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  1. Nothing here at the nmoment but the radar looks like the west midlands will take a hit 2 days in a row?.
  2. This could go on a for a fair while yet brilliant light show
  3. Rai9nfall starting to become a real issue now road here is like a river
  4. Instability everywhere claps of thunder and sporadic lightning strikes over the past hour just seems ive been on the edge of the action here. however a much better start to the season than the previous few.
  5. Nice little light show here a few flashes and claps of thunder
  6. Thunder finally in the black country pepping up now on the radar
  7. very dark around here now sparkiee seems to have really developed
  8. 23.4c here dew just over 15 and starting to turn very overcast we shall see
  9. weirpig

    3 Word Story

    Five across revealed
  10. Just my opinion but i believe London will be first quickly followed by other major cities and surroundings Ie Brum Manchester.
  11. Yep High Numbers There. Actually here in the Black Country i believe there as been 8 deaths 4 in dudley popu.lation wise that in itself is quite alarming
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