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  1. Could be in for some wintery fun and games on Easter weekend.
  2. Was mentioned on RTE weather after 9 O'C news just now too!
  3. Feel like I'm talking to myself in here lately!!! A squall line passed through earlier today, temperature went from 10.0 down to 3.5 degrees in about 5 minutes, and in the heaviest fall, there was snow and hail in the mix. It's wild out there now! ECHO echo echo echo echo....
  4. Big nasty looking storm heading our way Wednesday/Thursday.
  5. Very interesting developments over the last few runs, Greenland HP maybe on the way! A last bite from winter?!
  6. Was just coming in to say that. GFS 12z showed it and it peaked my interest a bit, but ECM showing height rises to our north at the tail end of it's run has drawn me in again!! Something to keep the mind busy with a hobby and away from the doom of modern life!
  7. Gorgeous day out there today! 12 degrees and blue skies. Kids out playing in the garden for the first time in an age! I love snow and cold, but that is priceless!
  8. Just back from Dublin mountains. Raining here when we left and returned but blizzard conditions up there. So cold the lads wanted to go home after 30 minutes! We got the snowman built and a good bit of sledging done, so 3 tired but happy kids (and parents!) and I got my snow fix! Amazing pics from up north lads, well jel!!!
  9. Sleet here, not sticking, we’re away to higher peaks for fun!!!
  10. Right, tomorrow is planned. We're rising early, and if the snow (as expected) hasn't given us enough to play in (my lads are snow starved) then we're heading to higher climates and we're building a snowman. One of my kids has special needs and we're exempt from travel restrictions, so we're going to build a snowman!!! Best of luck to the rest of you about to get buried, enjoy it and I want pictures!!!
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