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  1. weirpig

    Breaking news

    Breaking BBC A gang of armed robbers were stopped whilst ransacking the cash register at the large Aldi store in bury st edmunds. Three face covered individuals were forced to leave the premises after one of the shop assistants fended them off with the aid of a pricing gun. Police are unsure at the moment who the suspects are and have appealed for the publics help. Chief inspector fellows has stated that"we are unsure yet you is to blame but what we do know is that they all have a price on there head." Investigations continue
  2. Looks fine for next week Mid 20s pushing high 20s in this local is perfect summer weather. Not sure what the met are seeing though as from today through next week it dosent get above 23c mind you it says the top temperature for here today is 20c and its already 21c who knows!
  3. What I think we can say is after the past few warm days heat will intensify into next week according to gfs and ecm how hot is open to debate however a minimum should be 30c in the hottest areas which should be wonderful for most further runs needed however mid to high 30s cannot be ruled out from the evolution we are seeing unicorn dolphins however i think is a little optimistic
  4. Eh the gfs shows 37c next week so he is only commentating on what this model shows
  5. Indeed only just over 20c here also. To be honest im loving it although still no rain.
  6. Rain showers heading this way Not sure they will electrify but it will be welcome.
  7. weirpig

    Members Photos - Show Yourself !

    Me and the Wife. Time has not been good. Me on the other hand.
  8. weirpig

    World Cup 2018

    I remember the Taylor years. That was direct. Still think we should have taken Shelvey Pinging balls from Midfield may have helped with our chances from open play
  9. weirpig

    World Cup 2018

    Well Im not sure how France won that Croatia by far the better team how the ref saw that as a penalty i will never know Plus the first goal which was won by a dive Croatia very unlucky anyway very good World cup VAR well im still not sure some of the refs decisions during the world cup have been poor. Anyway onwards to the euros.
  10. weirpig


    3rd/4th PLACE PLAY-OFF - RESULT -DRAW 13/5 C/SCORE - 2-0
  11. weirpig

    World Cup 2018

    Le tournoi
  12. weirpig

    World Cup 2018

    Southgate is prob the best we can get at the moment. of course if we could have anyone i would love a Poch or Klopp i think those two would bring out the best in english players with there energy and pace style would suit our game right down to the ground. The second half was bad and i dont want to blame it on fatigue because croatia went to penalties in there previous games but they did look tired, Mainly due i think to no real depth in the squad which forced Southgate to stick with the same starting line ups In nearly every game. Hopefully in the next few years a few other players will step up im liking the look of Foden from City hopefully he can get a game. but as it stands im pleased i remember the Taylor years then there really was no hope and he took over from the 1990 world cup squad.
  13. weirpig

    World Cup 2018

    Agree with a few points. I remember the lead up to the World Cup Southgate was quoted as saying the system of 5-3-2 was his starting formation and that there was no need to try other formations. For me that was a little strange as events during the game must dictate how you play. Belgium showed this when they were loosing 2-0 to Japan Martinez made a few tweeks and they won 3-2. In regards to hitting it long there were times when we did that but to be fair with Sterlings pace i thought that was the best policy. Our play this world cup as been build up play from the back with the back 3 and Pickford playing balls between themselves and trying to bring the ball forward, The issue was that there was no creativity in Midfield Whilst Ali to me looked injured from the first group game. The Big sam comparison is wrong. under him you would never have seen a maquire making maurading runs into midfield and in my opinion he would not have played 2 attacking players in midfield with 1 holding i also think that he would have played the team selection safe by including many of the old guard. The premier league statement is spot on. Until more kids get the chance then the pool of players to choose from will always be small, all in all a pleasing World Cup
  14. weirpig

    World Cup 2018

    Very good figures was that down though on the colombia game?. i believe 1966 final got around 32 million But if you take the numbers watching at pubs etc i expect the number was way higher.
  15. weirpig

    World Cup 2018

    Yeah because thats the first thing most of us searched for! See ive never understood that, fine for people to take the Micky but when your countries have not qualified it just comes across as bitter. Anyway i feel worse this morning than last night. Im gonna find a little fella and have a fight.