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  1. Thursday to Monday was just glorious down here. Yesterday and today are a bit cooler, but mostly dry. Very useable weather. At least it's not low single digit temps again! We were walking don a hill at the end of my road last Sunday evening in shorts and tee-shirts and my wife remarked, that 5 and a half weeks ago, we were tobogganing down that hill all wrapped up in driving snow! Mental turnaround. If only our climate were more like that all the time eh?
  2. Enjoy the incoming weather all, it could be our summer!!
  3. You see? Dublin has it's advantages!!! We had 18 degrees today, 17 yesterday and 19 expected tomorrow! It's just lovely! I wore shorts today!
  4. Was it not nice today? Was lovely down here today, windy but warm and sunny!
  5. Indeed. Just like the Scandi/Iceland highs that have been a constant since January! Of course these can set up for a couple of months at a time, and then re-set again. If anything the most recent season has told us, is that anything is possible in weather!
  6. Nothing recorded on the Netweather Sferics map for anywhere in Ireland. Mad.
  7. Signs from day 7/8 onwards that a warm up is on the cards. My heating boiler finally packed in after being patched up dozens of times, so need a warm up very soon. House feels damp and cold!
  8. So looking less likely that we will go uber cold Easter weekend. Just chilly and wet with some wintery stuff, especially on higher ground... A bit away from warmth of spring!
  9. I like weather extremes, so not pushed either way, a bit of warmth would be a welcome change though!!!
  10. Hi knocker, have you got a link you can share where you’re getting those satellite images from? They’re exceptional quality. Thanks
  11. Nearly all melted now. What a fantastic spring time this was for us snow starved east coasters!
  12. Same here! Seriously heavy fall of snow and a few inches in the ground! Lovely
  13. What do you call an English man with a bottle of champagne today? A waiter! :-)
  14. Just back from the kids match this morning, absolutely baltic out and a few flurries of graupel!