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  1. Snowboarding in Hawkhurst Kent being towed by a car - seen it all now ? This is the main A road to Rye and Camber! 917E1112-FA1A-461A-B748-42075EFD3665.MOV
  2. Hawkhurst Kent - Main A road to Rye - given that it was a monsoon all day today this is a pleasant surprise. Although roads extremely dicey with reports of many stuck cars even on main roads.
  3. Correction - I must have wished that - now SNOWING ! Hawkhurst Kent
  4. Have been sat under that stream coming into Kent off The Channel for 6 hours - it’s been pouring with rain all afternoon - imagine if that had been snow! Thrilled to see other areas in our region being buried x
  5. Latest Met Office Forecast - that's a lot of white! https://youtu.be/Ee_t1IxvWfQ
  6. @Steve Murr Welcome home - impeccable timing - holiday in the sun followed by hopefully an epic week (or 2) of weather - Have been a lurker on here for years but this next week has coaxed me out of my cave to post ! Looking forward to reading your insightful updates
  7. @TomSE12 Best of luck with your scan today. My son has had several MRI's this year and I would imagine the shipping forecast would be very calming. It's a personal favourite when struggling to sleep ! In an era of text speak it is a joy when someone takes the time to write so eloquently. Your recollections made me smile. Looking forward to the next few days of weather / forum watching here in Kent !
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