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    I have a keen interest in art especially the works of caravaggio i love the theatre and my beloved wolves fc

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  1. Is Everything Getting Smaller?

    You can ask mine if you want?. Seems to be going up every year. Even thinking about aquiring a girdle. Oh with the age of 40 comes so much baggage.
  2. Sky Bet EFL Championship Discussion

    Wolves whats going on . Brilliant result at hull from a very difficult start 9 points is great . Another difficult fixture next. Cardiff at home
  3. Sky Bet EFL Championship Discussion

    Another Stella result for wolves. 6 points against boro and derby very pleased
  4. Sky Bet EFL Championship Discussion

    Yep they used to get severely water logged
  5. Sky Bet EFL Championship Discussion

    Lol we are second. bin it
  6. Premier League Discussion

    Looks like saints about to lose another player to lpool transfer request handed in
  7. Other Sporting Discussion

    Neymar apparently agree deal with psg of 5 year contract worth over 500000 pounds per week. Gulp
  8. Breaking news

    Apple have stopped plans building cruise liners after there prototype "The i tanic" kept sincing whenever it docked.
  9. It really is a poor show that im getting excited about one cowin clap of thunder.
  10. How Will the world End?.

    Thats Cheered me up AJ for me it has to be a Global conflict, the resulting after effects causing the earth to be plunged into an ice ball.
  11. How Will the world End?.

    Whilst having a conversation with my son this morning. The slightly alarming subject of the end of the world cropped up. I dismissed this out of hand to him and assured him that this wasnt going to happen anytime soon. But will it?. At some point the world will end whether it be that the earth will be engulfed by the sun or maybe by a man made disaster.. There are alot of scenarios that could end the world if you were to bet what would your money be on. The List below may help Global Warming War Asteroid Pandemic Biblical Super Volcano AI Discuss
  12. Did you know.

    Did you know. My wife's got a job in a yoghurt factory looking at milk
  13. Did you know.

    The items brought on bargain hunt are not bargains
  14. Did you know.

    Yes custard isn't the nicest thing to be covered in. I remember the last time I was Anyway let's not dwell
  15. Did you know.

    Yellowstone is about to erupt custard