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  1. Been avoiding the book of face all day, as don't want to hear or see any of the Whitney negativity. I thought she was bloody great. And that's all that matters to me.

  2. Hold on, why am I seeing RIP Whitney Houston? I'm scared to go further down the page. Please tell me I'm dreaming. OMG

    1. Cloud 10
    2. wimblettben


      Yet another great singer who has passed away at such a young age.

  3. I'm beside myself. Lettuce! Not Whitney, the way I feel winded right now. There are no words.

  4. I'm so excited. That is all.

  5. I just remembered years ago when my daughter was very small I asked her what country her Dad comes from (just one of those test questions we ask them you know) and she replied "Peckham" hahaha oh dear. Don't worry she knows very well really.

  6. "Mummy Mummy my shoes make me run like a spy" "and your the baddie" ok then Jaden :-S

  7. Feel a bit vicious today.

    1. wimblettben


      Don't waste your energy. No point.

  8. Whyyyy is snow falling from the sky again? #FML

  9. Well I've just found out my phones name is Lydia Conklin, how extraordinary! and on that note Lydia and I are off to bed

  10. Court at 2 today, let's hope it can be wrapped up now!

  11. Well now that we are all cris! We still don't know if BC is? Bretskiiii yuh cris?

  12. chicken kievs tonight, haven't had those since about 1986. Good thing I won't be kissing anyone later.

  13. I love people for who they are and not what they look like. That is all.

  14. If you ever saw how raging I am right now you'd be worried for your life. Absoooolutely raging. Some people must really think I'm an idiot. Do I look like that type of woman to you? You know I'm talking to you , and you know you've caused this. Now deal with it. That is all.

  15. hot bath, scented body lotion, clean sheets hot radiators and a warm sugar fragranced candle burning. Ohh yes. I'm in heaven.

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