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    blues/rockmusic playing guitar sledging with the kidults at first snowfall.

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  1. It's been a long old snow watch night for some of us, with just floating flakes blowing around but at long last I'm into the main snow band. Snowing heavy now yeeeaaaa
  2. Been under moderate showers for the last few hours and been getting steadily heavier and blowing sideways in the gusts.
  3. Just woke up to have a peep,my word aim glad I did really heavy snow.Lets hope this is a streamer set up out of the blue
  4. Just looking on the 3hr radar returns, looks like the snow showers will come in line with se London area about 9.30, for those who have missed out.
  5. i must be a snow nut,, set alarm for 4oc and woke up just now.Wow most heaviest persistent snow so far
  6. Here we go! First moderate snow now. Been snow blowing in the wind very lightly before then.Looking forward to some streamer convection,do very well out of them here in swanley
  7. Heavy snow now for the last hour, not far of an inch of snow on the decking now.Wow!with another 2 hrs to go yet!
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