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  1. It's a "trop" for a start. Sorry if that sounds smartass. It's short for troposphere.
  2. Not that it won't happen, nobody really knows. But I urge caution on the GFS precipitation charts, they are renowned for mad stuff!
  3. The real point is, before I actually do log out for a couple of days, is that the SSW has happened. It most probably will leave us with HLB's sooner rather than spring. We lost out this time. That's all. Hope "springs" eternal!
  4. Now that is nuts. I don't think I've ever seen a chart remotely like that, unless a 4 year old with hand tremors was drawing scribbles on a map!!!
  5. Looks like a link up is about to happen in FI between Atlantic and Arctic high.
  6. It's not very clean, you could be right though. The NWP are all over the place at 72-96. I mean more than the usual subtle changes. Usually happens during SSW's but they normally converge at 96-120. This is the worst I've ever seen for our locality on the planet...
  7. Nuts. The amount of inter run changes are just bananas. Like the polar vortex! I'm taking a break for 2 days. Only looking at the charts in hi res for Monday/Tuesday.
  8. I'm afraid the pub run shows little difference in the Gin corridor. However, it shows enough to make me watch the next few frames. I was hoping the ICON was going to lead the way. It's very early in the run, but I'm not hopeful of it following the ICON at this stage, we'd have needed earlier pressure changes.
  9. The most important part of that (IMO) is the vague link up of heights in Atlantic and Arctic. The shortwave is weakened in the GIN corridor. Now to the GFS. If we can see a repeat, it will almost be prophetic... Or will it be pathetic?
  10. Aperge Hi Res not going for snow.
  11. So 22 hours ago I raised the concerns of what was about to follow. The pub run pulled the rabbit out of the hat last night by inflating the arctic ridge... Who knows, as this is still knife-edge stuff, maybe tonight's 18z will do another magician's job on it. It's very early in the run, we'll know by T-72. But if by tonight, it's still the same, we'll look to round 2! Ding ding!
  12. And what I like about it, is less pressure in the Griceland area meaning arctic high link up is more possible.... Nice spot!