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  1. Good grief. Mid October and you have to do this already. We will need a John Bercow "ordeeerrrrr" tab at this stage. Nothing to speak of that has changed too much now. Autumnal for the foreseable is the safe bet!
  2. No let up in sight now for Autumnal weather. Westerly driven wind, rain and cooler temps for the foreseeable future.
  3. !00%. It was a Cat 5 hurricane only a few days ago, nobody could be sure as to how much it would weaken with it's unusual nature/path etc. They were spot on to warn
  4. Heavy rain setting in now and wind picked up also. Nothing of note yet.
  5. Pretty standard Autumnal fare for the north east of the island. Plenty of rain and high winds. That's it really. Thankfully the storm is dissipating now and it's a good thing, as there would have been widespread loss of life if it maintained it's strength of yesterday! It won't really get going until this evening for the eastern part of the country too.
  6. I'm aware that's an anomaly chart, but +16 is pretty remarkable. Will it last for a couple of months though? Highly unlikely!!!
  7. Indeed. This and Ophelia are strikingly similar in terms of origin and direction of travel. But bizarrely the first of their kind!
  8. Your story and mine are so similar. I was in Bray Co. Wicklow in the middle of Charlie and our car got stuck in flood waters. We made it back to north Dublin by nightfall, but I was so overwhelmed by the strength of mother nature, I've been a weather addict ever since. Oh, except I was 14 at the time!
  9. ECM makes little of Lorenzo regarding our island. It loses strength and veers eastward before reaching our shore. I'll follow NOAA on this though. They are the best resource IMO
  10. https://imgur.com/8beDzSx Ouch! Cat 1 Hurricane winds there!
  11. Great images knocker. I tend to stick to NOAA for hurricane tracking, so don't really know how successful these are. Can you advise?
  12. Also funny enough... I'm just sobering up now! I hate alcohol!
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