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  1. corn fed chicken looks a bit dodgy like, don't you think? Like fake tan or something

  2. So Harvey is claiming he did the narsty with Cheryl Cole?! Erm if she was still married to Trashley at the time, I might be vaguely interested. #whobloodycares

  3. the amount of be followers Gary Glitter has on twitter?! People should be ashamed of themselves!

    1. wimblettben


      Isn't it a good thing to have a lot of followers though?

      Some people are just lucky and some people aren't I guess.

  4. How awful that so many people filmed that young man dying on the pavement today. What is this world coming too

    1. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      I agree and even worse Sky News saw the need to show the footage not sure if BBC news did.

    2. Mark Neal.
  5. argh wish certain people would just leave me alone!!!!

  6. So after 6 months of growing his hair, Louis has decided he wants it all cut off :-( i'm sad............but kinda secretly relieved as he does have soooooo much hair lol

  7. There is the sweetest man in my life, he is so lovely, kind and also very handsome......he knows who he is :-)

  8. type let it snow into google and watch what happens :-)

    1. DisruptiveGust


      Love it, and you can use the the cursor like an ice scraper.

    2. santorum
    3. Mark Neal.

      Mark Neal.

      CHEERS for heads up! pretty cool.

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  9. fanuary? no thanks....................

  10. Its colder than a gold diggers morals...brrrrrr

  11. In my very honest opinion there are 3 things in life that can never be too big, a christmas tree, a diamond and a ????

  12. was having a discussion with her 10 year old this morning about not talking to strangers, my 5 year old piped up 'and never give them your email address or add them to your msn' ....sigh it's a sign of the times baby!

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