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  1. Ensembles central England skewed by a few mild runs but good grouping for quite a few of the perbs
  2. Call me an old cynic but I have an inclin that opp run will be below the mean after 240
  3. Northerly st 240hrs but to be honest as likely to verify as the ecm or any other model still way to many variables to make a realible call
  4. Better orientation of the high Cold air spilling into Europe. Good be another goody this.
  5. weirpig

    Premier League Discussion

    No surprise really. Ps what an appointment that is.
  6. Ensembles for middle England clear to see were the opp goes all toppler on us
  7. indeed not the same as the gfs and off course not as cold however its still non to shabby another scenario that has yet to have been played out. lets see were it sits
  8. To be honest its more the evolution after Shaky. Anyone expecting anything off that cold pool may well be disapointed.
  9. weirpig

    Report Climate change ipcc

    What a load of drivel Its that typical arguement that never gets anything done. Look to be seen to do something rather than actually confronting the main issue. The fact however you want to gloss it is that we could be carbon neutral yesterday and the world would still be in dire straights the fact is we all know were the issues lie but will they protest over there cause they wont. Just one question what for you would be the better scenario. 1. Us to becomes carbon neutral and the rest of the world including China and the USA staying as they are. 2. Us staying the same and china and america improving to our standards. if its 2 kind of makes there protests a token gesture. Still as long as it has the likes of you on board