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  1. weirpig

    Premier League Discussion

    Having seen them first hand yesterday I would be surprised if they can challenge near the top
  2. weirpig

    Premier League Discussion

    Slightly disappointed yesterday however must not get greedy good start to the season and with 4 winnable games coming up thinks are looking good
  3. weirpig

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    You must just be right on the dividing line at the moment. quite dry here now i would be spitting feathers if it was snow instead of rain. Tonight however could signal the return of heavy rain and high winds eek
  4. weirpig


    8:Jovetic Monaco 9: Cervi Benfica 10 Balde Inter 11n zonzi Roma 12: Lozano PSV SUB.1dzagoev CSKa Moscow Sub 2 Hamsik Napoli Can i try these?. im doing them whist at work but i think thats right
  5. weirpig

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Wet dark and gloomy
  6. weirpig


    OP: Salvio Benfica 2Batshuayi Valencia 3:Greizmnan Athletico 4 Tadic Ajax 5 pulisic Dortmund 6:Ronaldo Juventus 7:Kane Spurs 8:Mpbabe PSG 9:Firmino Lpool 10 Balde Inter 11n zonzi Roma 12:Bale Madrid SUB.1:Muller Bayern Sub 2 Falcao Monaco Hopefully that should be ok.
  7. weirpig

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Whilst the models have backed away from the more severe scenario winds through the early hours still expected around 55-60mph
  8. Difficult to see the potential wind event Friday on the ecm but it does show very high winds as it leaves the UK on Friday possibly 130 kph the arome similar to arpege and icon
  9. Indeed a large area from the north west through the Midlands exposed to damaging winds with trees still in leaf it could cause huge issues
  10. Warnings won' be upgraded till the morning that' if the arp and icon are correct hirlam puts the feature much further south still to early to call
  11. Well the arp and the icon bringing damaging winds across the middle of the country the icon a tad more South on par with doris in these parts
  12. Actually the icon 6z has higher windspeeds than the arrperge at that timescale
  13. Indeed still alot to resolve. Friday early hours also looks very troublesome with the Arpege and icon really cranking up the winds. exciting weather at last. winds touching 80mph in places ouch
  14. weirpig

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Maybe. The Aperge model is very similar maybe a touch lower on wind speeds. The icon above puts wind speeds not far from Storm Doris. and there was carnage that day so if its anything like above Amber warnings i would have thought.
  15. weirpig

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    With windspeeds like this for Friday from the Icon. i hope not