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  1. Just now, cheeky_monkey said:

    this is why is steer clear of Facebook and Twitter..havent used either since 2011

    Yep  a shame  but thats the way its going.  The Irony is   and for me its a huge one.  A quick search on the Internet shows i can purchase DVDs of Dave Allen from Asda  probably the biggest lampooner ( if thats even a word) of religion going   funny how thats not been removed from the shelves 

  2. 1 minute ago, mushymanrob said:

    ridiculous..... wtf is the world coming to?

    i had to read it a few times before it sank in.  Im sure there will be many people that disagree  but it makes you wonder were it will end.   We have a rugby player  banned because of his christian beliefs  we have now a bloke sacked for posting a comedy sketch  thats already in the public eye   and  was probably for sale in Asda itself  its just best i guess to keep quiet about everything.  

  3. Protests over the weekend in America  this time outside of the New Yorkktimes office.  Around 70 people arrested as they blockaded the front door and gathered outside to highlight how bad current reporting is regarding Climate change    Spokeswoman Eve Mosher   spoke outside the building stating  Saturday's protest was meant to call attention to how news outlets cover climate change.  however she did state that  the newspaper does "good reporting and that Extinction Rebellion respects the work of news outlets such as the Times,   So there we have it  gain the respect of Rebellion  be one of the better new outlets at reporting the problem   and get your building ambushed by the buggers.  In the UK  however fleet street isnt on Rebellions radar  this weekend the target was    Marlow.  Yes the high street of Marlow came to a standstill  as a mass die in was held outside of the new barclays bank.    One protester was quoted as saying.  “People might think our actions were a bit extreme, but they haven’t been made aware that we are in an existential crisis and everybody’s lives are dependent on us, as we want to get to net zero of carbon emissions by 2025..  So there we have it  it seems that rebellion think the crisis is so dangerous  that protesting in Marlow  was the only way to highlight the point.   the blokade on the high street however    caused a long tailback of traffic in both directions with many motorists shouting obscenities at the protestors, with Extinction Rebellion (XR) replicating this every 10 to 15 minutes.  see image for the utter chaos it caused    who needs London city when you have marlow.


  4. 6 minutes ago, Quicksilver1989 said:

    Maybe... but the difference is some more intense heat now has good support across the GFS, ECM and UKMO (upto T144) models. Could still go wrong but its looking less likely that it will at the moment.

    Reminds me of the plume we had during June 2017 which followed a very wet first half and saw temperatures upto 35C in one or two spots.


    I agree it could be warmer   But in this scenario i can see the main body of heat nudging further east as we approach D Day.   off course it may not   and all of the country ( not just the South East )  may come under the influence of the higher uppers and Temps.   As it stands i believe that the Bulk of England will be under uppers of around 16   which in itself will bring temps around the high 20s    of course as always time will tell  

  5. 1 minute ago, CanadianCoops said:

    It's looking more likely than not at this stage that some warm/very warm air might come our way, but if you thought the ramping was bad in winter on here......

    Thinking the same.   Im sure there will be heat next week  but probably between the mid to high 20c   maybe a 30c   somewhere in  the South East    which is wonderful  considering the past month or so we have had. 

  6. 33 minutes ago, J10 said:

    Wales were not a "direct" side in Euro 2016, not with players like Joe Allen and Aaron Ramsey. We were a compact side difficult to score against and Bale was on fire.

    At international level, you need to be able to keep possession, by all means be higher tempo and employ the press and maybe a mix of these elements could be beneficial.


    Yes but Williams didn't collect the ball from Wayne  and play one two's with the back 4   it was hit quickly to the midfield  then they tried to play the ball quickly to bale    England like most northern European sides  need to play more direct imo  

  7. 11 minutes ago, Bristle boy said:

    Direct play doesnt win trophies on the World football 'stage'. 

    And England havent got the players. Take a look at the Top 6 or 7 PL clubs. How many English players featured in matches for Man City, Liverpool, Spurs, Chelsea, Arsenal in the PL last season? You cant even count on one hand for each club for each PL match; in fact you only need a couple of fingers😉

    M City, Arsenal and Chelsea played loads of PL matches without a single English player in the starting line-ups. Liverpool, at most, in any one game 3 players? Spurs in some games, maybe 4 or 5. How many English players have won Player of Season award in last 20 seasons?

    You see an England squad these days and at least 2/3 of the players arent international standard. Pick a Best 11-man European team for season just finished and not one England player would get in it imo.


    Disagree  greece and denmark bith won tournaments playing direct   wales got  to a semi   chile were very unlucky a few years ago playing  direct with a high press   think it very easy to pick on our players  granted they are not as technical as some  but 9 English players missed the Holland game  because they played in the champions league final    we have very good young players coming through  sancho was the stand out player in Germany    sterling was writers player of year  arnold who i mentioned is quicly becoming the best rb in europe  gomez  before his injury was one of the best centre backs in the league     I don't think we are that far away  but passing around the back will not work 

  8. 6 minutes ago, cheeky_monkey said:

    i wouldnt even put our forwards in the same league as a Shearer or Lineker..thats something we lack is a world class striker/centre forward

    I was talking more about the pace our forwards have  shearer  lineker were lethal in front of goal  but possessing electric pace they did not 

  9. 9 minutes ago, Bristle boy said:

    Maybe. A sad indictment on the PL and English players. Progress? No.

    Anyone old enough to remember the England 1970 World Cup team and squad? Anyone who isnt take a look on Youtube. Bobby Moore was class and totally comfortable playing out from the back. To think that almost 50 years on England cant produce players who can play like him or his old 'foe' Beckanbauer, is dreadful.

    Anyone who thinks an England team/squad can win trophies lumping the ball forward needs to watch some footage from Graham Taylor's England manager era.


    There is a difference between playing the long ball game and being direct.    A high intensity  high press game would be more beneficial (for us at least )   As our squad currently stands  our midfield is not blessed with technical players.  Infact i can only really think of one.  and he is to young and  has hardly played for is club    We have pace through out the side  and  possibly the best right back (delivery wise) in Europe    Popping it off to feet  will not help us  infact  against Holland  we be came outnumbered in Midfield  mainly because our players wanted to take a second  touch. And as a footnote during the taylor era  up top we had   Shearer  And an ageing Lineker  Clough and Alan Smith.   Comparing our forwards to them are chalk and cheese  Our forwards are ideal for a more direct style of play    and that is why Taylors more direct approach didnt work.    

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