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  1. Indeed a nice surprise favours brum north on those charts but it could end up further south. Nice way to start the model watching day
  2. Its a strange one this I havnt really seen this type of setup before with very low uppers and very Low Thickness. The Gfs 6z does show showers activity making it to this region but as you say the GFS in particular dose not handle Convection very well. i guess its a wait and see. I know ive said this before but the low land in the east will mean showers will penetrate far inland
  3. Lol yes im sure the showers will be rather Beefy moving well Inland. I also noticed that Dam figures of 508 are a one in 8 year event below 500 is nearly once in a generation just shows how rare this event is
  4. A quick question if i may regrding the Dam Level would the unusual low Thickness cause Showers forming Inland ?
  5. Perhaps But the control does take it further North All options on the table.
  6. Good GFS run for us early next week Streamer City Showers piling in from the Wash area, No Pesky mountains in the way all good you can also see on the HI Res Arpege the streamers setting up early Monday
  7. Better from the GFS Snow piling into the region via a streamer from the North Sea infact showers get as far as Wales. Seems to be upgrading the closer we get
  8. Showers really starting to pop up now on the GFS Streamers etc most of the country seems like seeing some of the white stuff
  9. Yes as ever we shall see. it is good however to see a Wash streamer setting up on the NMM high res Model and surprises i dare say will pop up
  10. Wow Starting to crank up a little now. Just shows how severe this could be.
  11. Bitter cold still showing. I think this may be more of a problem than snow to be honest. Anyway let's see. Snow can pop up anywhere
  12. The feature around 120 hrs is on the control also good consistency there.
  13. I rarely do hyperbole but honestly forget the snow this windchill will cause serious issues if it pans out like this this will make headline news. Very much a rare event
  14. 1 'Lord Nelson! Lord Beaverbrook! Sir Winston Churchill! Sir Anthony Eden! Clement Attlee! Henry Cooper! Lady Diana! Maggie Thatcher - can you hear me, your country took one hell of a dumping really showing my age