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  1. Whilst Glossea isnt at the moment showing a SSW what it does seem to agree on is weak zonal winds at the start of December Still quite a bit of interest in this for me.
  2. Strange one this. Didnt Stevenage investigate this interviewed the witnesses and found now case to answer?. I expect the FA have further evidence otherwise this does seem odd. Also do we know in what way he ment what he said?
  3. If this were to happen then surely only a mater of time before the gates are well and truly opened.
  4. 5 months of Going through counciling not quite sure if its worked however one thing it has done is make me feel more at ease in talking about it. Glad i did it. Even started charity work in a ex young offenders home. So all in all its been a bit of a life changer Thanks for all in encouraging me to do it
  5. Yep I'll go along with that maybe a couple of wind storms which has actually been quite sparse this autumn still too early imo for most who crave the white stuff
  6. Yes I noticed that earlier quite a few people going against the seasonal models this year with other factors at play we shall see
  7. Yes that sounds brutal of course it's all relative but a cold spell in autumn is not that bad it's cold in the winter that does the damage it really is a national disgrace
  8. Awful from our own fans booing Gomez why?. The bloke as done nothing wrong mind you we have a history of it Barnes, Beckham,
  9. And still it comes some areas just to the west of me have been battered for hours Areas around cleobury mortimer have seen intense rainfall According to the radar
  10. Its 2019 F F S 'Witchcraft' child abuse cases increase by a third in England NEWS.SKY.COM Campaigners say the rise in the number of cases is "alarming" but that the real scale of the problem may be greater.
  11. Flooding Warnings in the Black Country which in itself is quite rare Flood alert in place in the Black Country WWW.DUDLEYNEWS.CO.UK A FLOOD alert is in place in parts of the Black Country and South Staffordshire.
  12. Cant stand May. Worst season is Spring and this puts us right in the middle of it. Boring.
  13. Lol was it 2 years ago when the slider just stalled to your south and gave the rest of us a dumping? Least its rain this time
  14. Started to rain here snow warning for far west of region
  15. weirpig


    Lol I vaguely remember that boxing one how times have changed
  16. Something you may not associate with regarding Climate Change but it looks like this Nuke Tomb is starting to Crack something to look forward to Climate change is 'cracking open a nuclear tomb' built to contain American waste NEWS.SKY.COM The Runit Dome holds the radioactive waste produced by the nuclear bombs detonated on the Marshall Islands between 1946 and 1958.
  17. Aplogises Yarmy i didnt read the paper i saw a few words that consisted of more than two syllables and left it i shall take a better look later. On a further note if this is the case why do people hold so much weight in this type of seasonal forecast
  18. Thanks for that. A quick question regarding the Strat does the position of the warming make any difference to the outcome or are there other variables at play? For example the above shows the warming and a near split above Alaska/Canada Would the subsequent vorticies then behave different if the warming were above Greenland for example?.
  19. I presume the Glossea forecast for the following three months takes a warming Strat into consideration?. If so ( and i know it may be difficult to gleen from a mean) but why does it scream a raging + nao and mild temps?. is it just that it does not see a SSW coming to fruition
  20. Is there really?. Interesting have you any Links or Pic please?. Edit found Ignore post ta
  21. Richard O'Sullivan were did he go to?.
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