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  1. Greta is in the house! a suitable solar powered well insulated house obviously Davos 2020: Greta Thunberg demands urgent action on climate emergency – day one live | Business | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Rolling coverage of the first day of the World Economic Forum, including Donald Trump’s special address and Greta Thunberg’s panel session
  2. Pub run = wet in mid to long range subject to change obviously
  3. We are running on empty remarkable dsire to win the game in the second half we really need a few new players
  4. Sleet showing on the radar for you winter had arrived
  5. At last something half decent on the models of course no 2010 but it would bring something wintry to some parts how I've missed looking for the white hatching on the uk profile
  6. Control very much on the cold side of the ens however certainly not on its own with a small cluster bringing proper winter uppers over the country snow row also on the rise
  7. Control again gives us a northerly blast developing lovely
  8. Indeed I know we have heard it before but could be a good 240h
  9. Ens show most trying to bring in a more mobile north west pattern after the demise of the high Still obviously difficult to pin down exactly how that well affect us on the ground most of the ens have brief north and north westerlies before being shunted away from the heights over Europe a few however give us very cold artic shots with the pv over us. could be back to wet and wild over the coming weeks.
  10. Granted it may not be cold enough to stop you from being homeless however I expect temps to be 3-5c with temps dropping by night not perishing but much better than currently
  11. Quite a cold ecm in the near term frosts and seasonal weather
  12. I can imagine Very strange place by you loads of rain but get the chance of snow the irish sea always does its job of spoiling any decent snow.
  13. I think thats a fair assumption Even with low sea ice we still struggle to see any form of blocking and if we finally do the uppers tend to be that touch warmer
  14. Yes very much a struggle this year goes to show that many things need to drop into favour for us to get a prolonged wintry spell SAI and Solar minimum are no guarantee of snow. On a footnote the seasonals this year up to this point have been very accurate This year may be a dud ( wintry wise) but there is always next year
  15. Looking at the here and now Strong winds to navigate across parts of the country today anywhere in England/Wales will see high winds however North Wales and the South West could see damaging gusts
  16. Just been told  That Twitter is the barometer for what people in this country think   really?.   By that token  Clinton would have been president  Brexit wouldnt have happened  and Corbyn would have been our PM.  Crikey  Think i might take a leave at Petes comment below  and rejoin facebook 

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    2. lassie23


      bedford weather was shocking, much better today for bubs and sooty

    3. Dami


      nah We had hail and rainbows!😍

    4. lassie23


      rainbows good hail not 

  17. From what we have had to endure this winter the gfs is a cracker cold and dry will suit me fine then maybe some of the white stuff later
  18. Indeed one of the best runs seen in a while of course way out in Fi but wintry non the less -8 uppers not to be sneezed at.
  19. Colder run compared to the 0z fine and frosty looks like being the favourite as we enter the weekend and beyond Nothing dramatic but at least it will feel like winter
  20. Ye in my opinion its been very consistent this winter 6z brings heavy snowfall for the scottish ski resorts
  21. According to the Pentagon Iran missiles were aiming to miss American troops CNN Really?. Is this Trumps way out?.
  22. I believe Trump is making a speech to the American nation at 8am Est should be interesting Ps also hear 3 British nationals were killed in the downed plane
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