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  1. As a few have said above not sure i trust the info coming out of China. if it is what they say not sure what all the Panic is about less than Hundred dead of which i would have thought the majority would have been the elderly or infirm Ofr course it could be much worse in the days ahead im sure we will find out the truth
  2. The Morning After still. Ahhhhhhhh
  3. I believe there are 9 cities no under restrictions off course i dont know all the information but it does sound rather excessive. Unless of course its worse than the chinese media outlets are reporting?.
  4. You should be however we shall see just taking my seat here to a good game
  5. Rammed at wolves tonight full house and the atmosphere is electric it's going to be huge struggle as lpool are a machine however with there high full backs and our pace on the counter fingers crossed
  6. For people in Scotland being tested Sky News Breaking @SkyNewsBreak China virus: four Chinese people are being tested for the coronavirus in Scotland
  7. I hear a second city has been placed into lockdown Seems to be escalating at a quick rate.
  8. Just to put a bit of meat on the bones The icon either brings damaging windspeeds Or snow to most of England/ Wales take your pick
  9. If we can pull off an upset 5th and three points off 4th amazing opportunity seeing as the league is poor this year
  10. very windy and certainly one to keep an eye on it may not be nothing out of the oridnary fro coastal regions but inland those wind speeds on that chart show something approaching speeds seen with storm doris interesting to see over the coming days what the charts show
  11. Teams will have no better chance to get top 4 this season Chelsea looked poor its anyones really
  12. Greta is in the house! a suitable solar powered well insulated house obviously Davos 2020: Greta Thunberg demands urgent action on climate emergency – day one live | Business | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Rolling coverage of the first day of the World Economic Forum, including Donald Trump’s special address and Greta Thunberg’s panel session
  13. Pub run = wet in mid to long range subject to change obviously
  14. We are running on empty remarkable dsire to win the game in the second half we really need a few new players
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