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  1. Another signing for Wolves today another right back which was needed since Doc went Not often you see a Barc player come to us. Another forward and we will be sorted.
  2. From what I've seen a cold eastern side ususlly fires up the jet stream causing the uk to be bombarded with zonal winds or deep lows
  3. Agree However for me it was the mid 90s onwards that the demise began to happen when Rvae music became comercial
  4. What a shocking midfield we have greenish left out for a bit part player in Foden and still no bloody coady
  5. I was waiting for that i guess its the fact sodden ground trees in leaf etc
  6. icon ramps winds up further for later on parts of Wales seeing some very high gusts migrating to the central swathe
  7. Latest icon seems to have ramped the winds up slightly for Tuesday getting more inline with the usually ott aperge High ground of wales bearing the brunt with winds possibly hitting 120 130 kmph
  8. and least i might beable to sit outside at the meadow lark without bolting for indoors warmish outside aswell a welcome relief.
  9. Yes it has always been the case. My point being though how and why is there such a difference with schooling even in the state sector from affluent to poorer areas. A lot is made of the difference between Private and state but very little people highlight the differences in the state sector. The difference between here in my area and the average is huge at not in a good way why is this ?
  10. Lol Trying to think what roundabout? mind you there is only one on the fiveways yes there are nice views because of the altitude of some areas maybe im putting it down slightly certainly better than some parts of Dudley. No seaside though
  11. What dont you live by the sea?. you have a beautiful location all year round i have to look at factories and upturned shopping trolleys nah stay there.
  12. Not a huge fan of storms they are ok but after a few nights of them im getting a little bored. enough time for rain in the winter
  13. As Many pupils studying for A levels get there results today and the obvious backlash that the government are getting in regard to the grading system is there really a large divide between more affluent area then deprived? Various statistics/reports will tell you there is. But is this just down to education standards or is it something else?. Parents?. Lifestyle?. etc The reason being that i can understand a difference between the public and private sector but the difference in the state sector is huge between areas any ideas?
  14. Shame for the lower league clubs who may depend on some money
  15. MMM was hoping for a dryer day today after the deluge looking like this band may reach here
  16. Yep Good point For me it certainly favours the south today anything south of Worcester may be in for a nice show. fingers crossed
  17. David icke is a loon in my opinion his ranting if said years ago would have placed him in a padded cell However does that make hime wrong? Many people over the years have been lambasted and silenced for strange views and a few have been found years later to have been visionary these are very strange times we are living in and with all the goings on if someone years ago would have said Men could be classed as women just by saying so he to would have been ridiculed so in summary i believe he is barking but that does not make him so woof
  18. seems to be a line developing on he sat image from mid wales down to north of London
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