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  1. interesting, it looks like Exeter is right on the boundary line for 60 - 70mph gusts....December 23 2013 Exeter airport reported a gust of 62mph and that storm was bad so I guess it'll be similar to that in my neck of the woods...weather outlook.com have us pegged at getting 71mph and xc weather it's 68mph....Metcheck, met office it's a little lower.Keep safe everyone and enjoy the interesting weather

    yeah xc weather also has me down for 70 mph   believe me for being this far inland  that is very windy. interesting times ahead

  2. ECMWF is extremely vicious @ 48hrs and would bring some damage to southern Ireland, into western Britain, Wales, northern England.


    Winds could gust to 80 or even an isolated 90kt gust in parts with a sting-jet which would be likely in such a potent storm.

    after a quick look at all of the models the ecm does look the most severe . caranage in some areas if it stays like that.  A more northerly track as developed also over the last model run,   chopping and changing no doubt over the coming hours  regarding the positon of the low   possibly the met office may alter some of there warning to cover more areas of the uk  if this trend continues

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