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  1. No such is life the poor will always be the worst hit I was just talking about green policies
  2. Indeed some of their pledges are just bat crazy
  3. Indeed the average from the 70s to 2000 was over 14 days of thunder in the East and South East. Certainly in the past few years there seems to have been a decline on that figure fact_sheet_no._2.pdf
  4. Careful! well if you want a job in retail
  5. weirpig

    In Memoriam

    Yep a shame but thats the way its going. The Irony is and for me its a huge one. A quick search on the Internet shows i can purchase DVDs of Dave Allen from Asda probably the biggest lampooner ( if thats even a word) of religion going funny how thats not been removed from the shelves
  6. weirpig

    In Memoriam

    i had to read it a few times before it sank in. Im sure there will be many people that disagree but it makes you wonder were it will end. We have a rugby player banned because of his christian beliefs we have now a bloke sacked for posting a comedy sketch thats already in the public eye and was probably for sale in Asda itself its just best i guess to keep quiet about everything.
  7. weirpig

    In Memoriam

    Life in general https://www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/asda-sacks-supermarket-worker-sharing-3017367
  8. Protests over the weekend in America this time outside of the New Yorkktimes office. Around 70 people arrested as they blockaded the front door and gathered outside to highlight how bad current reporting is regarding Climate change Spokeswoman Eve Mosher spoke outside the building stating Saturday's protest was meant to call attention to how news outlets cover climate change. however she did state that the newspaper does "good reporting and that Extinction Rebellion respects the work of news outlets such as the Times, So there we have it gain the respect of Rebellion be one of the better new outlets at reporting the problem and get your building ambushed by the buggers. In the UK however fleet street isnt on Rebellions radar this weekend the target was Marlow. Yes the high street of Marlow came to a standstill as a mass die in was held outside of the new barclays bank. One protester was quoted as saying. “People might think our actions were a bit extreme, but they haven’t been made aware that we are in an existential crisis and everybody’s lives are dependent on us, as we want to get to net zero of carbon emissions by 2025.. So there we have it it seems that rebellion think the crisis is so dangerous that protesting in Marlow was the only way to highlight the point. the blokade on the high street however caused a long tailback of traffic in both directions with many motorists shouting obscenities at the protestors, with Extinction Rebellion (XR) replicating this every 10 to 15 minutes. see image for the utter chaos it caused who needs London city when you have marlow.
  9. Yep starting to come to life one just to the west of wolves also expanding however nothing electrical
  10. Seems like most of the models see the action further east over England the latest icon however bucks that trend with a westerly correction maybe one rogue run but it does show that it isn't pinned down just yet some however will get a lovely firework display
  11. Latest icon 15z seems to push the main band further west a large area of England under heavy precipitation
  12. Hirlam is much more of a broad brush main area is just to the west of London through eas Midlands Anglia then out through the north sea
  13. Icon showing a very intense band of rain migrating through the country western edge somewhere around the east Midlands then transferring through into the north sea another area of activity further west through the spine of the country Tuesday morning
  14. Wonderful outputs again on the 6z lovely summer weather mid twenties widely and other areas may well breach the 30c mark. As a fair skinned man i hate the idea of melting under the mid to high thirties so as it stands it looks perfect for a late evening BQ and a pint or two outdoors whats not to like.
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