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  1. Looks like the end is nigh... A more late summer Autumnal type of weather approaching from midweek onwards with a cooler regime What a fantastic year of weather 2018 has been so far.
  2. I thought the pot stirrers were only out in force in the winter months... I was obviously wrong. These charts are July, not August for a start! The rest of the post is just poppycock!
  3. Especially us, more west of the S/E England gang here!
  4. Am away on the jolly-days with no wifi so haven't been looking in depth at the model outputs. That said, from what I have seen, we won't have thunder storms in the next week or so and we won't have any real heat. In fact, I'd say we'll do well to hit mid 20's anywhere in Ireland this week. The SE corner may grab a glimpse of that, but nowhere else I'd say. If I'm to hedge my bets, I'd say our drought conditions will be called off by the end of next week and the hosepipe ban rescinded!
  5. Looks like we'll be on the cooler side of that intense heat they're expecting in SE England next week, and I'm kind of thankful for that. I mean, I like extreme weather, but I would fail to function in any capacity in over 35 degC. That's something you need to become accustomed to IMO. We're kind of on a knife edge in regards to what sort of weather we'll have as we're a lot closer to the trough than England, especially where I am now, in SW Ireland. PS, it's gorgeous here, virtually a clear sky all day, into the low 20's and sun shining while we played beach games and swam. Best country in the world when the sun shines (and when it snows heavily.)
  6. So it looks like this cool down and dampness will be short lived, Azores HP nudging up into the south from about the 20th bringing settled and dry weather with warmth again!
  7. Wouldn't say Wednesday will be considerable rain. Maybe a few showers, but certainly not considerable. Next Tuesday's predicted breakdown, becoming less influential as per this evenings NWP too. Maybe my trip to Kerry might just be a Riviera type event!!!
  8. Amazing output. I could quite easily live with this more "continental" style climate that we've experienced since February. To be honest (and getting back on topic) the lack of history of such climactic occurrences in our locality, will most likely mean the NWP will struggle to get effective predictions (re: path of ex hurricane) as it always will try to predict the route through our S/W door up to our N/E exit. This is a long way from being resolved. If it does go over our northern shores and not effect us too much, I really do think we will start to see a much more mention of the words "climate change" by meteorologists on the public media channels. Hugely interesting times as a weather enthusiast and hugely interesting MOD thread reading. Thank you all!!!
  9. Potential change for just after next weekend as TS Chris exits the CONUS east coast. It's track is uncertain and most recent runs suggestive that it will run over the top of our islands. This is certainly something to watch as this week passes. Hopefully it doesn't disturb our current quiet jet stream pattern too much as does a quick route and dissipates. I'm off to Kerry at the start of next week for a few days, so will be hoping for a continuation of this magnificent weather!
  10. Very worryingly, this drought is set to continue. I love this heat, as its so rare, but don't let my plants die!!
  11. So more good useable weather on the way. Actually, a drought on the east coast is a real possibility if the high pressure programmed to take hold, actually does! Some glorious weather on the cards now. Looking forward to it again!
  12. It's to cloud over a bit and not be as warm, but still very nice in general. The worst weather to hit by Wednesday/Thursday by the looks of things. Still, a glorious week and a bit of glorious weather. My BBQ is worn out!
  13. What an absolutely fantastic week here on the east coast. my ideal weather (maybe could have done with a serious thunderstorm to really perfect it, but I won't be greedy!) 2 claps of thunder and a mini sheet lightning still filled my senses! A bit of a return to Atlantic midweek to come but still warm nonetheless. Love being off work for it too!!! Hope all you guys have enjoyed this unusual bliss! I know the west and south of the island did less well, but at least it's still warm??
  14. Muggy, sticky, humid. Love it. The unusual weather is what grabs my interest. And it's glorious!