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  1. Loads of snow in Consett!!
  2. Total whiteout, roads shocking!
  3. Snowing steadily here, starting to settle on cars and grass
  4. Defo trying to snow up here, bloody freezing in that wind and going to get even colder! Not good when I’m meant to be starting my scarify and feed lawns season!!
  5. Turning a little sleety here now
  6. Snow on and off with drifting since 6ish. Must be under that moderate streamer picked up on the radar.
  7. Blizzard like at times up here, white out across open fields.
  8. Impressive bright lightning at minute
  9. Lull didn’t last long!!
  10. Nice lull in proceedings here. Give a chance for roads to be cleared
  11. Dont even try driving around Consett, shocking!! Been snowing since I woke to try and get my wife off to work. Never happened. Getting serious.
  12. Dont even try driving around Consett, shocking!!
  13. That wouldn’t be Durham School would it!?Putting people at risk, nice.
  14. What are main road conditions like going from Consett to Durham?
  15. Whiteout here again. Yes Consett getting a pasting. No lightning as yet? Some of these showers are intense, thought we might have had thunder snow by now.