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  1. Hi knocker, have you got a link you can share where you’re getting those satellite images from? They’re exceptional quality. Thanks
  2. Nearly all melted now. What a fantastic spring time this was for us snow starved east coasters!
  3. Same here! Seriously heavy fall of snow and a few inches in the ground! Lovely 😊
  4. What do you call an English man with a bottle of champagne today? A waiter! :-)
  5. Just back from the kids match this morning, absolutely baltic out and a few flurries of graupel!
  6. Rain was incessant, heavy and caused lots of flooding here, stopped in the wee hours of today. Rotten weather!
  7. Up until this winter, I went 8 years without lying snow on the ground. Please don't begrudge us!!!
  8. Early days, but some real potential again day 6/7/8 from now!
  9. If outlier is the criteria for binning a run, then certainly, both ECM and GFS need binning!
  10. Anyone else fancy beast number 2?
  11. Beautiful crisp day today, about 7c for the most part under blue skies and little wind.
  12. I saw it too, I think we're just all exhausted after the last and absolutely fruit filled chase!!! Going to leave the models for another day or 2 and then come back. Have to remember what my family look like again!
  13. Practically in the Mediterranean today, temperatures got up to 7.5. Very little snow left at lower levels here, but parts of Wicklow/Kildare are impassable still. Flooding and water system problems are the latest issue!
  14. Me and you both brother! I thoroughly enjoyed this event, though quite short lived, it was very memorable! I'll still pop into the MOD thread into summer and here from time to time, as we generally do stay-cations so need to pick out the Spanish plumes for camping!!! But I reckon we will see a huge downturn in traffic both here and the MOD thread.