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    I have a keen interest in art especially the works of caravaggio i love the theatre and my beloved wolves fc

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  1. Quite a heavy snow show here. Nice to see
  2. Fine dami. Thank you.
  3. Did you know I have a bad head and spent night on sofa
  4. Wow you've had no snow this year? Altitude I expect
  5. Yep. Cold rain I would have thought. However the more North the better chance
  6. Just for fun because it really is outlandish but the GFS shows prolonged snow and wintry showers covering large swathes of the country Yeah right.
  7. Just applied to become a extra in the new Laurel and Hardy Film  filming to be done in Dudley whoop whoop

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    2. weirpig


      Steve coogan is one of the leads i think    

    3. Dami



    4. lassie23


      we were supposed to share that beer, so why did you drink the whole thing yourself? My half was at the bottom.

  8. Its OK Dami they are still around just dont know where and to be honest couldnt care less.
  9. Maybe there should be a quota system? Anyhow my parents went missing
  10. When you hear your voice on the radio, And you do indeed sound like barry off Auf wiedersehen Pet     shudder

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    2. Daniel*



    3. Spikecollie


      Why? That's a very sexy accent...

      Be proud of your voice and accent - mine is far too neutral these days! I need a visit over to Ireland!

    4. weirpig


      Spike your making me blush. Pack it in 

  11. For late April at night it will feel cold with a significant windchill
  12. For me thats one great appointment
  13. Brilliant result for wolves at dirty Leeds if only we had started the season as we finished it
  14. Interviewed by itv after arriving back from Marseille in the 98 World Cup. I remember denying all knowledge of seeing anything
  15. Very good display by Utd today. However a major uphill struggle to get into the top 4 interesting end to the season