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  1. Hello strangers.... Some very interesting weather here today, Heavy downpours, thunder and lightning, interspersed by brilliant sunshine. Localised flooding in spots for a time, but quick to dry! Looking to do some outdoor spray painting, so need some dry, calm and warmish high pressure to move in soon, looks like next weekend may be a let down, that was my next window of opportunity!
  2. That was extended to county Kerry also, barely a strong breeze here in Dublin, while less than 100 miles away they're getting blown out to sea!
  3. Ditto. 2pm, got very dark overhead, then a squall it bucketed down snow in very strong gusty winds and a couple of flashes of lightning, then a hail shower from hell. Then a sleet shower. Then beautifully sunny for the rest of daylight!
  4. Just above freezing here now with a hard frost to come. Still snow on the grass and verges.
  5. Chucking down huge flakes here and trying desperately to stick.
  6. So the transition to a more seasonal air mass is complete on Saturday. After the last few days it will feel positively Baltic!
  7. 00z out to 168 in broad agreement with 06 run and possibly heights to Greenland and maybe a cross polar flow from the Pacific side incoming. Cold start to March if it’s transpires!
  8. No towel chucking from me. Those charts on ECM from 192 onwards in the northern hemisphere view are quite potent, with a few little tweaks, we'd be staring down the barrel of an Omega block.
  9. Had that today, I'll be digging out the shorts this time next week! Absolute sh1t3ball of a winter, especially after all the promise. My kids want a holiday to Greenland to make up for my false promises!
  10. I mean, in any other winter, you'd look at those and say, "wow, there's a real prospect there!". Not this winter sadly, it's been one of so much promise, and too many emotional hang-ups! God help us addicts.
  11. One of the GEFS runs out to 384 is quintessential straw clutching!!! Love this forum, really do!
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