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  1. Indeed quite alot of rainfall in low res on this run then as we pick up a southerly feed we could possibly hit close to 20c later . I have a feeling this may be on the warm and wet side of the ensembles we shall see
  2. 6z making much more of that low in the Atlantic pumping much warmer air into the uk by early next week compared to the 0z still very uncertain in the early to medium term
  3. Forgetting about the possibility of snow on some mountain tops the 6z still going with copious amounts of rainfall as we approach the weekend.
  4. Way out in Fi (although very nice to look at ) an easterly with frigid uppers making there way towards the country
  5. That certainly is quite a change at such a small lead time. comparison with 0z run
  6. osted October 8 Here are my predictions Tuesday 22nd October Atletico Madrid 3-1 Bayer Leverkusen Shakhtar Donetsk 2-2 Dinamo Zagreb match of the night Club Brugge 0-3 Paris Saint-Germain Galatasaray 1-2 Real Madrid Juventus 3-0 Lokomotiv Moscow Manchester City 2-1 Atalanta Olympiakos FC 1-2 Bayern Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 Crvena Zvezda Wednesday 23rd October Ajax 2-2 Chelsea RB Leipzig 0-1 Zenit St. Petersburg Benfica 2-2 Lyon Genk 0-2 Liverpool Inter Milan 0-2 Borussia Dortmund Lille 1-1 Valencia Red Bull Salzburg 3-1 Napoli match of the night Slavia Prague 0-4 Barcelona
  7. Well thats the most promising ive seen for a few months That forecast at least shows us with a chance of something wintry in November with high pressure over scandi Bank!
  8. What a joke over the festive period. Wolves will take on the reigning Premier League champions at Molineux on December 27, 7:45pm kickoff, the game broadcast on Amazon Prime, before travelling to Anfield to take on the European champions and current league leaders on December 29 at 4:30pm on Sky Sports.
  9. Yes they will do. However the issue with Rebellion is that the group consists of other smaller groups who could well be acting on their own. They somehow have to act all as one because im sure that some members would not have targeted the underground system The irony is that once this form of transport was out of action other forms would have had to have been used ie Bus, Cars etc which as we know is much worse.
  10. Quite nasty scenes on the underground from what i saw on the news very silly idea to target the underground at rush hour
  11. Yes and me getting to the time of year. I agree its not as good as previous runs however it wont look like that at 0z all im looking for is the general pattern and models do seem to agree on a more blocked Atlantic going into next week
  12. Gfs 6z Following the trend of rises towards greenland quite a blocked profile
  13. Due o the castor case and Trans women wishing to compete in Athletics a Scientific study has been completed regarding the effects of testost on a womens body on average it shows that over a period of time ( 10 weeks) 10mg of testost was taken by a sample of women ( which is way below male levels) the results after just 10 weeks shown that on average a womans muscle mass increased and stamina levels rose by a staggering 21 seconds they could run before they became exhausted muscle mass increased by 923g compared to a women who didnt take testost which only rose by 135 g The study are therefore of great importance for the ongoing discussion of whether it is fair to allow athletes with naturally high testosterone to compete in the female category without reducing their hormonal concentration to the female range."
  14. listened to this for the first times in years and im going to say it it blows imagine by Lennon out the water quite simply wonderful.
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