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  1. Try finding a site near to you from this site :- https://www.wunderground.com/
  2. It has been snowing in Hadlow Down (East Sussex 500ft ASL) since 9 am this morning but there is very little to show for it. Temperature has recently risen to 1.6C with DP of +0.4 and now it is snowing heavier than at any point today and it is starting to settle :-)
  3. Thunder and lightning here, accompanied by very heavy rain, within the Uckfield, Heathfield, Crowborough triangle in East Sussex.
  4. I am trying to follow the model output and I use the model output times posted here http://forum.netweather.tv/topic/72242-model-output-update-times/. However several of the mosels mentioned in the posts are not listed for example JMA, GEM, NOGAPS etc. Any chance of an update to the post above please.
  5. I see lots of disgruntlement in the Winter Model Discussion thread about posts going off topic or asking questions about IMBY and I understand exactly the reason why people get cross with such posts. I also find it most distracting when trying to follow the discussions about any particular model output. However I do not believe telling members not to do this will have any impact whatsoever. In fact the history of the thread, whenever any snow threatens, confirms this to be the case. What these members need is education on where to find the answers themselves. So when someone asks when a certain model runs, will it snow in Bristol etc etc the published reply from the moderators needs to direct them to where they can find the answers themselves. I know that will create extra work for the moderators in the short term but it will reduce their work long term whilst at the same time educate all those members trying to understand where to find the informatation they desire.
  6. I often view the forum through the Safari browser on my iphone but I have seen references to a netweather iphone app. I have searched the itunes store but cannot find it anywhere. Some guidance would be appreciated.
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