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  1. Being a lad that was born in the mid 70s   1976 to be exact    it sometimes nice to look back and see how things used to be.  whether its watching a rerun of your favourite TV programmes  or remembering   Books you used to read.   This is an area were we can all look back at fondness  at different parts of our lives.   Below are just a few memories from my childhood  hopefully some may remember them. 




    image.thumb.png.15d1e55bbf859c32d171a899f6c55f7e.png   image.thumb.png.2b6e1c16467b447dbd9e69cdc305f66e.png   image.thumb.png.86aff6d826af4b39df4c8aad9b767aed.pngimage.thumb.png.e76597b9f2c61569c08bb2b56c3efbea.png  image.thumb.png.e199666334e8c7d5129516e3bace84c8.png   



  2. 1 minute ago, Bristle boy said:

    Ranks alongside my grandson's basketball playing ban i posted about last week. It is all rather pathetic. Basically, i adopt an 'old school' stance when talking to him about these things, and tell him to ignore it, without antagonising the power-hungry teachers. He knows that when he is with his grandad he can have any opinion on anything, if he believes in what he says. Taking him to our local basketball team's match on Friday, where i know (from his dad) he likes to be vocal👍

    Yes  stupid really   there is a bit of the article that sticks out for me   It says  the school was/is  planning to demolish the boys toilets and create a gender fluid bathroom.😮  I kid not. 

  3. Mcdonalds staff on strike   they are demanding 15 pounds per hour.  Over 30 grand a year for flipping burgers.    Labour back such a proposal       Get ready to pay a tenner for a double cheese burger

  4. Well while some are bemoaning the lack of cold weather on the horizon  im currently thawing  in my Victorian built office space.  Whilst i agree  nothing bone chillingly cold as of yet  but seasonal it is.  And with   many back ground signals in our favour  a weak Vortex  and with sounding of a possible SSW in or around late December   things  looking not to bad.   Of course the pattern at present is conjucive to copious amounts of rainfall   but alas that is the great British climate.   Onwards and upwards 

  5. Very good Weekend of football.  Spurs woes continue  Liverpool beat City  And Wolves go 8 unbeaten in the league.    To be honest i cant see the title going anywhere but Merseyside.  There top 3  are amazing    the  biggest talking point for me is who will get into the top 4.   It could well be the teams who occupy it now.    I said at the start of the season  i would be happy with a good Euro run and a top 10 finish   i may have to revisit this  and say a possible top 6 finish    Interesting this year  and still many games to go.  

  6. 13 minutes ago, Summer Sun said:

    Wolves win last night they need just 1 point to join Celtic and Man U in the knockout stages.

    Arsenal should follow on MD 5 whilst Rangers are also well placed to go through

    Good Competition this is turning out to be for all the British clubs.   I expect all to go through to the knockout stages   

  7. 1 minute ago, Quicksilver1989 said:

    The original statement said that Nigeria's population is heading to 8 billion, not the same thing.... anyhow it seems after being away from this thread for a month and returning it just keeps circulating back to the same arguments again and again....

    It was obvious what he ment   anyway  if they are the same arguments  don't comment   simples 

  8. 2 minutes ago, mushymanrob said:

    john legend has re-written the lyrics to "baby its cold outside" because he thinks the original lyrics are offensive....... jeez...

    He will have his hands full with all the rap and punk music of times past. 

  9. revolutionary  or plain nieve    The greens will spend 100billion a year  on climate change  over 90 billion of which will be borrowed.  100000 new carbon free homes to be built every year    As a comparison   our current total borrowing is 50 billion a year.   maybe its easy to promise the world  when you have no chance a trying to deliver it?.

  10. 13 hours ago, carinthian said:

    Snowfall building up this evening.




    Yep  looks lovely.  However  Where my Mother in Law lives  its still very mild  the onset of Winter seems to be getting later  in other parts of Central Europe. 

  11. 9 hours ago, Summer Sun said:

    Chelsea should have won if it wasn't for the ludicrous new handball rule

    Only just caught up with that game   but from what i saw the penalty against Ajax  was very harsh.  And amongst the confusion  why did the player who committed the handball get a second yellow?.  I assume beacause of descent   if not then the Ref needs to consult VAR and send himself off.  

  12. 2 minutes ago, Geordiesnow said:

    Nothing in the challenge? It was a deliberate attempt to bring the man down, definate yellow and some refs would give a red for that. Nothing tactical either as Gomes was in a non threatening area of the pitch and there was a defender(Auriour) covering. 

    Atkinson rushed getting the yellow out without giving himself a bit of thinking time so when he saw the horrific injury, he changed it to a red so makes him look a bit stupid really. 


    Exactly  yellow card  there are loads of challenges like that every week   atkinson judged the tackle on the effects it had on the Everton player not the tackle itself      imo  rightfully overturned    

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