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  1. First windscreen frost clean since last Spring... Love it!
  2. It's that time of year, when us coldies crack the crust off Autumn weather NWP and start digging... Enjoy it lads and ladies.
  3. Was going to suggest that knocker, so glad you (a) posted it and (b) agree with me.
  4. A serious amount of rain here all morning, gone by mid afternoon. A few trees down locally, but nowhere near as bad as Ali. More heavy rain here tomorrow morning too!
  5. Met E issued Orange warnings for west, south and east coasts for Friday AM.
  6. Yep. As the eldest fella says "on it like, a car bonnet"! Started this week looking at the far reaches of the GFS for heights growing north of us at months end. I have nothing to report of any excitement yet!
  7. Many thanks Sebastian. Good education for some of us.
  8. Indeed, and a belter of a few days ahead with 21 degrees expected on Wednesday! Luvleeee!
  9. Hi knocker, your lack of posts is kind of worrying! Hope all is well.
  10. Pretty wild morning here on the east coast, plenty of structural and trees damaged. Phoenix park closed. I'd have enjoyed the wildness a lot more if I wasn't working!
  11. Can anybody explain to me why the various NWP have been signalling for Atlantic storms, seemingly all from the same hymn sheet, then dropping them as they get closer? I mean, Sunday's storm was flagged by all NWP a couple of days ago, and now nothing. Seems odd. I know there must have been some signals, but to drop them pretty simultaneously is intriguing!
  12. Potentially same track. Wind strength, maybe not!
  13. Tallaght??? Mind your wallet!!! Are we all set for Helene?