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  1. I'm sure Steve is keeping a very close eye. These sliders are so tricky to pin down but have been edging as expected South as we get closer to t0. Now casting time.. Get those lampposts in view..
  2. I always find a combination of IR satellite and radar the best tools is snow situations. If you run the sat loop on sat24 for instance you can see the low moving south off the North East coast. You can see the snow clouds building as they hit land and pull south so very much a nowcast for me. Same on the radar, a numbers of showers forming from what appears nowhere. Hopefully the wraparound from the low will bring in some nice bands over the region through the early hours.
  3. Latest tweets from Essex weather centre... Temps have crept up since nightfall, so most falling from the sky is currently rain. As per warning, snow to low levels after midnight. Last of the rain, sleet and snow clearing the Essex Coast shortly, then a drier spell before the next batch arrives after 4AM Sunday.
  4. Yep the bands giving heavy snow to Essex now intensified from very little showing through the Midlands. Easy to see the bands intensifying at different stages of their track and especially coming off the Irish Sea on the radar when running it back. Expecting another 20 mins of moderate snow here before a gap until potential from the low dropping down across Ireland. Track does appear to still have an East of south element to it so fingers crossed for our region.
  5. 15 mins of moderate snow with nice large flakes blowing in the strong breeze here
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