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  1. Big game looms looking at the odds dont even think of a cheeky bet on Scotland to win. For those that dont understand the odds if you place 10 pounds on Scotland to win you lose 10 pounds,,,,,,,
  2. Italy look mighty fine so different from past Italian sides movement and very fluid major contender for the cup
  3. Nothing showing as of yet but i expected storms to really start to get going this afternoon into the evening very warm feel today and wall to wall sunshine which should help currently 22.2c
  4. Not overly surprised by nuno going who next? Gattuso linked
  5. I was talking about the albion game He gave a free kick when it should have been a Dropball which then led to the goal for me he as to be banned
  6. I wonder if the ref will get banned for a few matches shocking performance from him today
  7. Been links for quite sometime now Spurs was a possible destination also With Gattuso coming the otherway time will tell
  8. I actually will miss them next season. I thought big Sam did a decent job i expect him to stay next season and they will come back up at the first attempt.
  9. Is no-one thinking about the players? Wow however he is right about the new format not about the games but the wild card aspect is shocking and just as shocking is even during the current format ajax as to go through a qualifying round even if they win the league
  10. UEFA chairman about any champions league ban this season for Real and any other club last few words sound interesting "Therefore, there is a relatively small chance that this match will not take place next week. But it will be a little different in the future."
  11. But at the least that should happen it wont because of the power of those 6 clubs
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