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  1. Yes they will do. However the issue with Rebellion is that the group consists of other smaller groups who could well be acting on their own. They somehow have to act all as one because im sure that some members would not have targeted the underground system The irony is that once this form of transport was out of action other forms would have had to have been used ie Bus, Cars etc which as we know is much worse.
  2. Quite nasty scenes on the underground from what i saw on the news very silly idea to target the underground at rush hour
  3. Yes and me getting to the time of year. I agree its not as good as previous runs however it wont look like that at 0z all im looking for is the general pattern and models do seem to agree on a more blocked Atlantic going into next week
  4. Gfs 6z Following the trend of rises towards greenland quite a blocked profile
  5. Due o the castor case and Trans women wishing to compete in Athletics a Scientific study has been completed regarding the effects of testost on a womens body on average it shows that over a period of time ( 10 weeks) 10mg of testost was taken by a sample of women ( which is way below male levels) the results after just 10 weeks shown that on average a womans muscle mass increased and stamina levels rose by a staggering 21 seconds they could run before they became exhausted muscle mass increased by 923g compared to a women who didnt take testost which only rose by 135 g The study are therefore of great importance for the ongoing discussion of whether it is fair to allow athletes with naturally high testosterone to compete in the female category without reducing their hormonal concentration to the female range."
  6. listened to this for the first times in years and im going to say it it blows imagine by Lennon out the water quite simply wonderful.
  7. Variation of the theme height rises bringing in chillier temps and more settled conditions. Edit and agin rises towards greenland.
  8. Sports minister Krasen Kralev told reporters: "The government has done a lot for the development of Bulgarian football in the last four years. "But after the recent events, having in mind the whole state of football and last night's incidents, the prime minister has ordered me from today to suspend any relations with the BFU, including financial ones, until the resignation of Borislav Mihaylov." Strong words
  9. of course its still way short but it is going in the right direction. UK renewables generate more power than fossil fuels for entire quarter - Energy Live News WWW.ENERGYLIVENEWS.COM A new report from Carbon Brief notes this is the first time this has happened in the history of the UK's energy sector
  10. shocking interview from FA Chairman "Racist chanting got better in the second half!" Uefa are serious on Racism" The blokes a joke
  11. all down to radar watching now Met office does go for for the heavier downpours to affect further East. The latest Icon 9z pushes it further West then heavyish showers around London area around 10pm tonight Either way someone will get a soaking
  12. Into Fi on the gfs and it brings in high pressure which would lead to some pleasant conditions the GFS control however goes on another path and brings in 2 very nasty systems affecting the southern half of the Uk of course way out to be taking anything as gospel .
  13. Got to 4 minutes couldnt take anymore so many holes in that argument its shocking if that is in someway trying to get public opinion on board well as ive said before we are doomed.
  15. Intense fighting on the Syrian border trump makes statement regarding Kurdish troops and I quote they didnt help us in the Normandy landings meanwhile the Senate is trying to bring about emergency sanctions on turkey which would require no president approval very strange times
  16. Air strikes already reported In Northern Syria I expect this may start to dominate the news over the next few days.
  17. Latest Erdogan confirms that Turkeys incursion into Syria has begun operation is named Peace Spring.
  18. Lol Only just seen this words well im stumped. Donald J. Trump✔@realDonaldTrump As I have stated strongly before, and just to reiterate, if Turkey does anything that I, in my great and unmatched wisdom, consider to be off limits, I will totally destroy and obliterate the Economy of Turkey (I’ve done before!). They must, with Europe and others, watch over...
  19. They did Pete. I UnderstandThe America first policy by Trump after all its why he got into office. But to just do nothing and leave the Kurds to be massacred... By anyones imagination is not right. Of course the other concern is that throughout all of this ISIS could then regroup and the region yet again is thrown into chaos. Russia are also in favour of the actions by Turkey Spain have also lent their support The Kurds have an army of sorts but are of no match compared to Turkey infact over the past few days Men of fighting age have been enlisted and given Batons. Pitch Forks, and knives to repel the Turks .
  20. whilst this may have escaped a few Looks like Turkey are about to enter Syrian lands and engage with the Kurds This after Trump removed US troops from the area Also Iran who are against this have just started unannounced military Drills on their border. Its looks like after the Kurds helped USA in fighting ISIS they have now been left to defend there selves David [email protected] A bad situation in Northeast Syria is about to get much worse. Sources tell me that US officials have just informed the Syrian Kurds that Turkey is likely to attack on air and ground in next 24 hours. The US will do nothing. Targets are Tal Abyad and Ras al Ayn....
  21. Crikey so in short However high the co levels are in the atmosphere at the time of either going carbon neutral or at least reducing it the levels will remain the same if not maybe even rise for years after. That is one statistic i was unaware of and i suppose highlights the fact that the sooner we act the better it is for everyone. that statistic also shows to me that keeping the temp rise below 1.5c is going to be very difficult.
  22. Yes studies show although not conclusive that white people have higher vitamin d levels than other races however what is interesting is that poor diet and being overweight lowers the levels which could be the reason why levels are dropping in European and north American countries Racial differences in the relationship between vitamin D, bone mineral density, and parathyroid hormone in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey WWW.NCBI.NLM.NIH.GOV It is unclear whether optimal levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25(OH)D) in...
  23. Interesting read thanks also I have found another paper which has been published regarding climate change on Mars maybe clues can be found to answer the questions here on earth An ice age recorded in the polar deposits of Mars SCIENCE.SCIENCEMAG.ORG Models predict that Mars should have undergone ice ages in the past, but...
  24. Thank you for this that answers some questions one question I have and I admitt that this will probably be impossible to answer but if we as an earth became carbon neutral in 6 years ( figure I've used due to the protests) how high would co levels rise? Would they Platto or would they still continue to rise but at slower rate as what would be classed as the norm? Also is climate change innevitable? In regard to that the earth will get warmer just that instead of 100 to 200 years time it will take longer if this is true then maybe it's time to star now in looking at tech to prevent this ie mirrors in front of the sun etc ?
  25. So why have other posts gone then?. why have the charts that we posted depicting how high co levels have been in the past been deleted Why was a post questioning why those charts was removed been deleted?. And why has my post stating that although the rise in co levels is mainly due to Human activities other aspects have been looked into regarding Solar flares etc which may also shed a light into why co levels are also rising. Why cant i also mention that very little study as been done into global warming occuring on other planets in our solar system Mars being one that is currently becoming warmer although scientists have put this down to a coincidence why cant i discuss this?. Isnt this a thread for debate?.
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