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  1. Crystal Blue Skies and still -2c lovely
  2. Well the snow was lovely a lovely day sledging snowballs with the young lad. Now Monday starts its become a nightmare couldnt drive the car had to catch the bus freezing in the office freezing outside ( currently - 2 ) Schools Closed still a foot of snow and my wollyhat has a hole in it. next Time we have a slider it can North Or south of here for me.
  3. Taking a quick look at the Gfs it does show a typical winter pattern The Uk being under a Northwesterly, Which at times then drags colder uppers down the country, Bringing with it with colder Episodes, Thus bringing chilly days and snowfall across some parts, However these may only be briefly at times ( which is good for me im sick of the stuff) All in all not a bad outlook and compared to some years wonderful.
  4. Estate was shocking I Live at the top of Milking Bank/ Burton Road Everywhere you go is either up or down Nightmare.
  5. Couldnt get off the estate This morning had to catch public transport. first time ive done that in 9 years tried to put the change in the ticket dispenser oh the shame. Anyway very cold today. - 2.4 and 20.5 cm of snow harsh frost expected Tonight so i guess schools will be shut again Tuesday oh the joys.
  6. Euro 4 brings the snow line quite a bit north for the morning. Please no more my house is sinking
  7. The intensity really picking up again on the radar. It's like a everyready bunny green echos popping up everywhere. What a day
  8. Yep don't trust these apps It has it snowing till 5am 4 hours of which are heavy na had enough now
  9. And it carries on and on bloody snow:) how I'm going to cope in the morning I don't know This rivals the 80s events when I was a kid. Lad has loved it
  10. Keeping an eye on that streamer
  11. Pivot really noticeable now pushing up from the south
  12. Yep you should start to see the pivot radar showing precipitation moving up
  13. StI'll persistent snow in Dudley looking good more rest of afternoon however radar becoming more broken up
  14. Yes I think so. I have snow right through till midnight perhaps to do with the pivot?