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  1. So  reports saying that anonymous have information regarding a upcoming disclosure about alien life  should please lassie :p

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    2. Dami


      They are come, looking for stuffs.

    3. Dami


      they also marvel at my inability to form a simple sentence of the English language.  

    4. Frost HoIIow

      Frost HoIIow

      NASA (Never A Straight Answer)

  2. The atlantic certainly is becoming cooler infact the North Atlantic Cooling Has Plunged Below 1950s (And 1800s) Levels – And Scientists Project More Cooling
  3. Brave new world by aldous Huxley. similar in many ways to 1984 were there are controllers over society not as good in my opinion but still a very enjoyable read,
  4. Still 27.1c here with a dp of 21 Very humid and warm. I'm sure some will see some storms surely?
  5. Just hit dp of 20 here in dudley currently 29.7c Expect to reach over 30c in the next hour . Then?? Who knows
  6. Interesting as it stands midlands north could be in for quite an event. Of course it could all change but the ingredients are there
  7. Latest gfs again shows potential. But will it go boom?
  8. I remember the storm in the summer of 1999 by far the best I've seen tornados galore
  9. LOL i love it when Hbk starts a new topic.
  10. Mr snowman?
  11. Yep shocking.
  12. Interesting that a new discovery has shown that perhaps Africa wasn't the cradle of humanity after all. The missing link may have come from Southern Europe The birthplace of modern man may have been the eastern Mediterranean, rather than Africa, according to scientists studying newly discovered ancient fossils of a tooth and lower jawbone. The remnants, found in Bulgaria and Greece, belonged to an ape-like creature, Graecopithecus freybergi - believed to be the oldest known pre-human, dating back as far as 7.2 million years.
  13. Yep in the local paper here. I just cant believe how UTD are second favourites. but then again i expect jose to spend a bucket load come the summer. 9-1 and 11-1 for spurs and Liverpool looks very good indeed. Liverpool faded through the middle of the season mainly down to squad depth. and i know they will be europe next year but a few more players and they will be up there and the same for the spurs who have a cracking young squad. City have to spend as there squad is ageing. As an outsider maybe worth a flutter for everton for a top 4 finish.
  14. Ha Ha Utd second Favourites? we will see how transfers go on during the summer. But the Spurs and Liverpool look great value.