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  1. More yellow rain warnings for today too. What a sodding month August has turned out to be. Still, could be trying to post in the Louisiana thread!!!
  2. Maybe for the regional threads? We're probably only going to see 20/22 degrees max.
  3. Noticed that today, showing the MetO warnings for NI. Probably not before time!
  4. Hope you're all keeping well folks. Strange times. We seem to be edging out of the storm somewhat, but I urge you all to stay the course and stay apart as much as possible. As an island, we have done quite well with this. Unlike our 2 neighbours. As MS said, amazing spell of weather which made staying home easier, but alas, the Atlantic is having a say at the moment, maybe next week (and the farmers won't thank me for this) we'll see a return to warmer and drier weather.
  5. You'd hope so, but the lack of flight data....
  6. I'd nearly prefer a 2 week bout of heavy snow, hail, thunderstorms, hurricane force winds and ice, to keep everybody home!!!
  7. One of my favourite topics after the Christmas Day runs always show snowmageddon! Flight data! Thanks for posting.
  8. Bit of snow this weekend could make entertaining the kids in the garden easier!
  9. a wee question is flight data an issue here?
  10. @mountain shadow Maybe some interest for us on the east side of the island next weekend?
  11. 3am here this morning, snow bucketed down! Didn’t stick in the slightest!
  12. Indeed, we need a few 20+ days to kill off this covid 19!
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