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  1. Wintry showers are still on for Saturday Snow across much of Wales Scotland and the midlands on this run a few should see snow failing at some point going on these charts
  2. racism in football as never gone away its always been a issue clubs now have spotters in the stadiums when there is any trouble or language used they are mush easily spotted this as really only been happening over thepast season or so so now of course more incidents are being reported. its nothing to do with politics as i said before its always been there
  3. Just talking about this our trip to brighton yesterday brought about a couple of arrests. nothing to do with anything political its what people do at Football as i said always as gone on bans will stop it but the underlying issue will remain Brighton v Wolves: Two arrests for homophobic abuse during Premier League match - BBC Sport WWW.BBC.CO.UK Brighton say two "visiting supporters" were arrested for homophobic abuse during Sunday's Premier League game against Wolves at Amex Stadium.
  4. Really?. I dont know if you attend matches but i can say with clarity that racism in football as never gone away and there is no resurgence. Its never been now different the only difference is now the authorities are stamping down on it. thats why we are getting more incidents being reported. i wish it coulod be put down to one incident ie the rise of the right or a president in another continent being elected. but it more serious than that. racism in football as probably been around since the 70s and as never gone away.
  5. Exciting weather finally. Ok not the white stuff but still Better than mundane rubbish
  6. very Windy next few days coming up Eire could bear the worst of it over a more sustained period but one model The Arpege 6z (which we know sometimes overcooks windspeeds) shows for early Monday winds hitting close to 90 mph through North Wales north west and into the heart of England surely its way overcooking the speeds but that would present a real danger
  7. Not my first choice of westher for next week but interesting it will be one thing thats been lacking this autumn and winter as been high winds and next week will bring plenty of those accompanied by bands of rain sleet and snow and frantically running down the road to recover your crochet bobble hat is what winters all about bring it on
  8. Agree one thing i like about winter however is the different types of weather. we may not have brutal cold but next week will be very eventful
  9. Just a few of the perbs for the possible rain and windstorms to come early next week ( sorry about the layout) Brutal 950mb and below this if it veryifies will be the news maker.
  10. Whilst many are still looking for cold weather the interest for me is the impending wind which is associated with these fronts as they cross the country many place in England and Wales could see speeds of 60mph much higher on the coasts one to watch as i still remeber Storm Doris which caused havoc around here and that was only 10mph higher
  11. 5th and flying best start to a top flight campaign since the early 80s best unbeaten run since the 70s there is a swagger back at the black and old gold what a few years its been. on a different note cant see anyone catching Liverpool although this month will be a big test. Everton?? might have a pound on them to get relegated
  12. carnage at the lib dems gathering today extension rebellion dressed as bees have glued themselves to the campaign bus Yep
  13. Didnt like that show the way they lampooned white people was shocking "going out for a english" pah of course i jest but hey may as well ban everything
  14. Ensembles For Brumish area Still showing a few that shows wintry weather this far south. It also as most have alluded to shows the brief cold snap before a slight recovery however still not to be sniffed at
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