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    I have a keen interest in art especially the works of caravaggio i love the theatre and my beloved wolves fc

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  1. Rented house out whilst relocating for work got keys back yesterday to sell  to find house as got around 15000 of damages   [email protected]@@ds.

    1. Spikecollie


      Do you have a legal contract with the tenant? Did you take photos before and after. We will let eventually but will always do this with signatures to the detailed photographs. A landlord once tried to pin a cracked fire screen on us - but we had dated photographs to prove it was nothing to do with us. The fire screen was £30 but it was the principle. WTF did they do for £15,000?

    2. weirpig


      Yes we have all legal documents we require.  15000  was due to large holes in walls  they removed all carpets in the house!!  no idea why kitchen dismantled all conservatory windows locks broken walls smeared with excrement  you name it they did it    appalled  by the behaviour of these people

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