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  1. 7 minutes ago, Ed Stone said:


    Indeed; and while we obsess over potential daytime maxima, record-breaking nighttime minima may be more readily achievable, given the expected cloud cover?🤔

    h850t850eu.png   h500slp.png

    Perhaps we should have another competition: guess what ludicrous temperature the Daily Express will predict?🤓


    Yep  Gfs 6z  going for 26c in London at 2am Thursday Morning   

  2. Finally  Reports  around here state we are on the verge of bringing our third  signing  ( although the previous two were our loan options)    Patrick Cutrone   Centre forward from Milan  Italy under 21   apparently we will be paying 20 million    not bad considering the silly prices recently    

  3. Temperatures will fell hot next week no doubt however for me one of the main talking points is towards the middle of the week    The temp and humidity levels could well go through the roof  infact most models have temperatures during the night around 21c  add on the humidity levels it will feel closer to the  high 20s    Lots of people Zombified  for the morning commute.   

  4. What looks quite certain  is a warm up of sorts at the start of next week   Ensembles  seem to agree with this   temps possibly high 20s in the the south east  more like mid 20s  in most places.  After that is uncertain  with the opp bringing much more cooler conditions  however that is very much on the cold side of the ensembles     most go for a continuation of present conditions   Average  but very useful weather.




  5. 1 hour ago, Ed Stone said:

    So, here we are, at the middle of next week, and very little difference from what we've seen, this week, methinks: temps a tad above normal, humidity a tad above normal, light winds, lots of cloud and the chance of thundery showers, mostly toward the north...:oldgrin:

    h850t850eu.png   h500slp.png

    Yep  the mean to that point highlights that perfect   The 6z mean has temps in High res  around low 20s in the south cooler the further north you go   with average precipitation    So  as we enter next week  its looks very similar to this. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Yarmy said:

    Villa spending 15m quid on a player who couldn't get a work permit last season. Somehow this will give him the points needed for a permit.🤔

    They are throwing money around like confetti. It'll all end in tears.

    It may will do.  And on the flip side  Us  are selling another player today, Ivan Cavaleiro  is off to Fulham   We are down to the bare bones with only really 14 outfield players   surely we are going to buy a few players. 

  7. 1 minute ago, Mattwolves said:

    I posted some ensembles showing that this could tie in with there thoughts of hot spells... You can't just dismiss the worlds biggest weather authority on a failed winter!!! And come to mention it.... You name me one organisation that called winter correctly! Personally I think we are on for some hot spells to end the month, and into August. 

    This is going way off topic  if you see Hot weather on the horizon off the GFS 6z   ( which again is what i was refering to )  without cherry picking some rogue perb   then good luck to you     And i hope it happens   And in regard to the MET  im not talking about a winter forecast  i was talking about the monthly forecast  which constantly went for much colder conditions  and never materialised   That just show how difficult it is to forecast more than a few days into the future.  Anyway lets see what the 12z brings  if (and as i see it)  it brings in hot conditions i will be the first to say so

  8. 1 minute ago, Mattwolves said:

    I just backed up that post with what the big boys are saying... And tbh they no a little more than what we do. They have vast data amounts and In fairness can probably analyse it a little better than us! 

    I Think we are getting crossed wires.  Im merely pointing to the latest GFS 6z run   which shows average conditions (which for me is good)  with the odd rogue perb thrown in    nothing on the 6z screams hot conditions   off course when we get to the end of July if not before  it may be totally different   but going from the charts available to us   and this being a model discussion chat    at the moment its average  summer conditions  no heat but no washout either.    And in regard to the Met  if you are going off there monthly outlook    then ill give it a miss  i remember last winter.  Not pretty 

  9. 1 minute ago, Mattwolves said:

    There are quite a few very warm ensembles appearing, and the 2 I'm posting could well be fitting in with exters thoughts on increasing likelihood of hot spells in the south further ahead.... So average summer conditions continuing, I'm not so sure. 



    Of course the possibility  is always there  but going by the latest GFS 6z run it is very average    And im not sure were people are seeing a warm up on the mean towards the later part of July  to me its the same uppers as it is today   For me in a purely selfish point of view its perfect.  Not to hot not to cold  and with some dry days. However for people craving heat  the latest runs dont show that.   But as in winter  the next set of runs could bring something totally different.  

  10. 37 minutes ago, MIKE LEVITT said:

    average summer continues,no heat wave in sight.

    If you go by the latest GFS  then yes  fairly mundane  A typical summer  Average Temps  and at times unsettled conditions   The mean  is rather uninspiring   levelling out with uppers around 10   Of course  A few of the Perbs may be onto something  but as it stands  standard summer fare is the favourite    (central England)


  11. 26 minutes ago, Summer Sun said:

    Steve Bruce now 9/4 favourite for the Newcastle job has was 33/1 last night

    Wow shows lack of ambition for me.  Didnt he also manage Sunderland?.   Dont think the geordies are going to be happy.  

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