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  1. Clearing here now Only got one strike but better than nothing Rain however was very intense
  2. Yep Another cell that appeared quite rapidly Things seem to be bubbling up North of around Milton Keynes
  3. Yes Its developed quite quickly no activity from it however torrential rain i would have thought
  4. Possibly Temps here though are still on the lowish side hopefully will see more of a rise as the cloud thins 15.8c at the moment with Dp at 11.3
  5. Yes Cloud starting to thin and the sun showing his face looking quite promising
  6. My wife has been Vegan for 5 years. Both myself and my son eat meat may be something to look at in the next few months
  7. i cant argue with anything she says. But will anything dramatic happen?. I really doubt it. I cannot see any of the guidelines being met
  8. I understand that Pete. But i suppose my question was how sure are the experts that if we do reduce our CO emisions will the levels drop to acceptable levels?. could there possibly a tipping point that we have already passed that we have done so much damage already that this is now our base level. maybe we will slow down the rises but natural co emmisions will still cause it rise
  9. as i understand it the current level is around 400ppm which is around the same amount as in the Pliocene era many millions years ago. The only difference was that Temps at the time were much higher which caused the Artic to melt and cause much higher sea levels. I often wondered why the difference in Temps were so different to now?. It seems that however there could well be a lag in the effects of the ppmm and we are not seeing the true effects this will come some years after. The question i pose is this. Global warming isnt going to be solved in the next few years infact by the time the world gets its act together i expect PPMM levels to be much higher. If eventually we do meet our current targets (which is a big if) Then allowing for a lag effects we may already be doomed. As there been any scientific papers published that state that levels will drop to acceptable levels if we reduce our carbon levels? or is a case that the damage as been caused and that co levels will continue to rise ( as natural progression) and 400ppmm is now just our new starting point
  10. Happy St Georges Day!  i shall celebrate with a glass of Warm bear  Horrah 



      And to you too wp:drinks:

  11. exactly imagine if all we could post was the same opinion. What a bore that would be
  12. You are in one of the biggest cities in the world with Embassies of all the major nations in a short distance large international companies run from there. If you want to make a impact and a change there is huge scope to do that even in London. Blockade the Chinese and USA embassies go to the financial district, but no they stop traffic, Stop the trains glue themselves to buildings, climb on Trucks. At the very best its amateurish at the worst incompetent .
  13. How deluded are some folk. and again what good will it do?. Uk 5th in the ccpi index with the 21st biggest population in the world. we could be carbon neutral on Friday and it wouldnt mean a bean. All this protesting demonstrating blockading London is nothing more than Virtue signaling. These people dont really care about the planet all they are interested in is they are seen to do something which will give them exposure but no real result. until the rest of the world gets to the level we are currently at then the planet is doomed. if you believe the scientists that we are close to the tipping point then strutting around London attaching oneself to a building is not going to cut it.
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