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  1. Not even rain here! No precipitation at all. It’s flippin freezing out though and feels very raw in that wind! Dublin snow shield fully functional again!!!
  2. But that’s a February chart, at least 3 weeks until the start of spring... ???
  3. Mournes being in east Ulster, sorry for being pedantic, but west Ulster and Donegal got plenty of snow today. Small accumulations apparently. Met did say showers mostly in west...
  4. There were showers in Ulster today, wasn't there? And it was that cold I'd imagine there was wintery showers somewhere. Anyway, it's supposed to get down to -4 tonight. Think I'll keep the dog in!
  5. It’s fierce windy out there right now, waiting in the school to pick up the young lad and there’s branches down everywhere and the flag pole is bending and fierce wobbly!
  6. Met Eireann now calling a countrywide Orange alert for tomorrow's storm Brendan. Wouldn't be surprised if it's red on parts of the west coast by tomorrow.
  7. I recorded just shy of 17 degrees today on my weather station at 3.30 this afternoon. 16.85 to be precise. I'd imagine there will have been records broken today for January.
  8. It's an awful looking set of runs over the last few days. Even suggestive height rises are gone next run! The towel is in hand, the boxer is on his knees!
  9. FI on the midnight ECM brings hope! Height rises in the right places! I know it’s 240 away, but that a couple of runs now where ECM brings an easterly tease with a few adjustments that aren’t too inconceivable!
  10. Nothing new to report in the semi reliable and into FI on the midnight runs from GFS and UKMO With a powerful SPV residing to our north.
  11. Time for a break from the model watching. Happy Christmas to all fellow weather geeks! Hopefully we’ll get some eye candy in a few days time when I return.
  12. Well best of luck to you all. I'm off to bed after a horrible day in work, I'm working all over the Christmas period, so wishing you all a very merry Christmas...
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