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  1. Wow maybe im missing something. there would be a few above him i would have put in
  2. What?!!! Have you a link to that Yarmy?
  3. Its difficult to be honest who i would keep if i was Ole. There seems a few rotten apples and these need to be got rid of but as you say the wages structure makes this difficult. As a outsider looking in the back 4 needs addressing. Shaw showed some promise but seems to have dipped. Young has done ok but he is not a right back and age is catching up. Lindeloff is poor as is smalling. Darmian is not UTD quality Into Midfield Fred has been woeful (although it is his first season) Pogba just dosent seem interested and Mata seems past it .Up top Romelu isnt justiying his price tag. And are the likes of Dalot and Sanchez really the quality thats needed?. despite this a few players have done ok The Scottish kid in midfield and Rashford as had a decent season . All in All much to ponder for next season. A large rebuilding job is needed and it will take more than one window to get it sorted. One interesting note was both sides that faced each other last night cost around the same. shows that Uniteds problems dont just end on the pitch Just keep your hands off some of our players though.
  4. Good performance by us still not sure if i want 7th watched clips from UTD massive cull next season just shows how the top 2 are light years above everyone else.
  5. Having my half time bovril ave it edit leave it with us Pete
  6. Clearing here now Only got one strike but better than nothing Rain however was very intense
  7. Yep Another cell that appeared quite rapidly Things seem to be bubbling up North of around Milton Keynes
  8. Yes Its developed quite quickly no activity from it however torrential rain i would have thought
  9. Possibly Temps here though are still on the lowish side hopefully will see more of a rise as the cloud thins 15.8c at the moment with Dp at 11.3
  10. Yes Cloud starting to thin and the sun showing his face looking quite promising
  11. My wife has been Vegan for 5 years. Both myself and my son eat meat may be something to look at in the next few months
  12. i cant argue with anything she says. But will anything dramatic happen?. I really doubt it. I cannot see any of the guidelines being met
  13. I understand that Pete. But i suppose my question was how sure are the experts that if we do reduce our CO emisions will the levels drop to acceptable levels?. could there possibly a tipping point that we have already passed that we have done so much damage already that this is now our base level. maybe we will slow down the rises but natural co emmisions will still cause it rise
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