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  1. Or just get a chipped box?. Whispers and scuttles away
  2. https://www.facebook.com/LFCNEWS1/videos/1134595489895889/ Miracles do happen in Liverpool. "Matthew 11.5" The lame shall walk.
  3. Cant find were to put this but Neymar is banned for 3 games for hitting a fan. Seems a very soft punishment to me. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/11716058/neymar-handed-three-match-ban-by-french-football-federation-after-fan-punch
  4. Ideas for possible reforms for the champions league. Do i not like that. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/champions-league-restructure-plans-leaked-15023653
  5. Unbelievable Fleece the football fans i thought it was bad when Wolves played Utd in the FA Cup and the bloke outside doubled his price for a cup of Bovril
  6. Yes Mid table is a bit of a stretch However i do think think top 4 for them next season will be difficult. Utd like many clubs in Europe are under transition And with a small amount of class players getting them could prove difficult. they will be competing with barca Real,Bayern, not to mention clubs such a City Juventus and Lpool Your right in that they need to strengthen their defence with perhaps three or four players needed De Light a target for UTD seems unobtainable as he prefers Barca or Lpool . Then you have to get them to gel settle into the way the manager wants then to play, It will be tricky Also i expect Pogba to leave as well as herriera Quite a clear out will happen at UTD. recruitment for them in the summer must be brilliant otherwise top 4 will be a distant dream.
  7. It was i Believe, Although before my time by a few years. A little known fact that at the time the final was over two legs plus it was the first UEFA cup competition. pitty that was our last time in a European final. however we did help start the European cup competition/ Champions league
  8. Edging your bets there kid a few months back I went for spurs I'll stick with that but to be fair it's anyone's
  9. Lol don't diss it it's ours next year if city does us a favour that is
  10. Yes sorry I ment 2 finals before Utd and Chelsea and spurs and wolves bloody phone
  11. I believe it's only the second time an all English final in a European cup comp has happened one even included the mighty wolves special times
  12. Onto Thursday could it be? Glum faces around u e f a and fifa if it did
  13. Your fascination with Liverpool is very strange why would you be bothered ?
  14. Wow nearly smash and grab is there to be a late one ?
  15. Same as first leg premier league fitness will help in the second half
  16. I expect spurs fitness and power to show in the second half they will score but 3 may be a push
  17. Different opinions and all that but to me they are bang average Couthino has been a waste of space Suarez has lost a yard of pace and that goal against against Liverpool in the last leg was his first of the season in the champions league. Vidal is passed it Dembele a 100 million pound player also has done nothing. Others such as Rakitic cant play unless they have space with the ball. Its a massive rebuilding job for barca going into next season. It still amazes me that the most wealthiest club on the planet still only has one Striker they needed a goal and brought on Prince . When the likes of Xavi and Iniesta left thats when Barca went downhill. granted they are doing well in their league( which is also poor) but that team is to old and not fit enough to cope with the Klopp genga press.
  18. yep i looked into that its the last chance salon really. I understand in the past madrid got the ban frozen however i also believe athletico had theres upheld. It will be tough for them next season if recruitment is stopped.
  19. Wow. Chelsea have lost their appeal against Fifa's decision to ban them from signing players during the next two transfer windows. Just awaiting what happens to city now.
  20. I presume a points deduction for next season?
  21. Obviously not a liverpool fan. But you can only set back and admire the heart of that team. To have two of the top 3 attackers out of the game and still produce 4 goals is some achievement. i said before take messi out of that side and they are average, But to still score fours goals is amazing The Kop really does suck the ball in the net. They are still in with a chance of the double. it may seem unlikely but after last night anything can happen. Well done.
  22. Liverpool will try to overcome a 3-0 deficit this evening with Salah out and maybe firmino it will be a very tough task. One bright piece of news is that Brewster is inline for his debut from what little ive seen of him he is very quick and has a great eye for goal. He is also young and English. good news for the international setup going forward
  23. Well with results of the last few days and arsenal to play it could mean spurs might have to win champions league to qualify amazing last day coming up
  24. Last home game of the season and my son sock horror has decided to join me i thought he was coming to see the mighty gold and black but alas no apparently some bloke from the WWE is attending. Sin Carra. Who said Football was becoming out of touch
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