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  1. Premier League Discussion

    Yes your right but questions must be asked on the finances you have available you have been in the Premiership for a number of years you should be awash with money yet not much spent why?.
  2. Well you can certainly feel the temps are getting warmer although overcast still quite warm. looks like spring is here.
  3. Premier League Discussion

    Boom in this thread now !
  4. Sky Bet EFL Championship Discussion

    Another good result today. Promoted at last but like every team going up really need to invest . Hopefully can break 100 points
  5. Sky Bet EFL Championship Discussion

    Yep a wonderful goal Hopefully he will give us one year in the premiership then sell him on for a big profit. Derby were woeful gave up really. I think Fulham may well go up they are playing great at the moment. To be honest regarding Villa i think they may struggle in the play offs Im unsure who i want to go up as i cant stand Warnock we shall see
  6. Premier League Discussion

    Yep it's what happens last year when Utd won the euro cup we had 5 teams in the champions league
  7. UEFA Champions League

    Well lovely football to watch as a neutral. Strange to say but. City were given a masterclass tonight. First half amazing attacking performance. Second half very defensive (which was a shock). Game over for city for me. I cannot see lpool not scoring in the second leg
  8. Premier League Discussion

    Any idea who your gaffer will be? I think Pearson would be a awful move
  9. Sky Bet EFL Championship Discussion

    Interesting games this evening. Villa really need a win if they have any chance of automatic promotion . Us ? Well 2 wins should do it fingers crossed
  10. Did you know.

    you might have nimble fingers but I can lick my own bum! . #thegloatinggoat
  11. Did you know.

    Feed him he will score
  12. I'm not happy, in fact I'm quite sad not again!
  13. World Cup 2018 Qualifying

    I see Russia under investigation due to Racist chanting from fans towards French Players Monkey Chants and Bananas thrown on the pitch. How they ever got the World Cup ill never know. Well actually i do.
  14. England Football Team

    Not to bad. Tonight and Friday not sure 3 at the back is the right way to go but!!!
  15. Lol Quite. Its Been shown up this winter regrding amounts. However on the Plus side GFS shows an amazing amount of precipitation around for the 3rd just a shame its rain.