for about 10 minutes, but nothing settled. Back to damp roads and snizzle! I would chop off my right hand (and we all know what that means) to get lying snow and to be able to bring the dog out for a walk in it...
  5. Cold damp night now, no settling snow and everything wet. Sounds like you lads are having the craic up there! Deadly!
  6. Just need it to stick now! Stopped snowing after a heavy enough shower there, heading home which has slightly higher elevation, might be enough for it to stick!
  7. It’s actually f****** snowing!!!! Not sticking, but big fluffy flakes!!!
  8. It has sleeted a good bit, which is nice to look at, but it’s not sticking anywhere here. I’m in work which is probably about 5 m asl...
  9. That is just beautiful. Drying up here now. Not even rain, hopeful for this evening still!
  10. It sleeted here for about 10 minutes, back to rain now!
  11. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    For what it's worth, I don't expect any sticking snow until tomorrow after dark, the lower air temps then will help, maybe some sleet up to then. Expectations now at 90% for lying snow. Highest I've had since 2010.... By the way, I was 110% back then! :-)
  12. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    Euro 4 is decent alright, yet aperge shows it as all rain/sleet outside the N and NW. You can just feel the strength of the force Luke... The force of the Dublin snow shield! A nuclear winter may save our weeble, especially with Trump and Nth Korea acting the goat again!! :-)
  13. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    A truly magnificent idea!
  14. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    So Monday night into Tuesday up to Wednesday early hours we will have snow opportunities. The storm track is not nailed yet. I'm happy with that. Confidence 85%.