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  1. Nothing here at the nmoment but the radar looks like the west midlands will take a hit 2 days in a row?.
  2. This could go on a for a fair while yet brilliant light show
  3. Rai9nfall starting to become a real issue now road here is like a river
  4. Instability everywhere claps of thunder and sporadic lightning strikes over the past hour just seems ive been on the edge of the action here. however a much better start to the season than the previous few.
  5. Nice little light show here a few flashes and claps of thunder
  6. Thunder finally in the black country pepping up now on the radar
  7. very dark around here now sparkiee seems to have really developed
  8. 23.4c here dew just over 15 and starting to turn very overcast we shall see
  9. weirpig

    3 Word Story

    Five across revealed
  10. Just my opinion but i believe London will be first quickly followed by other major cities and surroundings Ie Brum Manchester.
  11. Yep High Numbers There. Actually here in the Black Country i believe there as been 8 deaths 4 in dudley popu.lation wise that in itself is quite alarming
  12. Ok But the point still stands i dont think this place is the right arena to be posting questions Highlighted by my rather naive response
  13. See its vague quotes like this that get me, Likely? why not just say
  14. Bab With all due respect i dont think this is the place to answer your questions Maybe contact the NHS or dial 111 or google there is loads of information out there
  15. Not sure this as been mentioned but i understnd Hunan province as confirmed an outbreak of bird flu. It never rains. China, Philippines detects bird flu outbreak | Daily Times DAILYTIMES.COM.PK In the shadow of the coronavirus outbreak, a deadly disease has emerged in chickens in a Chinese province near the epicenter of the outbreak.
  16. Makes sense Impelemented from Next week?.
  17. I understand but the assemblies were not full schools assemblies I dont think there would be space to house over 1000 pupils infact the assemblies probably have less than the numbers quoted for dinner breaks
  18. Assembles cancelled at our sons school However Dinner breaks still to go ahead which will be staggered to only allow 200 people in at any one time. LOL
  19. I thought social distancing also included over 70s ?
  20. i believe so. My post was more related to the response below that which i found amusing and at the same time tragic.
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